Dynamic Search Algorithm for Intelligent Message Routing

The dynamic search algorithm for the intelligent message routing project explains implementing a new algorithm that can route messages accurately by performing search queries at the node level. This paper covers an introduction to the problem in the present network and an analysis of the new algorithm, existing system details, and proposed system features with hardware and software requirements.

At present peer to peer network node is used to route messages but they do not hold any global information like information about other nodes searching features they don’t work intelligently. The existing peer-to-peer system is an unstructured network that doesn’t hold global information for routing messages accurately. Flooding and RW are two searching algorithms used which perform blindly by sending messages to different nodes without any accurate query.

This proposed system works on a Dynamic search algorithm that works on a knowledge-based search mechanism. This mechanism will increase search performance and it works 25 times faster than flooding and RW algorithm in power law graphs and 125 times faster in bimodal topology.

download Dynamic Search Algorithm For Intelligent Message Routing project report.

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