A Precise Termination Condition Of The Probabilistic Packet Marking Algorithm

A Precise Termination Condition Of the Probabilistic Packet Marking Algorithm projects is used to detect information of attacked packet when there is distributed denial of service attack. 

In the existing system, Probabilistic packet marketing method is used for detecting packet attacks but it is not efficient in discovering internet map or attack graphs.

In this algorithm, there are no proper termination conditions so attack graphs shown in this algorithm would be wrong.

In this application, we will work on precise termination condition for PPM algorithm and implement a new algorithm called Rectified PPM(RPPM) algorithm.

One of the effective features of this algorithm is when it terminates it will make sure that constructed attack graph is correct.

In order to check the performance of this algorithm, we use simulations and calculate the performance of the system and differentiate differences in result between PPM algorithm and RPPM algorithm. RPPM is definitely a better improvement of PPM algorithm.

download Probabilistic Packet Marking Algorithm Project Report.


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