Deal Tracker System Groovy, XML, CSS, HTML Project Report

The Deal Tracker system automates the creation, monitoring, and management of investment opportunities using common tools for all types of assets. Deal Tracker is an effective tool for tracking activities and tracking key factors that affect activities. This allows managers to record transaction information on a regular basis. Note that managers can revise contracts and change the status of existing contracts. Contacts are sent via email and pop-ups to customers and managers. Debts and expenses can be estimated by clicking the mouse before the transaction is completed. Relationships between different exchanges in the form of evidence disagree on different dates.

Deal Tracker is up and workflow. Workflow is a series of related steps. It emphasizes the concept of flow and looks like a collection of real work. Each step is done quickly and completed before the next step begins. They also work as a real concept for real work. It serves and promotes human-machine relationships. Workflow concepts are closely related to other concepts that are used to define the organizational structure, such as functions, structures, policies, and leadership.


With data monitoring, the Request Manager can register new data information directly. Note that managers can revise contracts and change the status of existing contracts. Customers and managers are notified of communications, popups, and email services. It allows you to simplify the effectiveness of business activities ahead of different areas without wasting much time. Workflow is a series of related steps. It emphasizes the concept of flow and looks like a collection of real work. Each step is done quickly and quickly and completed before the next step begins. It also got a real concept for a real job. It works to attract and promote relationships between humans and machines. Workflow concepts are closely related to other concepts that are used to define the organizational structure, such as functions, structures, policies, and leadership.


The main purpose of this tool is to provide an automated way to handle many complex business tasks in a short time. Deal Tracker aims to be a powerful and useful tool that records business activities in seconds. The purpose is also to reuse the system for the same type of data.


Deal Tracker allows us to effectively manage the storage and processing of important information. This business provides the best solution for many activities performed by users every day. This system saves business time and money, facilitates access to data, and provides access to important information in real-time instead of writing and sharing data in an Excel spreadsheet.


Before there was a Deal Tracker, it was difficult to manage corporate funds from different regions. Managers should keep all contract information in an Excel file and process it. Excel is a spreadsheet program used for calculations, map tools, pivot tables, and more to create new spreadsheets for each activity and save a lot of data for future use. Searching for data becomes a problem. Some operations create difficult situations for data administrators. Some suggestions are missing due to lengthy responses and other comments. As a result of this problem, a new system/device was developed – Deal Tracker.

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Phonebook Application C Project Report


The phonebook application works specifically for tracking people. The Phonebook application contains a set of basic functions for adding, searching, updating, and deleting new contacts. This mini-C phonebook design allows you to perform simple tasks in your phonebook, such as mobile phones. You can add text to the phonebook, find, edit, search, and delete. The concept of file management and data structure is often used in almost all functions in this project.  It uses functions, file management, and data structure. This application provides information on adding, viewing, modifying, receiving, and deleting data from/to files. Adding new entries, browsing them, editing and updating, searching for saved contacts, and deleting contacts in the phonebook is one of the most important services that become the main menu in the phonebook application. When you add anything to your phone book, you will be asked for personal information such as name, gender, first name, phone number, nationality, email address, and address. You can then edit, view, search, and delete this text.


Phonebook project is a very simple tool that helps you understand the basic concepts of creation, file extensions and data structure. This software teaches you how to add, view, edit or modify, receive and delete data from files.
Adding new items, viewing them by logging in, editing and updating, searching for saved contacts and deleting data in the phonebook is one of the main features of the main phonebook application (shown in the main menu below). ).
Personal information, such as name, type, identity, phone number, nationality, email address and address, is required to add a login to the phonebook. You can then edit, view, search and delete this text. It is estimated that there are more than 600 million mobile phone users in the world and the number is also increasing. The success of mobile phones is simply described: they are always there, everywhere. When a trader moves from one place to another, he is doing business without business. If the boy is late returning home, he can tell his parents. If you have a problem with your device, you can seek help along the way. Mobile phones are used for communication and communication between people. Informal meetings (such as going to the bar) are usually arranged on an anonymous and timely map over a mobile phone. In general, there are many ways to use a mobile phone. But there are some problems. Technology decides to reach potential everywhere, anywhere, but its existence does not mean that it can reach all possible respondents! Sharing information about the real world of customers is the way out of this problem. But now mobile user interactions depend on older versions. In particular, the connection between the user and the general user is not sensitive to the context, making it difficult to know when to call and under what circumstances.

The main idea of ​​the program is to increase awareness of computer systems and the use of computer resources. The main purpose of this package is to reduce the pressure on users to learn more about computers and software. This helps maintain a direct connection between the computer and the user. This “My Phonebook” feature allows users with other logs to add and easily search for buttons and search options. There are also other services, for example: – Evaluate data in and out of the database. Our project is as follows: – “ADD” button on the login form, which allows you to add data to the database. Press the “Delete” button to delete transaction data. Press “UPDATE” to update the data. Press the “SEARCH” button to search for information in the database.


The application program has been successfully implemented using experimental cases and the language used – C. C. This application works for other functions that make it easy to search, delete, edit, and remember our peer information.

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Report Analysis of Inventory Management Using ELK Stack Java Project Report

Support solutions are important now because of the need for improvement and value. Every organization should have a good understanding of the level of inventory, which is the key to continuity and success. If inventory control does not work, it can cause serious problems for all companies. In order to improve operations, we need to achieve a good level of calculation that matches the required constraints at a level that is appropriate and does not add and add value.

To understand the flow of the enterprise, it is important to understand the benefits and efficiency of the product. Understand what is happening and get helpful tips and advice. Obstacles to daily reporting of business evaluation need visual assistance and, if possible, to get a clear picture in real-time and the solution should also be very plastic. To facilitate data management, we decided to use Elastic Stack to manage organizational data. The process of understanding shared data involves three main steps: preparing, promoting, and using it.

To do this and make it real, this project recommends using Elastic Stack solution to handle easily and quickly and move and create panels. Get important information to help you make decisions. In order to achieve this goal and extract the required data from the data, all tools are used to analyze the results to support communication and decision making.

The main purpose of this system is to record inventory data, track inventory, update the inventory based on sales data, create daily or weekly sales and inventory reports, and report and analyze old public databases. Companies not only improve their products and decision-making activities.

The app also provides simple reports to know the details of daily sales and purchases. This application is suitable for small but small organizations, which will help the organization. Search and efficiency reports for small organizations using ELK standards and open source, we use database system databases to indicate the use of ELK files, but the actual use of ELK files will be in big data because without many installation steps and because it is an open-source product.

They have all the basics that are used in small organizations. Our team has successfully created software that allows us to update and remove it as needed. The app also provides simple reports to know the details of daily sales and purchases. This program is suitable for small organizations that are run by a small number of people that will definitely benefit the organization. This system helps the organization to achieve the level of visibility and flow for each company, important to ensure the level of profitability and level of production efficiency. Take helpful tips and tricks to understand what happened and what happened.


Campus Selection Procedure Android App Project Report


This project is intended to create a web application for university training majors. A system is a web application that, if properly launched, can be accessed throughout the organization and beyond. This system can be used as a university degree application (implementation supervisor) to handle student training information Participants must be able to submit their CV. Visitors/company representatives and students can find/search all information submitted.


The main goal is to identify talented and talented students before graduating. Provide employment opportunities for students who are studying or in the final stages of the course. This process reduces network time to select candidates based on their needs.


This project is specifically designed to facilitate student selection. This allows administrators to see the number of students and companies enrolled. Students can submit company reports and information.


This system creates activities that are related to the selection process, which must be done by the HR department before and after the election of the appropriate student. This system helps in many ways, for example by sharing time and money to select students and companies. This concept group works to create a communication system between students and companies, and companies can find students who meet their needs


Students and companies are listed here. This helps all learn student information and limitations from the company. The process works only after a specific user has registered and logged in.


The Campus Selection Process is now a web application that, when implemented regularly, is available in all organizations and beyond. This system can be used as a program to manage student information in university administration practices. Students who register must be able to submit their CV information. Visitors/company representatives and students can find/search on all information submitted


In advanced systems, users can see the state of weakness in the company and the state of students. If necessary, you can consult with the manager. That way, people can be useful, especially when they need it.


  1. Students
  2. Company information
  3. Find a job
  4. Supervisor
  5. Report


  • This module contains student names, tags, emails, art notes, and more.
  • Students can submit drafts.
  • They can update personal information, knowledge, and activation

Business Information

  • Storage can be saved.
  • Here the company provides basic skills, experience, and experience. Offers, opening days, and closing days.
  • The list will be displayed with information about the company you are looking for, your recent trip, participation opportunities, and how to try it.
  • Location information for all items stored here.

Job Search

  • With the help of this module we can search for limitations based on the data stored in this system.


  • Management module and all project permissions.
  • Students, companies, etc. can delete and edit data.


  • Prepare reports as needed.

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College Fest HTML Project Report


In India, the celebration of culture fest is an annual cultural event organized by a group of students and participants from other universities that accompany the university or university. Professional artists are usually invited and many competitions are held for students. Although some universities claim public acceptance, the celebration is sponsored by sponsors.

Problem Definition

The event is organized by almost all universities, but all work is done by hand. The proper event is then asked whether the student will process or not and then all the information is stored manually in the file. Most colleges have web pages that are specific to the event they are hosting, but this site works to provide information about some of the events that will take place at this university to inform other students.

Students also do not have a good search platform to start again
There is no Android application or event management or corporate web application to set up automatic records and also show participants all events that can be registered and online that can be scheduled


The proposed system will produce:
– The communication gap between teachers and student coordinators has been reduced.
-Teachers can see all the events and can participate according to their interests.
– Any changes in the schedule are easily reported to all student coordinators and participants in the event.
-Remember daily to participants about the event.

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