Project Management System Vb.Net Project

Project management system project is implemented in platform.

This project explains about implementing a software application for organizations to manage planning guidelines, implementing the project, and managing employee resource system and planning clients dealings.

In every software organization, there are different departments managed by many professionals. Using this application all departments can be managed in a single application.


We are proposing an automated system where we can overcome all the disadvantages of academic project management and come up with a new system that works effectively and efficiently.

In our application student can log in and can upload/enter all his details regarding project such as project abstract, White papers, SRS, PPTs, Sources et. All these details are maintained in the database.

HOD or the head of the projects can directly see all projects in grid-view control We provide role-based authentication in this project for high-level security. The user can view all the documents online. The program is easy to use, and it’s well suited for any organization that needs to keep track of academic project details.

Purpose of the Project:

Academic Project management is a major issue which is faced by many educational institutes in India, the main reason for this is there is no automated system followed in any institute

project management system project source code.


  • Admin Module:
  • Login:
  • HomePage:
  • Add Stream:
  • Add Academic Year:
  • Add Document Category:
  • Add Year Sem:
  • Add Department:
  • Add Sub Department:
  • Add New Employee:
  • View Employee Credentials:
  • Upload Student Details:
  • Login Page for HOD, Project Incharge, Internal Guide and Student:
  • Upload Batches by Project Incharge:
  • Upload abstract by Student:
  • HOD homepage: Abstracts waiting for approval
  • View the abstract by HOD: can accept or reject the project by viewing abstract
  • Project Incharge HomePage: abstract approved by HOD and waiting for approval by Project Incharge
  • View the abstract by Project Incharge and can accept or reject the project. He can also download the abstract:
  • Assign batches to Internal Guide by Project Incharge:
  • Internal Guide HomePage:
  • Give Feedback on the document by Internal Guide:
  • Upload documents by Student: After the project is approved by Hod, Project in charge
  • View My Docs by Student:
  • View my projects by Internal Guide:

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