Study Point C#.Net Project Report


Study Point is a web project for all programming languages and software, which includes all online web-related activities for learning, as well as answers to questions from students, teachers, and developers.
We use a combination of surveys, focus groups, and personal interviews to reach students, teachers, developers, software developers, human resource managers, development companies, and more. Gather information. After meeting the requirements, we set these goals and objectives for the Port of Study Point website:

  • Get help from NET and JAVA experts and other users
  • To give you the best education, support, and advice.
  • Training schedule for registered users.
  • If you have an internet connection, you can easily find it anywhere in the world.
  • Admin can create an online discussion forum between all registered users and administrators.
  • Provide training materials and course content.


The Current system includes importing data into Microsoft Excel files and printing to storing data. When an administrator needs information about an e-learning student, he or she searches for specific files in the file system. Download the file to learn. Add hints of new technologies and new languages ​​to solve your research questions or applications or problems.


The recommended system is a browser that is fully integrated into the web system that provides the main database. You can submit survey materials, questions, updates, and more online, and you can request answers from your address or email address. You will find information about training materials and new updates on the web.

The online database is stored, which can be downloaded by the administrator. All student, student, and developer information can be saved by entering the information on the web. Only one administrator can access it, which improves security and no one else can access the data.



• Designed in general for user updates, access to training materials, and learning new technologies
• Administrator login
• Detailed information on new technologies and programming languages.
• User questions can also be solved.


The site is easy to maintain and requires minimal operating costs. This site is designed for future reference so that it does not require continuous maintenance. Depending on the terms, the administrator can maintain the site freely as an administrator login.



This module contains the name and logo of the baby planet. There is also a simple menu bar. Dynamic windows in the list of new skills, new teaching materials usually have strong updates. There should also be a “new” icon for newly added data.


This module provides information about the web pages of the Training Center and the GCRG Institutional Group that run the Learning Center.


In this module, we have the function to provide users with different technologies, different programming languages ​​, and troubleshooting.


This module contains pictures of our students, academics, and infrastructure.


This module contains information about the course, Dean, HOD, and Point Research Trainer who oversees the GCRG Institute Group.


This module is intended for students/developers/visitors who want to join the group and get help through the web port. Student/developer/project developers should register online to improve progress in general.
The main case has the following functions:

Name, type, type, current address, mobile number, email ID, job, profile picture, password, confirmation password, captcha number. A unique user ID is sent to the user’s mobile number.


This module is just a username. There are two main things to keep in mind on a contact page: one is static communication information and the other is dynamic form checks.


This page works for logged in users. When you log in, you are using a web function. Join groups, receive support, help other group members, and so on.


There are options in this module that have user services.


This module provides information about new information languages, modern and existing technologies in the community, and the needs of the community where the project can be developed.


This module contains detailed information about the users who visit the web.


For users who want to download the content of the training material. This is a download link for the content of this copy page that will be downloaded.


On this page, users can add files, content, tutorials, and much more. This page contains services.


This module can help students or programmers to solve problems in their field.


This module gives users an understanding of the web, its services, and recommendations.


This module allows the user to change keywords if he forgets or suspects that it has been stolen.


Answer the user, student, student, or developer in this module.


Answer questions from users, students, academics, or developers in this module.


This module discusses the content or learning material in the database for students and users, as well as those concerned with the content level.


This module handles registered Study point users.


In this module, the administrator manages the shared file data in the database, and if necessary or not to ensure that the data is shared by the user, it will be deleted in the database.


This module includes updates on new languages, technologies in the community, and current community needs.


The end result of the project is the creation of a web application that allows students and developers to access the web pages, where they can promote projects and applications in multiple ways and build a developer team. Groups are social units of different sizes that share values, opinions, numbers, and questions. 
This is not just a web portal, it is a direct product of the Vocational Education Council. We will add many more services later.

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Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool .Net Project

The Course Finder system is supported by students who enter high school. The purpose of the Course Finder software is first and foremost Internet users. This section discusses different courses and materials. The main purpose of this system is to search for secrets. An e-mail was opened at the university to participate in the new course.

They have many advantages such as school teaching, college photography, state-of-the-art exhibitions at the bar according to your classroom rain, course.

Generally, students will rely on candidates already studying at university to understand university details, but by using this software, they can easily understand the current status of university researchers. It is a tool for student purposes on the web. The student can search for university information, fees, academic records.

Purpose of the Project: –

The purpose of the “Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool” project is to facilitate the search for online universities by means of a package called the Course Study System.

The system has a registration module for students to forget their passwords, and at the same time, a new user enters the place where new students want to register and also an alternative to a forgotten password. A successful student can participate in a college search.

As modern organizations grow increasingly complex and computing works according to leaders, it becomes important for the coordination of individuals, groups, and computers in the modern organization.

Through this college search, students can find universities that can be adapted to their subject type and at the same time reduce search time.

Big cities where life is within a few minutes have to announce things. In this way, this online archived information helps students complete their search in a limited time.

Furthermore, students can go directly to the university directly from this site. At the same time, they can make the university of their choice.

Existing system

The current system is an intervention where students have to search for papers on campus and go to college to obtain university information.

The following is the usability of the current system.

  • It is difficult to find out about a college degree on a relevant course that is being sought by a student who is new to college.
  • More manual hours are required and reports are required.
  • It is easy to know important information about the environment and the found objects.
  • The signs of a college renovation are hard to maintain. 

The default system

Course attendees and course management systems are an application that delivers more than the accreditation hours to enable universities to successfully understand the relevant course. These applications collect data in a centralized way that is accessible to all users at the same time. It is very easy to manage historical data in a database. There is no specific training for users to use the application. They can easily use a device that reduces interference to normal elements and thus improves performance.

The purpose of the system

Course attendance systems are assisted by middle school students and higher education students who are new to the school. The purpose of the search engine software is first and foremost Internet users. The purpose of the course and attendance management is to give users of the information system the best information when it comes to looking for universities for the best results.

Download the attached Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool .Net Project full source code, project report, PPT

Course Finder And Allocation Management Tool .Net Project

Online Fee Challan Generation Project Synopsis


The project is a web-based application where the user can generate Challan to pay the fee. The system automates the conventional process of generating Challan by visiting the college website. The system would be having two logins: Admin and User Login. Admin can view student details and can even add or update things in their account.


  • Admin login
  • Student/user login
  • Student details
  • The Fee details
  • Dues

Software Requirements:

  • Windows XP,Windows 10
  • Sql 2012
  • Visual studio 2017


  • This software is user friendly you will automatically feel the difference in managing the fee challan things on the implementation of software
  • It perfectly manages the fees by creating the student profile with demographic information, contact details and parent information
  • Using this software is completely safe
  • It also offers quick payment 


  • User must have a reliable internet connection

Online Laundry Management System Project Synopsis

Online Laundry System is an Integrated System of Laundries functional work, organize and maintain the Data necessary for operations.

This Online Laundry System provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for Admin, Web Admin, Accountant of Laundry.

Online Laundry System has modules to manage Customer Invoices for Pisces, weight, Package, Delivery of Pisces, weight, Package wise, and Barcode Generations many more. It has a fully-fledged Human Resource module to manage the payroll and pay slips.

  • Front End: ASP.NET, C#, Entity Framework
  • Back End: SQL Server 2017

The modules included in the Online Landry System are as follows:

  • Customer Registration: This Module Created and Registered new Customer in an application with their necessary and Basic information. Admin has Rights to create, Edit View and Delete all customer information. Search Customer also included in this.
  • Invoice Generation: After Registered customer, Admin can create Invoice for Customers.

Customer Have three option-1) He/She can choose Pisces wise Invoice-He/She can give a Clothes by Pisces wise.

2) He can choose Weight wise Invoice.-He/She can a bunch of cloth weight wise.

#) He can choose Package wise Invoice.-He/She can select a package for a month, in that no of Pisces are fixed.

In one screen admin can able to create an invoice and also he can see a last all invoices for a particular customer.

Bar Code Generation: Admin can generate a Bar Code for all selected items for a particular invoice for a customer. After generation, he can able to print barcode on label printer and tag on clothes.

Delivery: Admin can Deliver cloths depend on their status-(Ready, Pending, Delivered), Different Color show Different status, He can also take Remaining payment from and generate an invoice for taking payment.

Reports: Different Report are a presence in a system like

  1. Customer List,
  2. Due Payment,
  3. Daily Collection,
  4. Garment-wise Collection,
  5. Cash Book,
  6. Customer Total Business etc.
  • Dash Board– User-Friendly Dashboard available. Graphical Representation is also available. which shows
  1. Total Business
  2. Financial Collection.
  • SMS Integration –This system also includes SMS sending on all action and transaction performed for a customer like a Customer Registration, Invoice generation, Payment given etc.

Online Medicine Donation System Portal ASP.Net Project


The aim and objective of this medicine donator project are to prepare a portal for the collection of unused medicine for further utilization by a needy person. The website must be like user can donate the unused medicine to NGO.
That NGO can help needy people. The user can donate the medicine.
It’s can be claimed by NGO.  They can collect from a particular place. There must be a login for the user, ngo, admin. Admin can see all details of user donated medicine. There must be a form like registration of the new user.
Medicine donate form. It’s must be tracked in the SQL Server database.

Project Description:

The Project is about the collection of medicine which is unused by the patient who recovers completely and medicine becomes waste that medicine can be collected and used further.


  • Membership and Registration:- To register and get membership donation of medicine.
  • NGO Details:- Different NGO’s can connect with portal and donate Medicine.
  • Donator’s details:- To Keep Donators details.
  • Help Desk:- To solves query of people.
  • Complaint and Suggestion:- Forgiving views and suggestion and also complaints if any.
  • Invoice:-Generate an invoice to give a record of their donated medicine.
  • Record Management:- To maintain the entire record properly about donators and their donation.
  • Collection of medicine:-Collection of medicine through courier.


  • Easy to Access
  • User-friendly
  • Reliable and coordinative
  • Easy to handle

Tools and Language:-

  • Frontend: ASP.NET
  • Back End: SQL Management System
Requirements Requirements description
Registration for a new user The user firstly needs to register with the website.
Sign in for an existing user The existing user can sign in directly to the website.
Donation of medicine The user can donate any kind of medicine.
 Selection of  NGO The user can select the NGO.
Advance notification to the user The user will get a prior notification once the collection team will reach at the user end.
Notification through email The user will get a notification once the medicine is delivered.
Feedback form The user can fill up the feedback form.