Keypass Password Protection Manager A Java Project

If you are looking for a Security related project then Key passes password protection manager a java project comes under this category which may help you. Password manager project allows users to maintain their passwords in a database. This database is locked using password which will store all the user names and passwords of emails, bank accounts…etc. Key-passes-password-protection-manager-a-java-project

This project explains about password hacking and thefts. We normally face problems in forgetting password or confused with different passwords of different accounts. In order to solve this problem users normally use same password for every account. But this will be dangerous in some cases. This project is designed for solving this problem.

 Key passes password protection manager application is a password manager, which helps user to organize his passwords in a secure way, using this application user can put all his passwords in to single database which is protected with a single master key or a key file.

 Security related project then Key pass password protection manager is developed under windows operating systems using java language and HTML, JSP are used as front end and MS-Access as back  end.

Key pass Password Java Project System Requirements.

Software Requirements:

Operating System                  :        Windows OS (2000 or higher)

Language                      :        Java

Front End                     :        HTML, JSP

Backend                        :        Ms-Access

Web server                             :        Tomcat 

Hardware Requirements (Minimum)

Processor                      :        PIV

Ram                               :        512 Mb

Hard Disk                     :        40 GB Space

Monitor                         :        VGA Color (256)

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  1. pleases send this sample source code to me. I am looking forward to this type of function for my group project. Thank you!

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