Data Recovery Using Trap Architecture a Java Project

Data Recovery Using Trap Architecture project explains about a new methodology for recovering data any point of time with 100% accuracy. This project covers details of TRAP system, existing system, proposed system and hardware and software requirements.

Data loss problems mainly occur when disk is affected with power problem, virus attack or software defects. Using TRAP architecture it will be easy to retrieve lost data even disk is effected with above mentioned problems. Time recovery at any point of time is called as TRAP. In this system data is spitted in to small blocks and stores data in different parts of drives in the form of arrays. TRAP uses time sequence and XROS history to recovery damaged data at any point of time.

In existing system it is not possible to recover damaged data from one or two disks. Even if data is recovered 50 to 70% data is lost. Data recovery is not fast.

For implementing this project java is used as front end and sql server is used as back end.

download Data Recovery Using Trap Architecture a Java Project.

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