Industrial Robotics Project

Industrial robotics Project Report highlights the importance of the manipulating robots in the present day advanced modified manufacturing techniques in industries. Apart from the conventional manual manufacturing process these automated techniques plays a vital role in performing repetitive tasks and their by increases the productivity levels.

Here in this paper we particularly concentrate on the aspects like implementation and the applications of these industrial manipulators with its future enhancements.

Introduction of robotics:

Robotics is nothing but the science and technology which deals with the design, construction and implementation of multi functional manipulating electro mechanical devices which can perform tasks repeatedly.

What is automation:

The science dealt in the manufacturing of self acting and self moving machines i.e. development of the sequential program which can access the electro mechanical devices effectively.

Different kinds of automation:

Till now automation is classified as three types firstly fixed automation secondly flexible automation and finally programmable automation.

  • Fixed automation- adopted in bulk productivity areas where an efficient and constant high production rate is required i.e. nuts and bolts manufacturing.
  • Flexible automation – whenever there is a requirement of variations in the production of the components flexible automation is implicated i.e. manufacturing of nuts and bolts of different kinds.
  • Programmable automation – an program of instruction where made in the areas where there is a need of variety of products of lesser quantity with greater flexibility.

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ECE PPT Topic on Embedded In PIC with Presentation

Introduction to Embedded In PIC:

The paper is about the microcontroller. The micro controller is considered as the small computer on a circuit with a number of units such as the processor core, the memory and also the input/output peripherals.  These controllers are used mostly for the embedded applications. These controllers are used mostly for the embedded applications.

In general the microcontrollers are widely used in different products and also devices related to the medical field, appliances and also related to the toys. When compared with size or even cost, the micro controller is most efficient to that of the microprocessor.

The microcontrollers are capable of operating at the clock rate frequencies which is to the minimum of 4 kHz, so that the power consumption reduces. It is even capable of retaining the functionality when the event waiting occurs. Whereas the other microcontrollers can be used in the critical situations are capable of behaving like the digital processor with the power consumption high and also with high clock speed.

In general the microcontroller has variants, where one has possibility of erasing the programmable memory EPROM, which is more expensive when compared to that of the other variant PROM which can be programmed at only once. When we speak about the EPROM erasing property includes the ultraviolet light through a transparent quartz id.

We can conclude that the microcontroller is more efficient when compared to that of the microprocessor can be in terms of either cost or even the size. The applications of the microcontroller are widely used in many fields. It is considered as a small computer with all the units on a circuit.

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Electrical Seminar Topic and PPT on Broadband over Power lines

Introduction to Electrical Seminar Topic on Broadband over Power lines:

This paper presentation seminar is about broadband over the power lines. These applications are completely based on the electrical devices and much more related to the sector of the electric gadgets. The broadband over power lines abbreviated as the BPL is the new scientific technology which has emerged in the world where competition worth a lot.

This make the use of the Internet services which provides a high speed to the access of the home devices by the very unique way called as the common electrical outlets. This has the whole combination of the technical principles of the radio wavelengths, networking protocols and the modems.

There are two types of the Broadband over power lines services like the In House BPL and the Access BPL. The main aim of the device is to transfer the desired data by making the use of the Alternate Currents. Here the data has to be compulsorily distinguished into a different data link. These systems are now used by the electrical factories and industries to control the performance of the grids nodes. There are some of the related solutions that are available based on the networking. This system can also be used in the home and also for the business purposes.

The advantages of the BPL are it is not very expensive devices as it is available at a normal cost. It does not require any more wire connections and the circuits. The network uses add nil cost to the bill that will be generated. This is the handy and the easiest method to connect the computer system in the different rooms. This system works at a very large speed taking 14 megabits per seconds at a time. This system also permits to access the internet in the rural based area. The future of this system is very bright as it traps the attraction of the user easily.

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