Professor Online Question Paper Submission to the Examination Cell ASP.Net Project


Online Question paper submission is a web portal that is developed or implemented in the ASP.NET domain or platform. This project is helpful for the Professor to submit the question paper to the examination cell or to the Examiner from this site. In the current generation preparing the question paper and handovering in the examination cell is not that much security. This project is developed for a Professor to maintain his details, experience, and preparation of question paper and submit the same to the examiner. The examiner also gives his information, experience and takes approval from the administrator, and then selects the question paper. This project will work on the same line of online examinations; Apart from this, it contains much more additional information such as Course type, Department details, and other details of professors and examiners in this web portal.

For the examination cell, it is very difficult to identify whether the particular question paper is submitted or not. The online Question paper submission portal is implemented in 3 main modules. Professor module, Examiner module, and Admin module. Admin module will add multiple courses and departments under different branches so Professor can easily know the best details of about subjects. The professor module ought to register with the application and choose the course and upload the question paper to the site.

Scope of the Project

The scope of the project is used to manage the details of the professor, Examiner, and Administrator. The Professor and Examiners Sign up by providing the appropriate information and then take approval from the administrator. According to course-wise Professors prepares the question papers and send them to the examiner, then the examiner selects the question paper and submits it to the board. And all these records are stored in Online Question Paper Submission Database. 

Design of the Project:

ER Diagram:

Main Modules of the Project


 He administrates by giving approval to Examiner and Professor’s Signup. He also creates Courses, Departments, and Designations in order to fetch the correct and appropriate question paper for that course and department.

Course Details

 It is created by the Admin and it consists of Details of specific courses like BCA, BBA, BCOM, and more. The professor sends the Question paper on the basis of the Course.

Department Details

 It is created by the Admin and it consists of Details about the entire department which is created. The Department section consists of the Department name and Address of that Department.

Designation Details

  It is created by the Admin and it consists of Details about the Designation of a particular professor. This section consists of  Designation names like Ass-professor, HOD, and so on, it also has a description section under the Designation name which helps us to know which particular department the professor’s designation is from. 

Professor’s Signup

 In this section, any professor can sign up. But the request is only approved by the Admin. This section consists of the Login name, name of the professor, password and confirms password to confirm, phone number of that particular professor-main ID, and at last the address of that professor.

Examiner’s Signup

 In this section, any Examiner can sign up. But the request is only approved by the Admin. This section consists of the Login name, name of the examiner, password, and confirm password to confirm, and here it consists of designation and department where the examiner can select any of the given designations and department. At last, it asks for the Address and a photograph of that particular Examiner.

Approval for both Professor & Examiner

 This action is performed by the Admin. He approves both professor and Examiner. 

Login for professor & Examiner

 A Professor who has been approved by the Admin can now log in to the Login section and the same for the Examiner too.

Details of Question paper

 Every Question Paper must be sent with appropriate details so as to know more about the paper at a single glance.

View and Edit the Question Paper

 It is viewed and Edited by the Examiner and it is submitted to the University.

Final Reports

It creates and shows all the database records of this project.

Screenshots of Online Question Paper Submission System:

  • Home Page
  • Admin Login Page
  • Admin Main Screen Lists Section
  • Admin Main Screen Create Section
  • Admin Main Screen Approval Section
  • Admin Department list
  • Admin Designation List
  • Course Creation Section
  • Department Creation Section
  • Designation Creation Section
  • Home Screen Signup Section
  • Professor Signup
  • Professor Approve Section
  • Professor Main Screen
  • Examiner Signup Section
  • Examiner Approve Screen
  • Examiner Approve Page
  • User Login Page
  • Examiner Main Screen
  • Examiner Document Viewing Screen
  • Professor New Question Paper Screen
  • Examiner Acknowledgment Screen


It is believed that in the future Online Question Paper Submission centralized document system with the concept of cloud technology will recede in importance as a strategic application to become a competitive necessity that must be adopted by most government departments.

India is striding smoothly towards integrated E-Governance.  In the next five years, situation will be entirely different.  Most companies are adopted cloud technology for the maintenance of documents.

Online Question Paper Submission creates a new trend in maintaining and verifying documents online and it reduces the workload. 

Future Enhancements

  • The news feed is essential for our day-to-day purpose; hence we will add a section about the news. There, we are going to display the news about examination dates, deadlines for submitting papers, etc.
  • We are going to add some more security to our system like an OTP number for verification of the Professor’s and Examiner’s Phone numbers.
  • Authentication of Professor and Examiner is also important, thereby uploading the College Approval Letter by Principal (Signed and Sealed), makes it Admin easy to verify them.
  • We will add a few more Image File Formats such as TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG, etc. in order to make Professor and Examiner upload photocopies easily.
  • To make a question paper, Professor has to be experienced; therefore we will add a new section while signing up called Years of Experience. In that section, the professor has to enter how many years of experience he/she has in the teaching profession.
  • Live communication between Professor and Examiner makes it easy to fix the problems; therefore we will add live messaging on the portal.

Download the complete, project code, and SQL database on the Question Paper Submission project.

Supermarket Management and Billing System Java Project

The project is on Supermarket Management and Billing systems. The supermarket is a huge shop where we all can find a lot and lots of products may whether grocery or fashion or utensils etc. in the various categories in different departments. Also, there is a huge number of staff in different positions. It has to keep all the records of its staff so that the employee management would be effective. So, to make such problems easier to handle we have developed this system that not only keeps authentic data may that be of transactions into and out of the supermarket or that be the information of its employee.

The manager module in the software helps to keep information of employees and the cashier and the data entry operator module helps to keep records of transactions inside and out of the supermarket.  The barcode scanning system in the software help to run the transaction process fast and effectively.


The Supermarket Management and Billing System, a desktop application, is developed to provide all the facilities and services required in various shops like shopping centers, mini-mart, fancy shops, etc. The main objective of the system is to provide efficient transactions with minimal error.  Bar code scanning technology helps cashiers with faster and more efficient billing. Cashier, manager, and data entry operator are provided with their own authorization account so that only the authorized person can perform their respective jobs. Users in the system: –

  • Cashier: a – person who handles the transaction
  • Data entry operator- enter the products imported into the store as well as update the details.
  • Manager- supervise all the activities going on in the shop

Statement of Problems

  • Manual data entry takes much more time than the barcode method.
  • The manual calculation can generate errors while buying or selling goods.
  • More time consumption for any transaction and findings of the products.

Objective and Scopes

  • To provide an efficient and effective billing methodology.
  • To keep a record of every business transaction
  • Maintain the stock management and the billing system
  • Reduce the time consumption for every process in the buying and selling of goods.

Database ER Diagram:

Database ER Diagram


The project is to do with the concept of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) with Java and relational database with MYSQL and for the excess printer for the billing process we use Visual Basic Script (VBScript).  Taking into account the statements of the problem, we developed a system that not only helps in maintaining precise transactions but also keeps track of every business that has been done. There is the provision of a login module for individual employees as per their job title after which they will be provided with their respective job functions. With the help of the software, they can achieve a better working experience along with consistent precision.

There are various organized tables which makes the software very effective. The shop assistant module is the symbol of modern business techniques. It is a customer-friendly module. The manager has an organized manner of employee management such as addition or removal of cashier or data entry operator or shop walker. S/he has access to the profile of every employee in his hand at any time of necessity. Logs module helps him/her to analyze the customer’s choice. Furthermore, the automation in the billing system helps the cashier in their transaction in a very precise manner. The use of barcodes makes it easier for making bills and the automatic calculation prevents them from simple mistakes.


Supermarket Management and Billing System are developed for the professional handling of the supermarket’s sales and buying as well as the management of the whole supermarket. It is very easy and useful application software that increases the productivity of the business.

Our project on Supermarket Management and Billing systems has been implemented successfully. We take this opportunity to express our sense of indebtedness and gratitude to all those people who helped us in completing this project.

Hospital Management System VB.Net Windows Application Project

The main aim of developing this Hospital Management System VB.Net Windows Application application is to manage the hospital functionalities between doctors, patients, staff, and admin.

Hospital Management System Project is best suited for 1920×1080 resolution and 64bit architecture. This VB.Net Windows Application Uses Microsoft Access MSAccess Database 2016 for back-end database queries. This Project works only in the Microsoft Windows environment. The project is created using Visual Basic (.NET Framework).

Users & functionalities of the Project

  • Login Page
    • Admin Login details
    • Staff Login details
  • Patient
    • Patient Registration
    • Patient Check-up
    • Patient Admit/Discharge
    • Patient Update Details
  • Staff
    • Staff Availability
  • Blood Bank
    • Register Blood Donor
    • Register Blood Receiver
    • Blood Availability Information
  • Personal Information
    • Edit Profile
    • Logout

Hospital Management System Overall Functional map of the project below:

Hospital Management System Project & Platform Details

The Hospital Management System is designed to help in hospital management. With this software, the hospital management can register patients as well as assign them tickets for consultation and admission/discharge. This windows application also allows you to check the availability of staff members. From here, the blood bank department can also be handled with ease. The administrator has the power to access all databases at will.

Database Details:

Here you can download the complete Hospital Management System VB.Net project Source code, Project Report, User Manual.

For more details visit the project developer’s page