Design & Implementation of Staff Leave Management System Project

This system is aimed at implementing a leave management application for staff that is of importance to any Educational Institute. The leave management system is a web-based application that can access by all the staff of the college. Their features like updating staff records, approval of leave cancellations of leaves, track the staff leave record.


The motivation for designing this application come because I came to know that the staff in my college have to fill out the leave application form and then submit it to the office .then the clerk checks their records and proceeds further. So it is a time-consuming process. So to save their time and minimize their application form process, I decided to design the online leave application form. Moreover, I value recent learning about the java programming language as well as seeing how powerful and dynamic they are when it comes to web designing and applications. Whereas, PL/SQL database at the back-end because I found them to be extremely useful while on the technologies.

This system is specifically made for the following issues:

  1. It reduces manual work.
  2. This system is fully computerized.
  3. Highly efficient and accurate.
  4. Easy access to college staff records.
  5. Offers real-time visibility of data.                       

Security Risk: – 

The system-generated mail notification sent to the leave applicant is late.



The proposed system is developed to manage staff leave and their records in the colleges. It helps to record staff information, Approve or denies staff leave request.


  1. The purpose of the project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing staff leave.
  2. To generate inquiry for staff on demand.
  3. To keep all the information related to pending leave.
  4. Well-designed database to store faculty information.
  5. The main objective of this application is to automate as well as update the leave information of staff.
  6. It tracks all the details about faculty, and attendance.
  7. If the any of the faculty wants to know about his/her leave status it will be very

Project Scopes and Limitations

  1. To manage the details of staff attendance, and records of their leaves.
  2. Easy to operate and hopefully can smoothen up the job of clerks and staff.
  3. This system produces a computerized system for defining the best solution for the leave application.
  4. Easy access to staff records.

Existing System

This system is offline it requires a lot of effort. for applying for a leaving staff in the colleges go to the office and collect the leave application form and by filling up the details, type of leave, leave applied for how many days, the reason for leave, load arrangement, etc. leave application form they have to submit it to the clerk. The clerk checks their pending leaves and then approve the leave application form or deny them for the further process. There is no security for data.

Project Perspective

The online leave management system application is a web-based system. A leave management system is a process within in college that determines how leave is requested by staff and approved by higher authorities.

System model:

 The structure of the system can be divided into the following parts.

  1. Admin module: Admin/clerk will maintain all the faculty details, employee leave record details, and HOD leave record details in the database. 
  1. Faculty module: in this module faculty will get access to check their leave status. 
  1. HOD module: In this module Head of the department will have permission to look after the data of every faculty member in the department. 
  1. Principal module: Among all the modules principal module is given more permission. He can view information of every department’s faculty information and take action based on reports. 

Admin module:

  1. Home page
  2. Leave applicants page
  3. Deny/approve page
  4. Update module
  5. Login page 

Faculty module:

  1. Leave status
  2. Pending leaves
  3. Leave type
  4. Leave days
  5. Leave reason 

HOD module:

  1. Faculty data
  2. View data
  3. Approve/deny leave
  4. signature 

Principal module:

  1. Access to All faculty data
  2. Approval of leave
  3. View records


Key stakeholders of an online staff leave management system are:

  1. Clerk
  2. Staff
  3. HOD
  4. Principal

Blood Donating System Web Application Project Software Requirement Specification

This is the Software Requirement Specification for Blood Donating System Project and it explains the project overview, project scope, project problem statement, Hardware and Software Requirements, Project Phase wise, review wise development process and Functional Requirements.

Project Overview

A Blood Donating System Web Application can help many people to donate blood those who are in need. So they will have a pure registration, with necessary details and those who are in need of blood will log in and check for the donors’ list based on their locality and contact facility will be given such that both will be in contact and also they shall do the process necessary for blood donation.

Project Scope

In India, due to many accidents in many situations and in different locations. According to the EMRI Survey, in a two-day Conference, it stated that​ “​40% of road accident victims in 2018 died due to excessive loss and due to very less source of contact for donating the blood”.​ So Actually the scope is that, In a very short span, it provides users with many facilities. The main purpose of the Blood Donating System project is to interconnect donors into a single network with receptors. So the proposed Blood Donating Web Application project could ensure the necessity of blood and blood donation by saving the World.

Problem Statement

So many people are losing their lives without having the availability of blood in correct time for example if a person met with an accident and for surgery he needs blood urgently in short period of time and sometimes it is very difficult to get blood in time so to overcome this problem our team decided to develop a website for blood donation.

Phase 1

  • Project Idea
  • Evaluation of Idea in technical Aspect
  • Research of The Idea and Analysis
  • Scope of the Project evaluated

Phase 2

  • Front End
  • Developing Responsive Web Pages in Front End
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Introduction Page
  • Donor Form Fill
  • Signup

Phase 3

  • Donors Details Page
  • Backend Development
  • Access of Donors to contact
  • Technologies used are django, mongos
  • Login/Logout Validation

Development Process

● Register & Log-in Portal
● Blood Donation System
● Donor History after successful login
● Both Donor and Receptor pure validated registration
● Donors are available based on the Receptor Locality
● Easy UI
● Backend without any issue in Domain Specifications
● Login and Logout Creation2. Requirements Specification

Functional Requirements

● HTML, JavaScript, BootStrap (Main Focus on these.)
● Registration
● Login and Logout Portal
● Blood Donation Management
● Donors History
● Donors List based on their Locality
● Pure Backend Establishment using Javascript

Non-Functional Requirements

● Reliability
● Usability
● Maintainability

Academic Project Management System Java & MySQL Project

The design and development of the Academic Project Management system are to provide a complete student academic project submission system. It is an online-based web application where students can submit their final year project works like project code, project reports, review-wise paper presentations, etc through the online system.

In this Academic Project Management project, the main users are Students, Project guides, and Administrators. This application was completely developed with Java & MySQL databases.

Students can download this full project code, report, and PPT and deploy it in your local system to get some knowledge about how to make an Academic Project Management project for their academic project reference purpose.


Academic Project Management is an issue faced by multiple educational institutes in India.

This is due to the absence of an automated system.

College faculty members manually gather all the project reports and inputs from students and store them physically at specific locations.

To overcome this practical problem and to make ease the process, a secure web application must be developed. 


  • To reduce the physical effort of maintaining CDs and documentation.
  • To ensure all necessary documents are submitted on time.
  • To establish transparency between guides and their teams.
  • To allow ease in monitoring and issuing of suggestions.
  • To enable secure login and authentication of students


  • Generally, a non-automated approach is followed.
  • The students are required to form teams that are placed under the guidance of an Internal Guide.
  • The Project Coordinators ensure projects are completed on time and meet all the requirements and regulations.
  • The heads of the Departments provide valuable suggestions and comments.
  • Students require approval from the above-mentioned.
  • The project documents and reports are physically stored


  • Utilizing the web application, the entire flow can be automated so that the students need not submit any soft and hard copies of the project and the college need not maintain all the collected records.
  • All the coordinators and guides can review the process and project, and appraise with approvals or disapprovals through an automated system.
  • They can also provide feedback.
  • The system makes it easier to assess deadlines and submissions.



  • Students can log in and post all the project details and view project details online.
  • Change your own profile details.
  • Encrypted login.
  • Upload project details, documents, and reports.
  • View all project documents.
  • View and update project status.
  • Receive feedback.

Internal Guide:

  • The internal guide can view the project documents, abstracts, reports, results, and codes. They have command of the projects which are allocated to them for monitoring. They can approve/disapprove project inputs.

Project Coordinators: 

  • They are required to ensure all project developers meet deadlines and submit quality projects that have been approved by the internal guides.
  • View project documents, reports, and results.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Approve/disapprove projects or documents.
  • View project progress and status


  • HoD plays a vital role in academic projects posted by students
  • View project details.
  • Approve/disapprove project details.
  • Project feedback.
  • Add College information to display on the dashboard.

Activity Diagram:


  • The Academic Project Management application provides secured login and authentication to the users.
  • Students can upload, modify and view documents.
  • The process of submitting project reports and getting approval has been made easier via the online web application.
  • The coordinators have the ease to provide feedback and guidelines to the students, the progress is also monitored.
  • A chat module can be attached to provide a seamless interaction between students and faculty.
  • A notification system to inform deadlines and announcements can be added.

Movie Ticket Booking / Reservation System Java & MySQL Project Source Code & Report


Web-based Movie Ticket Booking/ Reservation System for cinema halls and multiplex movie theaters which can be accessed over the internet. Presently most movie lovers book their tickets via Paytm or Bookmyshow mobile apps and websites. This web project will automate the reservation of movie tickets and inquiries about the availability of seats. This online java based application includes email confirmation for the movie tickets with seat numbers and movie time. This project was developed using Java & MySQL.

Users of the system

  1. Administrator
  2. Manager
  3. External users

High-Level Requirements

  1. System to allow the administrator to maintain masters such as Cinema Halls, type details like multiplexes or single, number of screens, seating capacity per screen, approximate rates per screen, other facilities at the location and its map, etc to be published.
  2. The cinema halls listed are of different types and offer different types of seats/classes. Information like seating capacity, and rates for different classes. Only 50% of the seats are available for online reservations.
  3. System to allow the admin to upload the details of a number of shows, movies being screened, ticket rates, etc on the site only on registration.
  4. System to allow users to search for cinema halls, movies, and shows based on selection criteria, for 2 weeks in advance.
  5. System to allow users to choose the seats which are available for a selected movie, selected screen, selected show, or selected class. Users can select the mode of transfer of tickets whether through the courier or collection at the counter, and charges for the same are to be added to the total of ticket charges.
  6. Users subscribe for new release information.
  7. System to mail information as per subscription.

System Design Use Case Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Movie Booking Output Screens:

  • User login page
  • User home page
  • Book ticket page
  • Select movie Page:
  • Book Ticket Page
  • Ticket booked Page
  • Payment gateway Page
  • Subscribe to the new movies page
  • User Registration page
  •  Manager Login Page
  • Cinema Hall Registration
  • Movie Timings Page
  • Add a new movie page
  • Admin login page
  • Manager registration page

Home Page

Book Your Show Page:

Download Online Movie Ticket Booking Java & MySQL Project Source Code & Project Report.

Download the complete Desktop application Project code on Online Movie Ticket Booking System.

Online National Polling Project in Java

Introduction to Online National Polling Project:

The project deals with the on line national polling the goal system is a system which enables all citizens to cast their vote online. The system is to increase the voting percentage across the country, in the present day situation the voters used to visit the Booth to vote and those people who live out of their home town they used to send their vote by the post some people will send and some people will not due to their insufficient time and somebody will send but the postman will be late some time, due to this the voting percentage will be less across the country. Through this software those people who live out of their home town will also be able to cast their votes as this system is on line.


The software produced will be an online voting system.

The software will be used by citizens to cast their vote on line.

The main aim of this project is to increase the overall voting percentage. Through this software people get their voter-id card easily and a unique-id number.

Each and every citizens database will be maintained.


HTML: Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language used to design static web pages.

EJB: Enterprise Java Beans.

J2EE: it is a programming platform for developing and running distributed architecture Java applications.

DB2: This is a database management system that delivers a flexible and cost effective database platform to build robust on demand.

WAS: Web sphere application server is an application server that runs business application and supports the J2EE and web service standards.

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a transaction oriented client/server protocol between web browser and a web server.

HTTPS: secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a HTTP over SSL(secure socket layer).


J2EE: Application architecture

DB2: Database

WAS: Web server

Rational: Design tool

 Download Online National Polling Project in Java.

Mobile Phone Based Attendance Tracking System Java Project

Introduction to Mobile Phone Based Attendance Tracking System:

In existing system, the teacher takes the attendance in the attendance book manually and the teacher should maintain the details of the students (present, absent). Using this record the teacher stores the student’s record in each day in attendance list and calculates the students attendance.

Its main aim is to help the teacher in taking the attendance using phone for this it should support the java application. And it is based on J2ME. The teacher will take the attendance in the mobile after saving the presenters and absentees in the mobile the teacher will edit the list of attendance in the mobile and the details will send to the system by using GPRS. And the list will be updated automatically.

The user module purpose is to provide security and it is designed for staff for taking attendance in mobile. the teacher want to enter the user name and password to enter the attendance list to take the attendance.

Attendance Entry Module is to take attendance using mobile phone here teacher take the attendance in the mobile.

The GPRS sends the attendance list to the main server database by connecting the mobile phone to the server through GPRS.

Updating the data base the list of the attendance is to update to the system from the mobile phone .

The WEB application of the CBAS deals with the attendance list by doing this the student can see his attendance in the WEB.

SMS Module  is the advantage of the project the student sends the SMS correctly to the system by  entering his name,  register number, branch, year  correctly he will receives the SMS reply otherwise it doesn’t .

The hardware Requirement of the system is IBM-Compatible PC, the processor is Pentium 4, Memory 256MB Ram hard disk 40GB.

This project requires minimum software requirements platform windows, language speed J2ME, development tool JDK 1.5, database is MYSQL.

 Download Mobile Phone Based Attendance Tracking System Java Project.

SRS Online Airline Ticket Reservation System

The chief objective of the project lies in creating a website that helps the passenger to reserve online air tickets via an efficient and simple GUI. Not only booking tickets but also comparing online fares from a city to another, is made easy for the passenger. 

Intended Audience: 

  • This project mainly aims at the people with a desire to travel by air and an Internet access.
  • Secondly, it targets people equipped with hand-held devices as the site would be made a WAP-enabled. That would allow the site to receive requests from other optional devices such as PDA’s and WAP-enabled browsers.
  • Thirdly, the passengers eager to compare the airfares for their opted source and destination cities are targeted. 

Cool features of our site: 

  1. Dynamic Bandwidth Calculation: By calculating the user’s bandwidth, the user is redirected to Graphical Version or Text-Version, as per his bandwidth.
  2. Sitemap: A sitemap of the whole site is offered for the easy access of the site. It involves all the links of the pages on the basis of the utility of the pages.
  3. Flash Images of Flights: Flight detail images have been created along with flash to highlight the seating arrangement of the flight. It helps the passenger know the seating arrangement, emergency exit doors and toilet particulars prior to entering the flight.
  4. Airport Layouts: The details of the airport layouts beforehand help the passengers in collecting their tickets directly instead of wasting time in searching for the counter.
  5. Points Based System: The regular customers are given concessions on the basis of the points they score by shopping on the site. 

The technologies used for designing the website include Server Technologies like Web server and Database server and Software Technologies like Java Server Pages, Java Beans etc.

Download SRS Online Airline Ticket Reservation System.

Comprehensive Training and Placement Operations Java Project

Comprehensive training and placement operations is an online application for training and placement cell of a college that can be accessed throughout the college and outside the college with a login provided. It is designed using java scripts for client side scripting, java as programming language, oracle as backend. The hardware requirements include a processor Pentium IV with a hard disk of 40GB and RAM of 256MB.

The existing system is a time delaying process. Entire data is maintained in the databases in form of excel sheets. When a person needs a record he has to search all the sheets, it doesn’t provide multi user accessibility and doesn’t have all the user privileges. So the system is not accessible by all the employees of organization.

The proposed system is an online system and it over comes all the difficulties faced in traditional old systems. In this the system allows multidivisional handling that includes various activities, allows administrator to control all the activities hence identifying the roles and accessibility of other users, accurate information can generated in a very little time. It has modules like  

  • Admin users
  • Reports
  • Normal users
  • Members

Admin users: responsible for creating, modifying and deleting a member, training and placement operations, admin can view the training and placement operations list and generate the reports. 

 Reports: all reports can be viewed, printed, exported, faxed or emailed.

Normal users: these have restricted access. They can view placements, search for different trainings, post queries etc.

Members: members can view details about training and placements, can send mails to admin etc.

 Download Comprehensive Training and Placement Operations Java Project .

Java Projects for MCA on Intra Communication Software Project

This world needs commutation, with communication we are not surviving the places, and commutation is major role of every human life. Communication is developed using the talking and sharing the information using the media like mass media or class media. The telephone caller need to talk with one or more persons using the conference should be possible. Conference is nothing but to involve the discussion two or more person at a time and sharing through and view, this concept Intra-communication is developed.

This is nothing but communication between two or more persons with in organisation. Normally lot of big developed company they have communicate between one branches to different branch using the intercommunication. The tools is contains the user. What kind employee designation the y do this divide the list. Every user need must Id and password. To fill the forum name, designation, address, age, unique number of the organisational profile is contain the all the personal details, education information, id number is displayed.

The tool is working with under the administrator. Administration is developed the daily wise reports are generated and stored in hard drives. Every profile interact with the admin and the taking care response of the all the users who are in the organisation, chat room contains the list of the users who are online and offline, list of sub room, telling who place their chatting with each other users.

The address book is contain all the users and checking the statue of the users and which the users are not working. The Report panel is all the details of the chat rooms, who are on the conference, Generating the reports like day, week, month and yearly wise developed.

 This tools is display the user of the organisation visible or invisible mode, tools id developed using the script side programming. User need to log in the system the administration maintain he database .The database contain all information on employee.

Download Java Projects for MCA on Intra Communication Software Project


Java Projects for MCA on Banking System

Banking system is most powerful system in today’s world. This final year cse project deals with banking system. Most of the financial sectors are depends on the banking system. Banking sector is Major role in pay role in users. Because of this a person can save money are use money like shopping. The bank is providing for an account for user by using this he can do the transaction. The bank is mainly to do the transitions in financial sectors from one organisation to different organisation. These things can provides for the users also, like creating accounts, maintain the balances, giving the ATM cards, Debit cards, credit cards and cheque.

While giving this time consuming is less process. The banking system is totally providing the high secured data. They cannot tell the all the information to other they tell only the account holder which is belong to them. The banking system can change in every time when the increasing of the customers, to maintain the good quality of the market they using new technology, new thoughts and new plans .they are provide more comfort ability of the customer requirements like instant cash, door to door delivery, any like of loans like home, student and personal loans. Any bank account numbers are unique and the bank account number doesn’t contain the null values.

While using the banking account customer at most least some amount on account holder. Depending the upon the time period money should be changed. The account holder should maintain the minimum amount on account then with money for account how much want money. A person is maintaining a large amount of money on account then bank can pay the interest for the account holder. Depending upon the transition bank should sanction the loans also. They are lot of time period for changing the banking system. Banks gives the ATM cards and pin number should be unique.

Download Java Projects for MCA on Banking System .