Smarter Work Management System Java Project


Smarter work management system is a project that provides real time visibility and control over resources, projects, and applications across the organization.

This system helps in streamline workflow to improve efficiency and productivity and simplify day-to-day tedious monitoring. Smarter work management system is a project developed to achieve the complexity of interaction between running components.

Existing System:

In the existing work management system, all the data is maintained as records manually at a warehouse which can be a manual job, leading to discrepancy in customer’s work rules. Customers have no method to manage/access their booked space, or view their transaction details.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is a Smarter Work Management System which can make a warehouse management a simple process. Transaction records and reports generation can be done easily. This Smarter Work System maintains a centralized database.



Admin gets login with a valid username and password. Admin can view the application home page. Admin can view performance page. Admin can view user page and users registration page. Admin can assign times and view users timings page. Admin can view time submission page. Admin can update performance.


Employee can login by getting registered with the application. Employee will get a unique username and password. Employee can vie time page and assigned time page. Employee can view and trace the performance page.

Software Requirements:

Programming Language : Java
Web technologies : JEE (Servlets/JSP)
Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap
Database : MYSQL
Scripting : JavaScript
Browser : IE / Mozilla / Chrome
Operating System : Windows/Linux


Our Smarter Work Management project work management system has successfully in managing the data. This is a web based application which allows distributed access developed using java and MySQL technologies. This allows users to store online entry transactions and this system sends automatic notifications.

District Collector Magistrate System Java Project


District collector magistrate system is an application which is developed to automate the processes at the collector office in a district. This application is designed to manage all the related information in a systematic manner.


District collector magistrate system is a web based application. This application is developed to store the information without any damage. The application will  store the entire collected information in a centralized database. This application makes the process of managing data  very easy and effective.

This application makes the users feel free in searching and retrieving the necessary data. All the information will be automatically  placed to the database in a secure way this reduces the users to maintain the data or information in files and ledgers. This application gives rights to the user to access and  communicate with the employees to provide well defined interface.

By using this application the user can easily retrieve the data very easily without any mismanagement or loss of data. This application increases the productivity and helps government employees to provide better service without any difficulty and duplication.


The main objective of this system is to maintain and manage the data in an easy and effective manner. To provide automated service. To allow the users to interact with the application and execute various operations in a easy way and short period of time.  


Administrator module:

Administrator manages the entire application. Administrator is responsible to issue various certificates such as birth certificate, death certificate, income certificate, residence certificate, caste certificate and others. When a request is made administrator may either approve or reject. Administrator can also assign and allot works and tenders to contractors.

User module:

Users include general public and contractors and people from other service sector. Users can apply for various certificates online and also view the status of request. Interested users can also view and apply for tender notices and similar announcements.

Officer module:

This module can be used by police and other public sector departments. They can view the information for the details of citizens, to ascertain and verify personal details of users, in cases such as passport and certificate issues.

Report module:

The administrator and officials can generate various reports based on various criteria as and when required.

Intra Communication Software Documentation

Intra Communication Software project application Documentation is designed with the help of the Java. It is used by the professional programmers to making applications using applets and servlets.  They are robust and secure. They provide programming features like object, encapsulation, abstraction, multi-threading, inheritance, polymorphism etc. they use servlet that is its own java server or you can say that it is the part of the java server. It helps in creating online applications. They provide GUI environment that makes the development of the application more attractive.

Modules in Intra Communication Software:

Admin module: it used for the control of the all the operations, give permission, or remove permissions. We can add any user or remove any user. We can send any messages to the users. We can access the data of the application.

User module: this is developed for the users who can do operations to his profile or create chat rooms, do conferencing with the other users. He can add other user to his profile and talk to them and check whether they are online or not.

Conference module: this module is used by the administrator to develop the chat rooms and they can check the chat rooms which are currently available.

Reports module: this module gather all the data from different modules and present the report on that. This module can be accessed by the administrator only.

Intra Communication System Activity Diagram:

Intra Communication Software Activity diagram

To develop this application we will use Java Scripts, html for coding and the coding can be done in the My Eclipse IDE. To run this Intra Communication application we need tomcat server in our system. To manage whole data of the application we need to use Oracle database, this will keep whole data safe and well managed. Our system must have at least RAM of 256MB to run all these software’s.

Contents in Intra Communication Software Documentation:

  • Abstract
  • ER Diagrams
  • UML Diagrams
  • Database design
  • Class Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram

Implementing And Validating Environmental And Health Java Project

Implementing And Validating Environmental And Health Java ProjectImplementing And Validating Environmental And Health Java Project is the application that is developed for the health care and solutions. It is developed in the JSP that is JAVA based and it will use SQL as back end or you can say for data base. We need computer that have at least Pentium IV processor with 512 MB RAM and it should have 40GB hard disk. It will work on four modules admin, patient, user and general user.

Modules of the Environmental And Health Java Project:

Admin: this is developed for the admin who will have its username and password to log in to the site. Every doctor will have its own IDs and password. After login in to the site the main frame of the application will appear. In this form they have their present appointments, prescriptions or any recommendation for the patient that need to be shifted to the other hospitals.

Patients: this module is for keeping the patient database that is connected to the servers. This form maintains the details of the patients that are new admitted and then it is transferred to the doctor computers.

User: this panel is for person who registered here for the first time. This will store the information of the users including phone number, address etc. after the details user is provided with login ID so the user can login in to site for any medical health. They will found the doctors according to the categories like skin, child care, heart etc. after that user can fix appointment with any doctor according to its requirement.

General user: this is made for them who are not registered in that site, so they will only have general information about the doctors. They can view the general medical tips and if they want they can register themselves to this site.

MCA Project Topic on Milk Distributor Management System VB Project

Introduction to Milk Distributor Management System Project:

The MILK DISTRIBUTOR MANAGEMENT   is a pilot project and it is meant for the those who are planning to start a new distributorship of milk in the city. The management is planning to operate it from the very next month and they are also planning to collect milk from the various sources, distributing the same to the milk buyers. For managing all these a new software is required.

This software helps to maintain the daily transaction records in the office of the milk distributor. These offices need to maintain thousand and hundreds of records. It also makes the searching easier and people can get the details as per their requirement. This software is designed in such a manner that all the milk distributors can use it in the other. Every possible effort is provided to make this project successful and on the real success of this software we can target the other distributors of milk that are available in the city. Moreover, it is also used to record the details of sales, purchases returns and other related daily activities of the milk booth centers.

This project includes various models that can manage all the works of a milk booth and it includes:

Details of the stock

Details of the payment


Details of thepurchase list of daily distribution

Receipt details

Generation of bill

Daily allocation of the consumers

Item details

Details of suppliers

Details of consumers

The project uses to replace the manual system with the computerized system. It will help to save a lot of time, money and energy. This is the best software to handle all the financial issues. We are selling this software at reasonable price and for more details you can contact us through our mail ID and phone number. This software can also enhance the workflow of the company and reduce the manpower.