Mini Project on Student Profile Management System using Java

Develop a java based application using GUI to maintain student records. This Student Profile Management application should have a login page. The Student Profile Management should take student details like name, address, branch, previous year scores, and curricular and extra-curricular activities, and all the entered data should be displayed at the end for confirmation.

Project Programming Details –

1) LoginFrame :

Login Frame is GUI based window that is displayed when the user first executes the program. It is the welcome page through which the user will move on to the next frame.
It contains a button with an ActionListener() which on pressing opens Frame2.

2) Frame2 :

Frame2 is the login page. This page takes the user id and password as input and only after successful verification of user the user is allowed to move to the next page.
The default user id password is
User id:- admin
Password:- admin1234

3) Frame3 :

Frame3 is where the user is given the option to enter their details such as name, age, branch, and address and select their gender from the drop-down menu. Each detail to be entered is stored using JTextField() and JRadioButton is used to display the drop-down menu for the gender selection. Finally, there is the submit details button which on pressing triggers ActionListener() and checks whether the user-given input is legitimate or not, if it is not then it pops an alert message that reminds the user to enter the correct details. Once the correct input is given, we pass this information on to Frame4.

4) Frame4 :

Frame4 is where the user is given the option to enter their details such as their previous academic achievements, their 10th, and 12th scores, their average pointer, and their extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Each detail to be entered is stored using JTextField() and JRadioButton is used to display the drop-down menu for the gender selection. Finally, there is the submit details button which on pressing triggers ActionListener() and checks whether the user-given input is legitimate or not, if it is not then it pops an alert message that reminds the user to enter the correct details. Once the correct input is given, we pass this information on to Frame5.

5) Frame5 :

Frame5 class is where we receive the user input taken in Frame3 and Frame4 and using JLabel()’s we display it on our Java application windows. There are two buttons to either make a new entry or exit. On clicking on the first button, ActionListener() is triggered which calls Frame3(), and thus we can enter details of another entry.

6) Student Details :

This is the final class that contains the main method, which calls the LoginFrame().

The output Results of the project will be:

  • Welcome page
  • Login Frame
  • Credential verification
  • User input
  • User input verification
  • Additional inputs
  • User input verification
  • Displaying user details
  • Making new entry

Thus, using a GUI-based java application we have successfully created Student Profile Management application with a welcome page, and login verification page, which takes various student details as input, verifies them and displays it in the end.
A major advantage of GUI is that it makes computer operations more intuitive and thus easier to learn and use.
Icons are more user-friendly than long command lines. GUIs provide the user with immediate, visual feedback about the effect of each action.

Download the complete project source code on Student Profile Management System.

10 Small & Basic Web Application Ideas for Students

Below are the very small & basic web application ideas for students. These applications can be designed using HTML tags and created as a dynamic web project in eclipse.

Employee Registration Form

Display the employee details by using a web page that accepts the Employee name, Employee Number, Address, Contact number, Job location, Designation, and Email-id and display it. This application is used in all kinds of Registration application forms.


Airline reservation is a web application that is used to book air tickets online. by booking the ticket online it is flexible for the user. This application is used in all kinds of online reservations.


The student registration form is a web application that has details of the student on the website. This website has student details in the login form and displays them. This application is used in online shopping.


Movie information is a web application that is having information about movies in theaters. by using this application we buy movie tickets online. This application is used on movie websites.


A bank application is a web application that accepts the details provided by the user and displays them. This application is used in all kinds of bank registration forms.


A catalog page is a web application that has details of books on the website. This website consists of the Book title, description of the book, price of the book, and cart. By using this we can buy books online. This application is used in online shopping.


Employee details is a web application that accepts the name, id number, contact number, and submit button of the user and displays it.


COLLEGE  is a web application that has details about the college. This website consists of information about the college. By using this we can know information about college online. This application is used on college websites.


A books catalog is a web application which it is having information about the books department-wise. This application is used in the digital library system in universities and colleges.


Mobile kart is a web application that has information about all mobiles. This application is used in all kinds of online mobile shopping.


City Gallery is a web application that accepts details when the user clicks on submit button it will display.

Mini Projects Abstracts on Java and PHP

The below mini Projects are developed using java and PHP technologies.

School Management System:

This is a school management system project which is developed using  PHP on the CodeIgniter framework. But it is not for only a single school or college to manage. We can add multiple schools or institutions and they will be provided the proper login credentials and they can add Management, Teachers, Students, Parents, and library inventory as well.

Multi Messaging Service Encryption:

This project is a java based server-client architecture within a local area network LAN. The user will be created at the server application and then the client can log in through the client application. The client can send video/audio and text images to some other client by encrypting them using some encryption algorithms. And when the receiver client will receive the file it will be decrypted on the receiver end and then the files can be opened or text can be read.

College Management System:

It is a java based Windows/ Desktop application. This Project has featured an admin panel where the admin can register a new student, can update the existing user, can promote students to higher classes. And admin can manage the monthly fee of the student and then the admin can print the receipt using the printer.

Blood Bank Management System:

It is the management of the blood donor that if some donor is donating the blood and it will be managed into the inventory that which kind of blood is it like A+, A- and all. And when the user wants to search the inventory whether this kind of blood is available at the blood bank or not he can check into his inventory. And can purchase from the blood bank once he purchased the inventory will be maintained again. this is a website on PHP.

E- Student Management System:

It is the complete management of students, Teachers from the admin panel. This is a website with an admin panel. Admin can add the new class. Within the class, he can register new students. Admin can also manage the library. Admin can also add teachers. And can edit or delete them. And these things will be displayed on the website. It is a completely dynamic website with high features. This project is on PHP technology having the use of the CodeIgniter framework.

Online Bakery Shop:

This is an E-commerce Website for selling online cakes. Users can visit the website and can search for the desired cake by their category and then they can add to the cart and proceed to checkout. This project is on PHP technology having the use of the CodeIgniter framework.

Employee Break Tracking System:

It is a java based system that will help the employer to find out the total as well as split up of break time taken by the employees. The report will be exported to an excel file or it can display in a common console.

Automatic Backup of files to Network Drive:

It is a java based application that will be used to back up the files automatically onto a network drive. The backup can be scheduled.

Active Directory Users Management:

It is a PHP application that is used to get the last logon time of all the active directory users and will be saved in the MySql database. Then from MySql, reports will be generated and shown in the GUI.

Common Repository of Linux Syslogs:

It is a PHP application that is used to get the Linux sys logs onto a common location and it will be saved in the database. On request, the report will be generated and shown in the GUI.

ATM Management System:

It is a java based system for ATMs. It will have all the features like withdrawal, deposit, and balance summary. The user management system is also part of this.

Talent Hunt Website:

  • The objective of this website is to make people able to share their talent over the world so that more audiences can watch them.
  • The users who uploaded their videos on the website can also manage them. They can delete them also.
  • Registered user can edit their profile. They also can get the chance to make their talent their profession.
  • So this website also provides job opportunities for the user.

There are the following objectives of this website:-

  • Sharing videos, images, audio, and quotes.
  • Making talented people the best in their field.
  • Providing a chance to show their creativity
  • Providing user-friendly GUI.
  • Establishing relationship.
  • Increasing Curiosity.
  • Inspiring people to do new things to share.
  • Delivering innovative ideas to people.
  • Verification before displaying data.
  • Management of uploaded files/data.
  • Categorized display.

Placement Cell for College Project


It is not possible to successfully plan with placement management in college student, In Placement Cell project all the information of student & staffs will be organized along with their details.

This module will assist in maintaining proper record of student result , percentage of mark ,no of company for on campus as well as off campus and how many student has to selected in department wise.

The main feature of this Placement Cell for College project are Jobs opening/advertisement generation on website, Applicant data bank, Short listed candidates , interview result for each  phase, Selected candidate list / waiting list and Performance based appraisal setup & management.

And we are having no of reports in this module List of advertisements, List of short listed candidates, List of candidates, Waiting list, Employee particulars (official & personal), Company details etc.

Find My Buddy Java Project

Find my buddy is an application designed for community or any organization. This is an online community based java project designed to make your social life more active and simulating. Online community sites have replaced the tradition of keeping a community informed via libraries and publishing. This application is very useful to get all the information of our friends.

In social networking site user can register to find his friends and make conversation with each other. These sites allows an improved communication and interactive contact within a community. This application provides an online collaboration space for certain interest related information.

Members of this application can find and collaborate relevant  information and ideas can be share with each other with in the site. The main aim of this project is to trace out the details of a particular person. Users of this project can simply login to the site and they can search for people. They can add other users as his friends and send messages to his friends.

Find my buddy is used for community or any organization. This is very useful application to get all the details of our friends and their address also. By using this application we can easily trace out the details of a person and we can simply send the messages to the persons.

The users should simply login in to the system once  logged in then they can have the options like Scholl ,college, Workplace from these options user can simply select one of option so that he can get all the others users details .If user wants he can add the other user has his friend ,and he can send the messages to particular user or all other users.

Product features:

  • Users can apply  to any real time organization.
  • Reduce the time
  • Reduces the manual work load.
  • Sending  messages  is very easy through this.

Module Description:

This Find My Buddy Java Project is divided into 2 modules

  1. Administrator
  2. User

Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea Full Report

Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea

Seminar Title:

Windows Networking

Introduction to Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea:

There are many operating systems that are developed today which have their own security features. Most commonly used operating system is Windows. Windows are available in different versions Windows 98, 2000, 2003, windows XP, windows vista, windows 7  the latest version with advanced features is Windows 8. All these operating systems are having features like file sharing, encrypting, printing, security, administrative control with different protocols like TCP/IP, NetBIOS, IPX/SPX  which also supports different Networking hardware’s. Continue reading “Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea Full Report”

Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing

Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing

Paper Presentation Title:

Morphological Image Processing

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Morphological Image processing:

 Morphological Image processing explains about the comparison of two images and their geometric pattern in terms of their values. Morph is related to the biological science that is used to deal with structure of plants and animals. Continue reading “Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing”

Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing:

Mobile computing is fast growing technology ,paper presentation on Mobile Computing explains in detail about this topic.Now a day’s cellular technology is the most widely used technology. It works on the frequencies that connect to millions of the users. Earlier analog technology was used that was based on the wires to connect but they are limited to the home. Then in 1990s GSM technology came that introduced the mobiles, and it becomes the mode of communication from anywhere and at any time. They use the frequency between the 890-915 MHz and 935-690 MHz for the receptions. Every cell consists of number of channels and they are needs to register to the nearest base stations.

Mobile Communications Overview Block Diagram:

Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing with Full Report

Users can do data communication, it means that they can share information, or they can share file, send Mail, connect to the internet and WWW. They provides variety of networks to access data communication like PSTN, ISDN, or ATM. They all are partly analog and digital. They either do packet switching or circuit switching. In circuit switching data are sending from one user to other user and they have to follow the specific path. If in case the link that you are busy then your message cannot be redirected and that might create delay. While in case packet switching they utilize the network efficiently, they break the message in to small parts and they are sending in to packets. In mobile phones user can move from one place to other place and they can talk while walking also.

Circuit Switched CDPD Diagram:

Circuit Switched CDPD

Mobile computing-CDPD technology:

Today mobile communication is dominated by the CDPD technology. In this system if your communication idle then you are not charged for that. This reduces the cost of the communication and slow transmission.

While CDPD networks allow it users to connect the users to connect with fixed link. They always connect to the existing network and transmit the data with the help of circuit switch.

Download Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing with Full Report.

Mesh Networking Seminar Report

Mesh Networking Seminar Report covers in depth information on this topic here we explain about basic out line of the topic.This topic explains about concept of networking in which each node needs to capture its data but also they disseminate their own data. They are depended on the other nodes and then they send the data in to the network. They are designed with the help of routing or flooding. When we send message on the network then message travel on the path by jumping from one node to others nodes and in this way they reach the destination.

The connection we create must be continuous and they must be connected to each other. Mesh Network is something like MANET, or ad hoc networks. To resolve the problem of continuous network we have to use self-healing based algorithms. It does not allow to break even single node and it make the connection reliable. These types of networks are used in the wireless networks.

A mesh Networking Example:

Mesh Networking Seminar Report

Different Types of Network in Wireless Mesh Network:

Zigbee: it is the high level communication that uses very low power.  They are based on the IEEE standard that used radio signals for communication. They are used in different applications. They are developed for personal networks. They can be used in the light switches, meters, or home appliances that will operate on your message send by from cell phone. They are not expensive like other WPANs such as Bluetooth. They are developed for short range communication. They can send data at the speed of 250 kbps.

Wi-Max: they are also the wireless networks. They are wireless broadband networks that work like telecom operators. They send signals using high towers. It is also called 4G. They send the data at the speed of 75Mbits per sec.  

Wi-Fi: they are wireless network that are limited to the building or college campus. They can be used in the mobile and the Laptops for internet connection. they can also be used in the other device that have Wi-Fi feature.

This Mesh Networking Seminar Report is submitted by computer science students. Students can also find paper presentation on this topic.

Content in Mesh Networking Seminar Report:

Types of mesh Networks

Mesh Network exmaple

Download Mesh Networking Seminar Report.

Vehicle Hiring System

Vehicle Hiring SystemVehicle Hiring System Project Overview:

This Vehicle Hiring System project is developed for KRM. KRM transport is the company that started hiring vehicles according to the categories for their industries and for individuals. They started with the small business but later they were expanded with their skills and innovations and now they have become the well-known organization.

They developed full specified system that has database related to the fields.  They store completer information about the vehicle rental system. They keep the complete records of the vehicles and the clients. They also can track the vehicle that was hired by some client. They have developed recovery system in case of any information is lost. Every client has been given unique ID and password.

Modules in Vehicle Hiring System Project:

These systems have different modules like they store staff information, customer information and their vehicles details like price, name, model etc. These systems are only used by the administrator, sponsors, salesmen and supervisors.

Objectives for Implementing This Project:

 Encourage clients to participate in the project. They also need to understand the various business standards. Make a research of collect complete details about the systems. To make the system secure and more standard we need to design data base that will store complete information about the vehicles. We need to design ER diagrams, relationship models and feed the entire schema that will be necessary in the application.

After the complete theory study its now turn to get practical, now we need to program the application by selecting appropriate programming language, that can provide user friendly GUI. This application will involve user authentication, it will ask for username and password. Then it gives different modules that will be categorized according like user details, vehicles hiring details. After creating the complete application we need to prepare the documents, presentations, etc. and other information related to the product in the printed form.