Online Polling System Project

The main  objective  of  “ Online  Polling System”  is to cast vote online when they are not present in home town during election time. It is very useful to increase the voting  percentage across country. The disadavantages of present polling  can  be  eliminated  by introducing  above system. Because of this, the voting percentage across the country increase.

This application works as web application where users can interact remotely. This application is divided in to three modules admin module, Officers module and Voters module. In order to maintain this system admin module will look after security issues system resources and polls information and there will be single admin for this application where as there are multiple officers and multiple voters. Officers will look after polls arranged by admin where as voters will submit votes using this application.

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    1. hiii vineela. I dont know who r u.but i really need the source code for online polling if possible please send it to my would be really helpful to me.[please do send it to me].its a request

  1. I have developed many projects of sending mail using host server but my any app not working. Its unable to send mail using host name from android studio. Please send me OK project of sending mail.

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