Placement Cell for College Project


It is not possible to successfully plan with placement management in college student, In Placement Cell project all the information of student & staffs will be organized along with their details.

This module will assist in maintaining proper record of student result , percentage of mark ,no of company for on campus as well as off campus and how many student has to selected in department wise.

The main feature of this Placement Cell for College project are Jobs opening/advertisement generation on website, Applicant data bank, Short listed candidates , interview result for each  phase, Selected candidate list / waiting list and Performance based appraisal setup & management.

And we are having no of reports in this module List of advertisements, List of short listed candidates, List of candidates, Waiting list, Employee particulars (official & personal), Company details etc.

Online Examination System JSP Project

The main aim of developing this Online Examination System is to conduct online exams in educational institutions. Here we divide the project in to 3 major modules, They are Admin, Faculty and Student.

This project implemented with JSP and MYSQL.

  1. Admin features list


      Manage subjects

-Add subject  list

-Delete subject  list

-Edit  subject  list

Manage  tests

-prepare exam

-manage exams (edit)

-manage questions (exam wise)


Student management

         –add student

          –delete student

Manage results

admin can view list of attempted students along with their results.

Prepare questions

         –add questions

         –delete questions

          –edit questions


  1. Faculty features list


          Manage subjects

                 –add subjects list

-delete subjects list

           Manage  tests

                    –prepare exam

-manage exam (edit)

-manage questions (exam wise)


         Manage results

Student  can view list of attempted students along        with their  results

          Prepare questions

-add questions

           Manage questions

-edit questions

-delete questions

            Edit your profile


  1. student features list:


               View results

              Take tests

-view the list of attempted exams along with result

               Practice test

               Resume test

               Edit your profile


 Technologies :

  • Student has to be present in the examination hall till the end for that please hide the submit button till the completion of time
  • Please provide timer for the exam

Find My Buddy Java Project

Find my buddy is an application designed for community or any organization. This is an online community based java project designed to make your social life more active and simulating. Online community sites have replaced the tradition of keeping a community informed via libraries and publishing. This application is very useful to get all the information of our friends.

In social networking site user can register to find his friends and make conversation with each other. These sites allows an improved communication and interactive contact within a community. This application provides an online collaboration space for certain interest related information.

Members of this application can find and collaborate relevant  information and ideas can be share with each other with in the site. The main aim of this project is to trace out the details of a particular person. Users of this project can simply login to the site and they can search for people. They can add other users as his friends and send messages to his friends.

Find my buddy is used for community or any organization. This is very useful application to get all the details of our friends and their address also. By using this application we can easily trace out the details of a person and we can simply send the messages to the persons.

The users should simply login in to the system once  logged in then they can have the options like Scholl ,college, Workplace from these options user can simply select one of option so that he can get all the others users details .If user wants he can add the other user has his friend ,and he can send the messages to particular user or all other users.

Product features:

  • Users can apply  to any real time organization.
  • Reduce the time
  • Reduces the manual work load.
  • Sending  messages  is very easy through this.

Module Description:

This Find My Buddy Java Project is divided into 2 modules

  1. Administrator
  2. User

Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea Full Report

Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea

Seminar Title:

Windows Networking

Introduction to Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea:

There are many operating systems that are developed today which have their own security features. Most commonly used operating system is Windows. Windows are available in different versions Windows 98, 2000, 2003, windows XP, windows vista, windows 7  the latest version with advanced features is Windows 8. All these operating systems are having features like file sharing, encrypting, printing, security, administrative control with different protocols like TCP/IP, NetBIOS, IPX/SPX  which also supports different Networking hardware’s. Continue reading “Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea Full Report”

Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing

Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing

Paper Presentation Title:

Morphological Image Processing

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Morphological Image processing:

 Morphological Image processing explains about the comparison of two images and their geometric pattern in terms of their values. Morph is related to the biological science that is used to deal with structure of plants and animals. Continue reading “Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing”