Restaurant Database Management System Project using C# & MS Access

Title: Restaurant Database Management System.

Topic Research and Executive Summary:

The Restaurant database Management System is an Enterprise Database project which has a few advantages where restaurants can improve customer relationships; Restaurant owners can know when the customers arrive most of the time which can enhance productivity. By using a Restaurant database Management System owners can have effective use of Human Resources. Due to this database system, we can manage time we can reduce human efficiency and errors, and get accurate information.

Statement of Work

Project Description:

This database system is developed in such a way that restaurant can get accurate details of both offline and online ordering through mobile or web application so customer gets a notification if the order is ready for pickup and customer can track the order if he/she orders online for home delivery.

Due to this database management system, we can reduce the complexity between restaurant management and customers.

Project Challenge:

  1. Collecting the information from the Restaurant owner visa by reading articles or interviewing the store manager of the company.
  2. Learning C# to create an application to connect with Microsoft access. C# is a programming language that is simple, and modern. The language and its implementations provide strong support to software engineering principles. C# is familiar to C and C++
  1. Microsoft Access is a database management system from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft jet database engine with a Graphical user interface and software tools.
  1. Must learn to design a logical relational database                                                              
  1. Create ER diagram

Project Description and Milestones:

Stage1: Analysis: The main objective of the database is to manage the details of the staff of the restaurant, the customer who visits the restaurant to order and take away behavior that the customers who order online, and manage the delivery system where the restaurant can assign delivery boys to deliver the food the customer.

Stage2: logical design: The Database consists of 5 data tables which are

Restaurants in different locations.

The store manager who takes care of the restaurant manages the staff and the daily supplies like food items

The staff are of different types such as cashier, waiter, receptionist, cleaner

Customers who order online, who visit the store and have dine-in, and others who take away

Delivery guy who takes the orders and delivers the food to the customer

Stage3: physical design:

The Restaurant is located in different locations so it has a restaurant id and restaurant address.

The manager data table has the manager id, manager name, manager age and management experience, and manager address.

The Staff has staff id, staff age, staff assigned work, staff address, and staff experience.

Data table for a delivery system where it has details of delivery boy, location of the delivery, order details

The customer data table has customer order details and customer names.

The customer ordered online then the data table has the customer’s address, customer name, order details, and delivery boy id.

Stage 4: Implementation: Create the application interface using C# programming language, and create a database using Microsoft access.

Stage5: Modification and Maintenance:

Modification and maintenance of the database are done in the Microsoft database.

Methodology and implementation plan:

This database management system has 4 phases, design, coding, testing, and maintenance. By use of RAD methodology, these stages are implemented.

Step 1: Need to create a design a database with five data tables.

Step 2: By using C# programming we need to create a user application interface, Using Microsoft access we need to create a Database and interlink the application interface and database.

Step 3: Need to test the database system and check for the error the clear the errors.

Step 4: Need to check the database on a regular basis because things to be needed to be upgraded.

Expected results: The Deliverables

By creating a working application for the restaurant so they can access it easily. The Restaurant owners can view the details of the store manager, the number of staff working on a daily basis, and the financial details.

The Store manager can use the database system to view the no of people working in the store and can view the accurate details of the orders

Customers can easily order the food through the online menu

Supporting Facilities:

Database: Designed in Microsoft ACCESS

Application program language: C# programming

Other application: Microsoft Visual Studio (Programming IDE)

Hospital Management System VB.Net Windows Application Project

The main aim of developing this Hospital Management System VB.Net Windows Application application is to manage the hospital functionalities between doctors, patients, staff, and admin.

Hospital Management System Project is best suited for 1920×1080 resolution and 64bit architecture. This VB.Net Windows Application Uses Microsoft Access MSAccess Database 2016 for back-end database queries. This Project works only in the Microsoft Windows environment. The project is created using Visual Basic (.NET Framework).

Users & functionalities of the Project

  • Login Page
    • Admin Login details
    • Staff Login details
  • Patient
    • Patient Registration
    • Patient Check-up
    • Patient Admit/Discharge
    • Patient Update Details
  • Staff
    • Staff Availability
  • Blood Bank
    • Register Blood Donor
    • Register Blood Receiver
    • Blood Availability Information
  • Personal Information
    • Edit Profile
    • Logout

Hospital Management System Overall Functional map of the project below:

Hospital Management System Project & Platform Details

The Hospital Management System is designed to help in hospital management. With this software, the hospital management can register patients as well as assign them tickets for consultation and admission/discharge. This windows application also allows you to check the availability of staff members. From here, the blood bank department can also be handled with ease. The administrator has the power to access all databases at will.

Database Details:

Here you can download the complete Hospital Management System VB.Net project Source code, Project Report, User Manual.

For more details visit the project developer’s page

E-Students Consultancy .Net Project using C# and SQL Server

The E-Students Consultancy project is a comprehensive web application that is most useful for simplifying the testing process. Its role is more visible in the business environment, as well as in other types of sectors. The system simplifies the testing process by assessing the student’s abilities and fitness. Because the world is a competitive world, it is difficult to examine every individual, and it can also lead to misunderstandings or inaccurate results.

This system is useful for managing the student inspection process; A new user of this system can register his identity to access its features. After successful authentication, this system generates a set of individual questions for users; The user can make their choice to select the correct option from the target test. After filling in the answers to each selection question, the questionnaire ends with an automated process of the system.

This system manipulates the results of the questionnaire, showing the set of skills of each user, creating a survey on the results, and helping the organization or any commercial sector to choose the right person for the ideal job.

existing system

In this modern world the existing online job searching system provides minimum secure authentication for the students that’s why the resulting process takes so much time. Students have to wait for a period to know the result of the attended online tests, even if it may take a month or a while. Each and every student are forced to register their identities on the consultancy site for the job and they have to wait until the respective persons respond to their registration.

So there is a chance to miss the other opportunities from others. Students are required to pay for getting the premium details (like Contact details) of the registered companies. To avoid this type of problem a new method of consultancy portal is required.


  • Provides minimum security means for individuals
  • The major disadvantages of this system are low efficiency and time consumption. 
  • The maintenance cost of the existing system is high and it should be barred by the students only.
  • Students feel hesitation and there is an opportunity to miss other opportunities.

Proposed System

In this proposed approach individual secured authentication means are provided for each and every student and company, the student can enter into the system with proper identities, so it is easy to find the fraudulent people if any mismatching occurs. The E-Student Consultancy provides a bridge between students and corporate, which leads to attaining job offers and online test scenarios. Free access is provided so the students and companies can attain the details securely without any delay. The online test generation process allows the student to feel free and attend the test to know their individual talent. The result will be delivered immediately once the test is over. This system is used to test the students and their eligibility level.


  • Secured login mechanisms are handled.
  • Reducing the workload of the companies and students.
  • Time consumption is comparatively good.
  • Easy access and Online Test Procedures make the students feel free to work.
  • Results will be delivered to students instantly.
  • Implementation and maintenance cost is low.




The E-Student consultancy provides two types of registration processes on the company side and the student side, in the company side the registration process depends upon the company name, contact details, and vacancy then creates the complete registration process. On the student side, the registration process is based on the personal detail like name, Mail Id, address, etc


The company details manipulation process allows the user to create the company details with proper identities. The following details are required to register the company into the server: company name, contact, and the number of vacancies available in the company. These details are registered into the server, which is useful to the students to find out the company details and the number of vacancies available in the company, and address of the company. This is used to view the job vacancies in the company and reduce the job search time.


The online test manipulation process is one of the major implementations in this e-student consultancy. That is used to test the student’s ability and fitness for the job. In the online test generation module questions are created by the company individuals and then it will be uploaded into the portal for student access. The students can register and attend the test which is created by the company individuals. The student’s mark will be calculated by the server at the time of completing the test. The student mark denotes whether a particular student is eligible for the job or not.


The result analyzing process is used to generate the result for the test which is attended by the student online and the test generation process creates the result immediately once the student answers their last question. Once the mark is generated then it will immediately be transferred to the respective student mail.

Download E Students Consultancy Project.

Restaurant Management System Database Project using PHP, MySQL/MS Access

The aim of this project is to create a Restaurant Management Database (RMD) is an online application for restaurant management. This system wakes to provide service facilities to restaurants and to the customer. The services which are provided are food ordering, reservation of the table by the customer through the system online, menu information management, and report.

The main goal of this project is to make the customers satisfied to get the food from anywhere

  • To develop the online ordering and reservation system in restaurants.
  • To develop a user interface for an online restaurant management system to provide online menu information for customers to order

Project requirement

The basic requirement is to make the customers log in and order their favorite food online. To do so they need to look at the menu. Thus, there must be a menu with quantity and price options. Thus, these basic requirements are addressed for now.

Mission statement

The objective is to help the customer to order food online and get them delivered through an interactive application.


  • The application should support customer registration
  • Registered customers should gain access through username and password
  • There must be an interactive menu with all details
  • Customers should be allowed to browse the menu
  • Customers can place an order by adding the menu item to the cart.

Interview Questions

  • What tables are needed for the system?
  • How will we ensure that there are no duplicate records in the database?
  • How will the customer know whether the item is available or not?
  • What navigational options are good for customers?
  • How do secure customer payment information and personal information?

ER Diagram


Product ID

Product name















email id










product details













delviery status

duedate & time




date  time






table choice








Output Results:

Admin Dashboard:

All Orders Details Page:

Restaurant Management Table booking Admin Page:

Popular Dishes Page:

Here you can freely download the complete Restaurant Management System project Source code with both MySQL and MSAccess database code, User Manual Report.