Energy Billing System Java Project With Code

 Billing-System-Java-Project-With-Code.Energy Billing System Project is an Executive Information System that could be used for entering, calculating and monitoring the Billing details of the Electricity Consumers. It provides environment to maintain the consumer details starting from getting new connection, receiving bill, payments etc., and performance information to the management.        

    In today’s world of emerging technology, computers are playing a vital role in every walk of life. The problems due to the traditional system are overcome with the help of tasks being online. Maintenance of the data like insertion, deletion and modification is difficult with manual systems. The basic option of security is itself not provided which is of major concern. Apart from this, storage of the voluminous amounts of data is difficult. Moreover the problems of consistency, reliability, integrity also exists. Since this is a manual system there is always a probability that there is loss of data, resulting in less durability. As these issues are of major concern, we developed an application were in all the above factors are achieved. 

            To overcome the manual usage of data, A.P.S.E.B. used  the concept of single tier architecture which could solve only few problems. 

As these issues are of major concern, we developed an application to A.P.S.E.B. were in all the above factors are achieved. Addressing these issues, we develop a  web application “EBS” (Electronic Billing System) which provides a service to all the customers and employees of A.P.S.E.B to deal with the transactions online.             

             It would be an Intranet and Internet based software solution that would ensure timely availability of status parameters. The ability to view the reports online ensure access to these reports from any machine on the ex LAN and WAN network.

download Energy Billing System  paper presentation, Project With Code. 

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  1. Good efforts guys…its Gud u provide free projects…
    but I hv one suggestion try to make categories in particular language …like swing based projects in java, servlet based projects so on..

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