Techniques for Computing Shortest Path Between Nodes

Techniques for computing shortest path between nodes project explains about two new techniques for fast computation of constrained network. This project report covers introduction to new methodology, Details on existing system, proposed system details and hardware and software requirements.

Calculating shortest distance in Network is one of the important network functions for QoS routing, MLPS Path selection, ATM networking and traffic networking engineering. In voice and video calling finding cheapest path is not an easy task. In order to find solution for this problem many researches and algorithms are designed. This project proposes two techniques which will reduce decentralization errors and provide shortest routing distance by developing faster algorithms. Providing shortest path is the important factor for successful design in QOS system. Simulator is used to test new techniques which show execution time efficiency in new system.

In Existing system Dijikstra algorithms are used for calculating shortest path. RTF and RTC are used to reduce discretization errors along traveling path. In this system finding shortest path from single source node to multiple destination nodes is not possible.

In Proposed system shortest path is accurately calculated using domain packet filter. Two techniques are used to reduce discretization errors. Algorithms used in this system are faster compared to existing system algorithms.

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