Students Marks Prediction Using Linear Regression


Education institutions use new technologies to improve the quality of education but most of the applications which are used in colleges are related to service and development there are web applications that are helping students to take online training and tests. There are very few methods that can help teachers to know about student’s performance. Considering this problem machine learning techniques are used to predict students’ marks based on previous marks and predict results. Linear regression models are used to predict student performance and predict the next subject’s marks.

Problem statement:

Education institutions use web applications for training students and checking performance based on marks but there are no specific steps followed for predicting students’ performance and taking measures to improve performance.


Design a machine learning model for the prediction of students’ marks and take measures to improve student performance. The linear regression algorithm is used to train the model and prediction.

Existing system:

Researchers had done work on the automation of grading techniques in which previous marks were used to give grades to students.

Algorithms like association rule mining and apriori algorithms are used for classifying students’ marks.


Existing methods mostly work based on marks obtained from exams.

Algorithms are used for classifying students based on marks. 

Proposed system:

The dataset of other subject marks is taken as input and the data set is processed with labels and features then test split is performed on the dataset and then the machine learning model is applied to the dataset then the prediction is performed.


Before the final marks of all subjects are evaluated prediction can be performed.

Using a machine learning process automation of marks prediction can be done. 


  • Operating system: Windows XP/7/10
  • Coding Language: python  
  • Development environment: anaconda, Jupiter 
  • Dataset: students mark the dataset
  • IDE: Jupiter notebook

COVID-19 Data Analysis And Cases Prediction Using CNN Project


Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) is creating panic all over the world with fast-growing cases. There are various datasets available that provide information on the world affected information. Covid has affected all counties with a large number of cases with a variety of numbers under death, survived, and affected. In this project, we are using a data set that has county-wise details of cases with various combined features and labels.

Covid data analysis and case prediction project provide solutions for data analysis of various counties on various time and data factors and creating models for survival and death cases and prediction cases in the future. Machine learning provides deep learning methods like Convolution neural network which is used for model creation and prediction for the next few months done using this project.  


With the increase of COVID-19 cases all over the world daily predictions and analysis are required for effective control of pandemic all over the world


By collecting data from Kaggle and new York datasets data preprocessing is performed and data analysis is performed on the dataset and a machine learning model is generated for future prediction of cases.


  • The prediction was performed on COVID-19 cases based on different machine learning techniques which are based on an x-ray data set collected from COVID-19 patients.
  • Disease prediction from x-ray images is done using deep-learning techniques.


  • The data set used for predicting disease is different compared to the one we are using for this project.
  • Image processing techniques are used.


Using the data set pre-processing is performed on the collected data set and various steps for the deep learning model are performed and prediction of cases is done then data analysis is done on various factors.


  • Data analysis and prediction are performed on textual data
  • Deep learning models are generated for predicting future cases.
  • Data analysis is performed for various factors.


  • Operating system:  Windows XP/7/10
  • Coding Language:  python
  • Development Kit:  anaconda 
  • Programming language: Python
  • IDE : Anaconda prompt