Integrated Application for Employee Java Project With Code

Integrated application for employee is a java project which can be used as a final year project for computer science students. This projects main idea is to develop a software application which can organize information like employee pay slips, awards, project meetings inside organization among employees and maintain project, client and employees information.


In present situation there is very little application which can maintain employee’s information in the form of database. At present may companies use manual process for storing data in the form of records? Maintaining pay slip information of every individual through manual work takes a lot of time therefore implementing this application has a lot of scope in the market.

This java project will help organization to maintain information like pay slips, meetings in database. This application is developed in five modules where each module has different functionalities. In Appraisal module data is fetched based on employee id and display awards of that employee.

In pay slip module information is fetched from data base based on Employee id and salary information of the employee is displayed. In Meeting module meetings information is displayed as flash news. Admin module will look after report generation and maintenance. Employee module can look after his salary information, meeting information and awards information.


Existing System

In existing system organizations are using manual process for maintain employee records like pay slip, awards and meetings information. Using this system there are a lot of chances of loosing data.  Lot of man power is required for daily updating information. There are no chances of generating daily reports. There is no security for data. 

Proposed System

In proposed system entire employee’s data like pay slip, meetings information are stored in to database. Each individual has his own record in database. Managing data will be easy and fast. This system is cost efficient and saves a lot of time for organization.

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