Java Project On Improving Peer-Peer Streaming Output

Improving peer-peer streaming output java project explains about developing a new architecture for optimizing the throughput of data driven peer-peer streaming. This paper covers introduction to new architecture, existing system features compared with proposed system features and hardware and software requirements. Main idea for developing this architecture is to share peers can share few of their resources with system. With this method overall performance can be increased and system capacity will be improved and provide option for serving maximum number of clients. In recent times data streaming has grown rapidly so there is need to improve performance. In this architecture each individual node is connected with its neighbor node for exchanging information. In present scenario there was no accurate procedure to improving performance of existing protocol. Though there are few analysis on this issue but they mainly depend on maximizing the throughput of overall delay. This paper deals with analytical study on scheduling problem in data streaming and provide solution with less implementation cost. This system uses global optimal scheduling procedure and data streaming model to improve throughput. Video coding can be integrated in to data driving protocol and improve algorithm to deal with end-host heterogeneity.

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