Simulative CBT Examination With Random Paper Generation

Project Title:    Simulative CBT Examination With Random Paper Generation

The Simulative Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Examination With Random Paper Generation system provides a online testing platform to the users on which Exam questions are keyed into question bank, organize questions randomly and sequence manner, prepare question paper automatically, conduct online test, evaluate results and display score papers. It affords an online practicing platform for students where they can participate in simulative examination in which questions are randomized, provided a realistic examination environment for students. It appraises the candidate’s knowledge on the prepared stream for computerized e-examination.

The online practice test is being conducted based on candidate’s preference in different parameters such as question difficulty level like difficult mode, intermediate mode & easy mode, Subject topic and number of questions to be appeared. The portable document file could also be created with the candidate’s preferred parameters. After completion of their exam students can have an option to take a print and they can send these results to mail address. This Project was developed under Net beans IDE 5.0 Java Programming & MYSQL Database Server. This project can be worked under Linux Operating System & Windows operating System, Distribute Memory method and concurrent Access method used in this project.

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