CAN IP Core – Digital Design and Realisation


In today’s world, the communication in a system is computerised in order to reduce the Manufacturing cost and for more reliability. The CAN protocol is the standard for high speed, mission critical, real time control networks in many networks. The CAN protocol is reliable, cheap and last a long time. This project explains the way of designing a CAN module, using the top-down methodology for creation of synthesisable HDL (VHDL) description of the protocol functionality. The project design is simulated and synthesized to get a gate-level net list.

CAN characteristics 

  • Multiple masters
  • Priority –based transmissions: on message ID by node hardware
  • All messages are received by all nodes; ID is the priority
  • Message filtering: nodes filter messages using Ids before use
  • 11-or 29 bit message ID
  • Fixes message forms: variable length, to 8 bytes of data
  • Built in error detection and recovery
  • Guaranteed latency for high priority messages
  • High reliability: CRC, message frame check, transmission monitoring
  • Bit transmissions to 1Mbps
  • Accommodates 100m between nodes (40m at 1Mbps) (M360 CANbus M-module)

Block Diagram of CAN IP Core

 Block Diagram of CAN IP Core

Network Security Protocol with Cryptography and RFID System ECE Project

Seamless communication is general and broadly used method under the communication area. Within this area, the modern method introduced is known as RFID technique where object includes RFID labels present on them and allowed under radio frequency area.

Cryptography technique includes both methods encryption and decryption. It is broadly utilized under safety of network system. This is even the old concept to encode the real messages for communication. The RFID concept currently has obtained great concentration within many areas such as in database maintenances, the library organization method, company, media, and also in network safety.

Under the Radio frequency identification (RFID), the entity is applied which is defined like the RFID tag and combined with animal, product, or human being to recognition and to find out the radio frequencies.

 Wireless communication is well known concept of interchanging data. Network is the collection of system or objects that are communicated over the communication platform through wire or wireless communication and it is known as networking. Data confidentiality, Data integrity, Security, Data identification, and Authorized access are described in this project.

Cryptology is an old method to conceal the data for information security. Cryptography is the part of cryptology which confirms the secrecy and authorization of data and hence information is saved from unauthenticated users.


This Network Security Protocol with Cryptography and RFID System ECE Project describes the brief orientation of the ancient and important concept used for network security which is nothing but cryptography. The cryptographic method is broadly used within network security and yet we face the problem of hacking and unauthenticated access.

Download Network Security Protocol with Cryptography and RFID System ECE Project

Can Protocol Based Data Acquisition System Abstract

Can Protocol Based Data Acquisition System projects main idea is to control temperature variations in industrial process.  LM35 sensors are used as temperature sensors in this application.

This data is transfer with CAN controller to the master node and in the master node the values are detected and then it goes for the accurate value of the gas. This first check with the node addresses and if the address is matched then the actual location of the plant is identified by the master controller which are already fed in the controller. Thus identifies the location and then gives a accurate location without having any mismatch with a the other location values. This is in a continuous process and this will monitor the unit all the time and it even save the controller time in deducting the time of and power of the controller process. 

Hardware components

  • At mega 16
  • CAN Controller MCP2515
  • CAN trans Receiver MCP2551
  • Temperature Sensor
  • LCD 

Skill set:

  • Functionality of all above components
  • Embedded C programming
  • Can bus protocol