Medicate Search Java Project Report,Paper Presentation and Code

Medicate search java projects main idea is to develop a application which can be easily operatable by users who are poor in computer and Medical knowledge can also search for medical information and users can communicate between different medical hubs for requesting medical help.


Medicate-Search-Java-Project As there are different medical branches which provide medical services like Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy. Based on the users interest they can search for medical information and communicate with doctors for further help. Doctors can register with the system and share there information in the forum which will be visible to users.

    • It is web based application.
    • Users are free to search.
    • Doctors are Primary Stakeholders.
    • Feedback facility.
    • Registration/Login facility.
    • Open community like module is available 



Presently there is no such system where people can find the information related to any medicine or medical related information and there is no such platform that provide all kinds of treatment at one base. 
The objective of this project is to develop a system which is useful in the above mentioned emergency situations effectively. This project involves the detailed study of the symptoms of the disease and its severity. This is not merely based on the theoretical knowledge of medicine but is performed under the esteem supervision of highly experience doctors from all the fields of medicine.

This includes the symptoms,  videos and also video chat between the doctor and the patients which help in diagnosing the disease.

This is mainly intended to provide first-aid for the persons before they could be taken to the doctor and also helps a lot during the natural calamities where its very difficult to provide direct medical assistance to the affected people.

This includes the names of the medicines for cure of common diseases.   The proposed system provides various means through which lot of information related to medical can be retrieved. This system not only benefits general public but also to medical professionals.

download Project Report,Code and  paper presentation  of  CSE Medicate search java projects . 

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