Online Education System MCA Java Project

Project Detail (MCA Final Year)

Project Name: Online Education System MCA Java Project
Duration: 3 Months
Project Members: 4
Role: Developer

Project Description:

The main objective of developing this Online Education System MCA Java Project is to create a web application to help the end users having very limited time to continue their education (due to a part-time job or people belonging to a remote area). 

This CSE Final Year project provides online certification course according to the candidate qualification.


This project was developed in Servlet, JSP,  JDBC to get the request from a user using Servlet and send a response to the user by JSP

Analyzing Functional Specification document, designing and developing Java code using Eclipse IDE, unit testing, executing test cases, deploying and testing.

Download Online Education System MCA Java Project.

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  1. Hi sir,can u send me the full source code of online examination system code in php and mysql.
    Thanks in advance

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