Online National Polling Project in Java

Introduction to Online National Polling Project:

The project deals with the on line national polling the goal system is a system which enables all citizens to cast their vote online. The system is to increase the voting percentage across the country, in the present day situation the voters used to visit the Booth to vote and those people who live out of their home town they used to send their vote by the post some people will send and some people will not due to their insufficient time and somebody will send but the postman will be late some time, due to this the voting percentage will be less across the country. Through this software those people who live out of their home town will also be able to cast their votes as this system is on line.


The software produced will be an online voting system.

The software will be used by citizens to cast their vote on line.

The main aim of this project is to increase the overall voting percentage. Through this software people get their voter-id card easily and a unique-id number.

Each and every citizens database will be maintained.


HTML: Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language used to design static web pages.

EJB: Enterprise Java Beans.

J2EE: it is a programming platform for developing and running distributed architecture Java applications.

DB2: This is a database management system that delivers a flexible and cost effective database platform to build robust on demand.

WAS: Web sphere application server is an application server that runs business application and supports the J2EE and web service standards.

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a transaction oriented client/server protocol between web browser and a web server.

HTTPS: secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a HTTP over SSL(secure socket layer).


J2EE: Application architecture

DB2: Database

WAS: Web server

Rational: Design tool

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Mobile Phone Based Attendance Tracking System Java Project

Introduction to Mobile Phone Based Attendance Tracking System:

In existing system, the teacher takes the attendance in the attendance book manually and the teacher should maintain the details of the students (present, absent). Using this record the teacher stores the student’s record in each day in attendance list and calculates the students attendance.

Its main aim is to help the teacher in taking the attendance using phone for this it should support the java application. And it is based on J2ME. The teacher will take the attendance in the mobile after saving the presenters and absentees in the mobile the teacher will edit the list of attendance in the mobile and the details will send to the system by using GPRS. And the list will be updated automatically.

The user module purpose is to provide security and it is designed for staff for taking attendance in mobile. the teacher want to enter the user name and password to enter the attendance list to take the attendance.

Attendance Entry Module is to take attendance using mobile phone here teacher take the attendance in the mobile.

The GPRS sends the attendance list to the main server database by connecting the mobile phone to the server through GPRS.

Updating the data base the list of the attendance is to update to the system from the mobile phone .

The WEB application of the CBAS deals with the attendance list by doing this the student can see his attendance in the WEB.

SMS Module  is the advantage of the project the student sends the SMS correctly to the system by  entering his name,  register number, branch, year  correctly he will receives the SMS reply otherwise it doesn’t .

The hardware Requirement of the system is IBM-Compatible PC, the processor is Pentium 4, Memory 256MB Ram hard disk 40GB.

This project requires minimum software requirements platform windows, language speed J2ME, development tool JDK 1.5, database is MYSQL.

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SRS Online Airline Ticket Reservation System

The chief objective of the project lies in creating a website that helps the passenger to reserve online air tickets via an efficient and simple GUI. Not only booking tickets but also comparing online fares from a city to another, is made easy for the passenger. 

Intended Audience: 

  • This project mainly aims at the people with a desire to travel by air and an Internet access.
  • Secondly, it targets people equipped with hand-held devices as the site would be made a WAP-enabled. That would allow the site to receive requests from other optional devices such as PDA’s and WAP-enabled browsers.
  • Thirdly, the passengers eager to compare the airfares for their opted source and destination cities are targeted. 

Cool features of our site: 

  1. Dynamic Bandwidth Calculation: By calculating the user’s bandwidth, the user is redirected to Graphical Version or Text-Version, as per his bandwidth.
  2. Sitemap: A sitemap of the whole site is offered for the easy access of the site. It involves all the links of the pages on the basis of the utility of the pages.
  3. Flash Images of Flights: Flight detail images have been created along with flash to highlight the seating arrangement of the flight. It helps the passenger know the seating arrangement, emergency exit doors and toilet particulars prior to entering the flight.
  4. Airport Layouts: The details of the airport layouts beforehand help the passengers in collecting their tickets directly instead of wasting time in searching for the counter.
  5. Points Based System: The regular customers are given concessions on the basis of the points they score by shopping on the site. 

The technologies used for designing the website include Server Technologies like Web server and Database server and Software Technologies like Java Server Pages, Java Beans etc.

Download SRS Online Airline Ticket Reservation System.

Comprehensive Training and Placement Operations Java Project

Comprehensive training and placement operations is an online application for training and placement cell of a college that can be accessed throughout the college and outside the college with a login provided. It is designed using java scripts for client side scripting, java as programming language, oracle as backend. The hardware requirements include a processor Pentium IV with a hard disk of 40GB and RAM of 256MB.

The existing system is a time delaying process. Entire data is maintained in the databases in form of excel sheets. When a person needs a record he has to search all the sheets, it doesn’t provide multi user accessibility and doesn’t have all the user privileges. So the system is not accessible by all the employees of organization.

The proposed system is an online system and it over comes all the difficulties faced in traditional old systems. In this the system allows multidivisional handling that includes various activities, allows administrator to control all the activities hence identifying the roles and accessibility of other users, accurate information can generated in a very little time. It has modules like  

  • Admin users
  • Reports
  • Normal users
  • Members

Admin users: responsible for creating, modifying and deleting a member, training and placement operations, admin can view the training and placement operations list and generate the reports. 

 Reports: all reports can be viewed, printed, exported, faxed or emailed.

Normal users: these have restricted access. They can view placements, search for different trainings, post queries etc.

Members: members can view details about training and placements, can send mails to admin etc.

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Java Projects for MCA on Intra Communication Software Project

This world needs commutation, with communication we are not surviving the places, and commutation is major role of every human life. Communication is developed using the talking and sharing the information using the media like mass media or class media. The telephone caller need to talk with one or more persons using the conference should be possible. Conference is nothing but to involve the discussion two or more person at a time and sharing through and view, this concept Intra-communication is developed.

This is nothing but communication between two or more persons with in organisation. Normally lot of big developed company they have communicate between one branches to different branch using the intercommunication. The tools is contains the user. What kind employee designation the y do this divide the list. Every user need must Id and password. To fill the forum name, designation, address, age, unique number of the organisational profile is contain the all the personal details, education information, id number is displayed.

The tool is working with under the administrator. Administration is developed the daily wise reports are generated and stored in hard drives. Every profile interact with the admin and the taking care response of the all the users who are in the organisation, chat room contains the list of the users who are online and offline, list of sub room, telling who place their chatting with each other users.

The address book is contain all the users and checking the statue of the users and which the users are not working. The Report panel is all the details of the chat rooms, who are on the conference, Generating the reports like day, week, month and yearly wise developed.

 This tools is display the user of the organisation visible or invisible mode, tools id developed using the script side programming. User need to log in the system the administration maintain he database .The database contain all information on employee.

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