A Java Project on E-Learning

A-Java-project-on-E-Learning.E-Learning concept is one of the innovative projects which had gained lot of interest in online users. As we see khan academy which is one of the example of e-learning projects which had gained world wide appreciation. So developing e-leaning applications as a final year project with new ideas will be good option for computer science final year students.

E-learning is basically about bringing education to home by using internet as a media. This method is best way for education compare to regular class room study. Using this method quality of education can be improved. As technology usage is improving day by day e-learning field will have lot of scope.

This application is developed in java programming language. This project is developed in three modules admin module teachers module and students module.

Each user should log in to their account and select course he is looking for and there will be sample classes about the subject based on these sample classes students.

In teachers module teachers should submit there details to administrator panel with sample classes and if they like sample lecture he will be appointed as a tutor. Admin module will look after transactions and quality of the site.

23 Replies to “A Java Project on E-Learning”

  1. will this project run on android platform?? I want to develop an e-learning application for android. Can you please guide me?

  2. Please Xtrimum,i’m learning Android and i want to make a project on e-learning for my final year project.Can you guide me

  3. thanks for code Ramesh.
    But how should i run it.it does not have xml file and when i run an individual servlet too it gives error that main method not found.please help me

  4. i dont know how to run .class file.even when i run java files it gives error main method not found.please solve our problem

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