Dynamically Time Table Generation System Project

The main objective of this Time Table Generation System project is to update the time table dynamically on a particular day.

There are many situations where a particular period might be wasted because that respective subject lecturer might be busy in some other important work. So, we are coming with an idea to recover the period without getting wasted.

Our automatically time table generation application gathers information about all the lecturers with their respective courses semester wise. We will be sending a request to remaining lecturers dealing that class.

So, that they can accept or reject the request to attend that particular class. The lecturer who accepts the request will be allotted the class and for the remaining lecturers, we will be sending another notification that the class is allotted to that particular lecturer.

Lecturers who are handling multiple courses, their information must also be collected. So, by this procedure, the class will be allocated to the lecturer who accepts the request.

Therefore, the student will be benefitted without getting their period wasted and also the faculty members can get involved in their respective works.

Design Diagrams:

Data Flow Diagram Zero Level

Data Flow Diagram Zero Level

Data Flow Diagram First Level
Data Flow Diagram First Level

Output Screens:

Time Table Generation Page
Time Table Generation Page
Time Table Generation System Home Page
Time Table Generation System Home Page
View Time Table page
View Time Table page

Download the Dynamically Time Table Generation System Java & MySQL Project  Source Code and Database files.

Mobile Based Student Feedback System


This Student Feedback System project is to develop a mobile-based application which is very useful to maintain feedback reports by the administrator.

Provides a student to give feedback for the teaching of a lecturer in a mobile-based system online.

Evaluates the answer given by the students based on the feedback which will be given by a number 1 to 5.

Delivers feedback via student lecture interface which acts as a service provider.
Provides an overall report of the feedback helping the students to give suggestions about where a faculty is lagging.

Provides individual rating of the faculty in a particular semester which will help the management in making salary appraisal decisions.

Existing System:

The present Student Feedback .Net Project has no application to provide communication between the student and lecturer through the mobile.

So far, this as only taken place in online websites but there is no application developed for communication by giving apps predefined methods.


The entries will take up manually which is a time-consuming process.
Inconsistency in data entry.
Lack of security.
Data may be lost.


  • Admin
  • Student
  • Management

Hardware Requirements:

System: Intel i3 3rd generation
Hard Disk: 40GB

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10
Coding language: Java, MySQL
Tool kit: Android SDK
IDE: Android Studio




In general, the admin will maintain the entire administration like authorization, authentication, permissions, history tracking, and troubleshooting, etc., and he can view the final feedback report.


A student can give feedback to their respective department staff members and also give messages and comments to the staff of the particular department.


The management can view their own comments and rating criteria given by the students. They can view the total evaluated feedback.

The existing Java-based college feedback project has very less scope for both the student and Admin.

Proposed System

In this student feedback system project, we are proposing the new form of technology to get communication between student and lecturer.

With this, the student can successfully submit feedback on lecturer’s teaching in a very efficient and convenient manner.

By using this technology we can provide fast feedback about the college lecturers by the students on time at anywhere from any place by just log in from their valid account.

Output Results:

Student Feedback on Teachers performance
Student Feedback on Teachers performance
Student Feedback on Teachers performance
Student Registration form
Feedback details
Feedback details
Admin Student Page to Login
Admin Student Page to Login
Login Page
Login Page for Both Admin & Student


Download the attached Student Feedback System android app project Source code.

Event Management System Android App

The main purpose this Event management system android app is to provide best event management application with affordable price and time.

Users involved in this:

  • Admin
  • User
  • Organisation


User sends a request regarding an event with an estimated amount and the work to be done


organization if satisfied with the amt quoted accepts the request sent by the user and will be ready to do the event, if not satisfied will quote a better price and send it to the user who sent the request.

Before this the organization should be registered.


Organization registration will be handled by the admin. He/she can add or delete the organization list.

On the whole admin manages the organisation list.

Report Generating System Web Application

Project Abstract 

Title Of Project: Report Generating System (Web Application)

Introduction: This Report Generating System project is an In-house web application for Private or Government Research Organisations, where the Scholars, Research people would login with their credentials and fill their required form, Which would be stored in a local Database and a report would be generated which would give the summary of the form filled with their respective Name and Signature.

Project Analysis: This Web Application consists of the following modules

1. Login with respective credentials ( Using Microsoft’s Active Directory Technology for authenticating)
2. Form Filling Using HTML, CSS
3. Server Side Programming using JAVA, MySQL
4. Report Generating using HTML

Login with Respective Credentials Module:

In this Module we create a general login page and use Active Directory to authenticate credentials.
To be made using HTML5 forms and styled using CSS3

Form Filling Using HTML, CSS Module:

After Logging in, we will generate a home page giving options to 4 forms. Which after selecting will be directed to the form filling page (Independent). Here, different fields will be filled and would be directed to the Database (Using MySQL).

Server Side Programming using JAVA, MySQL Module:

Server Side Programming in JAVA to direct and forms to Database (Using MySQL) and fetch the Login credentials to generate a digital signature of the Scientist.

Report Generating using HTML Module:

Report has to be generated of all the information filled in the forms. Into another independent web page using JAVA and html.

Software Requirements :

Operating System : Linux/Windows/ MacOS
Technology : HTML, CSS, AD, JAVA, MySQL
Web Server : Tomcat 7
Database : Oracle 10g Express Edition
Software’s : JAVA, Microsoft AD

Hardware Requirements :

Hardware : P4 and above.
RAM : 1 GB

Online Examination System Project Report


The project mainly intends to provide the insight of the functionality and behavior of the Online Examination System. This project integrates computer and Internet technologies for the purpose of student assessment .It provides the options of the examinations available on the system according to the user privilege.

Based on the choice of the user, the system provides the questions related to that area. Mostly the questions are in the form of multiple-choice question, they can also be filling in the blanks, matching and essay questions. At the end of the questions, the user will be given the options to report or cancel the scores.

When a person enters the online test, a system will ask for login id and password. If the person is authorized, by simply giving his login id and password he will enter filling the registration field based on the privilege. If the user is new he has to register as a user by filling the registration details. While filling the details he has to take care on privilege. If the user is candidate, he has to take the privilege as “0”, operator as “1” and admin as “2”. Once these details are filled, the user will be provided with a login id. With this login id he can enter base on his privilege.

If the user is candidate, as soon as he submits the login id he enters in to the area section. There he can select the area depending on which he wants to take the test. As soon as he selects the area he will be ready to take the test.

Depending upon the area selected, questions the be displayed with four options and the candidate has to select the correct answer and proceed to the next question till the end of the test. Time is set for the test. Test should be completed within that time period. If he does not complete the test within the given time the test will be lost automatically.

After the test is completed, the candidate has the option to report or cancel his scores. If he wants the hardcopy of the score report he can take it.

If the user is administrator, as soon as he submits the login id he enters into the administration section where he has to handle both operator and candidate functions.

If the user is operator or administrator, as soon as he submits the login id he enters into the administration section. In this, he can change the information of the candidate, view the candidate result, status by simply giving the respective login and he can also modify or update question in any area.

Product goals:

  • The goals of this Online Examination System are:
  • To automate the testing activity. The system will function with a centralized control over all the units that are involved in the online test system.
  • Provide data security from unauthorized users.


when the user is operator or administrator opt for operator section the process will direct to the above screen.This screen can get the user to user edit, candidate view ,current examinees ,exam report ,areas report screens on clicking the corresponding link.

The candidate on starting the test comes to this screen; here according to the selected area the questions are generated automatically from the data basest candidate has to select the correct answer by clicking the radio button corresponding the question. He can stop the test by clicking the stop button else go to the next question.

The above screen is the start of the test, in which the user should validate his/her login id and password by clicking submit button, after entering their identity. New users can register their information’s by clicking register button.

This screen is used when the user is not registered. It is used for registering the new users by entering their personal information’s and then by clicking on save button.

When a user wants to view candidate details he can get this screen by clicking the link of candidate view in the operator section. This screen gets the information of status, Name and login id of the desired candidate.

The current examiners screen gets the information of the login id name, status and date he/she appeared for the test for the specified candidate. On clicking the details the exam report is generated .We can get the copy of the details by clicking the copy.

Based on the privilege of the user, he is directed to the next screen. If he is a candidate the user comes to the above screen. In this he got to confirm the login id and should select the area where he is intending to take the test. The user can start taking the test by clicking the start button.

This question editor screens enable the user (admin/operator) to create and update the new question in the desired area and specified difficulty level. The user can also create a new question by clicking on the new question button.

This screen is used to display the details of the code and the related areas selected. This screen links the user to questions related to that area. Here the user can also create the new area by clicking new area button.
This screen is used to create a new area code and name of the area by mentioning them in the specified text boxes and then clicking on the save button.

The candidate on starting the test comes to this screen; here according to the selected area the questions are generated automatically from the database. The candidate has to select the correct answer by checking the radio button corresponding the question. On clicking the ok button. The answer he opted is stored in the data store and the next question is generated .He can stop the test by clicking stop button. This happens to generate the exam report.

This screen enable the user to answer the numeric ability questions posted to him by clicking on the radio buttons which are given to choose the right answers .The user can also create a new question by clicking on a new question button .

This screen is viewed when the user types either wrong name or password in the given text box and the button back is used to move back to the login page to re enter the right login id and password.

The current examinees screen gets the information of the login id, name, status and date he appeared for the test for the specified candidate. . It also tells about the total number of questions and right answers given by the candidate.


The “Online Examination System” has been successfully completed. The goal of the system is achieved and problems are solved. Final reports are generated as per the specification of the client. The package is developed in a manner that it is user friendly and required help is provided at different levels.

The Online Examination project can be easily used in the process of decision making.


To modify the Online Examination System project to .Net platform to take the advantage of geographical remote area. By shifting the project to the Dot Net platform the project can be made into a Mobile Accessible Application by which the restrictions of the software & hardware requirements can be scaled down, which is not possible using ASP.

2) we can even apply the unique identity of the user by keeping certain formalities which must be answered by the user while entering the test (like the user need to answer again the questions which he did while registering himself for the test) the questions selected will be in random order from his personal data only (like the mole present on the user, etc …) so that we it may confirm that the user itself is writing the test .

3) we can even use the thumb mark of the users to confirm their identities .

4) We can even add the photos of the users in this to confirm the user Identity.
Thus by applying these steps we can make sure that the user itself is writing the exam not the others.