Rough Set Based Grid Computing Service a Java Project


      The computational grid is soon evolving into a service-oriented computer infrastructure that allows resource sharing and has a large scale problem that will solve problems over the Internet. The project “Rough set based grid computing service a Java Project” presents ROSSE which is rough set based engine that is used for grid service based discovery. This is capable of dealing with uncertainties of properties with matching services.Grid-Computing-Service-a-Java-Project

ROSSE unleashes a QOS model to filter matched services with their corresponding QOS values that helps in maximizing user satisfaction in service discovery. This project thus designs a service matchmaking algorithm that can deal with uncertainty of service properties. Results show that the algorithm is more effective than UDDI and OWL-S mechanisms than service matchmaking. 

Rough Grid Service Java Project Description:

       The project Rough set based grid computing service has five modules-authentications, remote configuration retrieval, gathering required data, data matching and data analysis. The grid users can be dynamically organized into virtual organizations with different requirements and their resources commonly shared on the grid. File/data can be easily spanned across systems and have required capacities on the system. This spanning can improves data transfer with the aid of striping techniques.

        Duplication of data can be done throughout the grid which serves as backup and be hosted on machines. Sharing is not limited to files and includes quite a lot of resources such as equipment, software, services, etc. the members of this system could be from real or virtual organizations.


      This project has successfully presents ROSSE which is a search engine which will aid in the discovery of grid services. This system increases the accuracy of service discovery as well as precision of service matching. This system also maximizes user satisfaction in service discovery and dynamically decides the set of services presented to the users which are based on lower and upper approximations of services that are relevant.

download Project Report of CSE Rough Set Based Grid Computing Service a Java Project.

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