College Faculty Book System in Java Major Final Year Project

The main objective of this College Faculty Book System in Java Major Final Year Project goes to maintain the faculty attendance, faculty personal information,  faculty class information, salary information in a college/school/university. This College Faculty Book System project was developed in Java Programming with back end SQL server. Some other technologies used in this project is HTML, Java Script, DHTML, JDBC Drivers for connectivity.

Java is the portable language, It can run on any operating system.

The main feature of the Java Programming Language is below:

First We should think about what is “Java”.   Java is not just a programming language; it is a platform akin to what .NET is.    “Java” could mean Java the programming language, the application programming interface that includes Java Standard Edition Platform & Enterprise Edition and finally the run time called Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 

  • Now that Java Virtual Machine is open sourced, future of Java is ‘the platform dependent’, looks stronger & safer than ever.   With Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, all the concerns on Sun’s ability to support the language evolution are no longer valid.  Oracle is quite committed to the evolution of java and even published the roadmap till 2015.  
  • There is a vibrant eco system around Java that includes Open Source on one end and the Enterprise Software vendors are on the other.  Open source Independent software vendor’s such as Spring Source, Terracotta, Red Hat and several other niche vendors based their products on Java.   Even most commercial vendors based their products (to name few IBM, Oracle, SAP and HP) on java platform.   Given the popularity among all these Independent software vendors the stakes are quite high on Java.   The fact that so many ISVs are behind, it is obvious to expect that the enterprise adoption of Java is very high.  Java represents 50% of the AD platform share in large enterprises.   Given most of our clients are in this segment, this is a very important data point in Java Programming.

Download College Faculty Book System in Java Major Final Year Project

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