Network Load Manager a Java Project

Network Load Balancing system report is a java project which explains about the entire process of implementation, coding and development which can be downloaded from this site for a free of cost. This project is for computer science final year students who are interested in developing java based network related project.

There are few projects like Network sniffer which is developed using VB.Net which can be useful, you can download project report,code and paper presentation of this project.


In a software environment we come across different scenarios like handling load of the network which is one of the important parts in any software company so this application mainly deals with this problem, by implementing web farms which include multiple machines on a single network working as a single server. Using this single server method admin can handle server in a better way compare to handling multiple servers.

Companies may not be interested in buying high level machines for maintaining load balancing because of the cost of server’s .Load balancing application can provide solution in that case by handling overload with cheaper mid-level machines.

Load balancing is implemented by considering few new features like pie pool which is helpful in scalability compare to existing sharing systems. Basic functionality of pie pool feature is to share load of primary system by secondary system when primary system is down.

With this feature there is no chance of disturbance in the work and failure of servers. This feature can be possible by implementing interaction mechanism between each server. When primary server is down it will inform to secondary server to handle the load.

System Specifications for implementing Network Load Manger java project.

Software Requirements.

The application is developed by using J2EE, XML, JavaSwing, Apache TomCat 15.0 web browser,RMI-IIOP, SQLServer2000 database and is well functioned under any [ operating system.

Hardware Requirements.

Pentium 4.28GHz

256 MB RAM

40 or 80 GB hard disk

Standard 101 Keyboard

Standard 2 button mouse

Backup: CD ROM/Hard Disk/Zip…

Network Connections

Cat5 cables, RJ45 connectors, Hub or Switch.

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  1. pls snd me the project on network load balancing management system in java or advance java or in any language.

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