Lease Management System SalesForce Project


This application applicable for Multi Store bulding management those who wants to lease out units in their buildings to different Tenants. The main aim of developing this Lease Management System SalesForce Project is to  manage their business using Salesforce software.

Software Requirements:

1. Add Building

  • Create a VF page with following sections:
    i. Add Building
    ii. Add Flats
  • Management or Owner should be able to add Buildings and their Flats in the System.
  • Add Building Section will allow users to enter information regarding the building e.g. Building Name, Address, etc.
  • Add Flat Section allows to add Multiple Flats in a Building.

2. Create Lease Contract

  • Coordinator will add Tenants to the System.
  • Coordinator will create a Contract for Tenant for a vacant Flat.
  • After Contract is created, Coordinator will Submit it for approval. First Level approval will be Submitter’s Manager.
  • Once Contract is approved, email notification should be sent to the Tenant with Contract Details and Mark building’s Flat as occupied.

3. Search Contracts

  • VF page providing search functionality for following:
    i. Searching Contract’s by Tenant
    ii. Searching Contract’s by Building

4. Reports and Dashboards

  • Reports
    i. Total Flats per Building
    ii. Total Vacant Flats per Building
    iii. Total Revenue Generated by Each Tenant per Building per Flat.
  • Dashboard
    Create a dashboard which shows following information:
    i. Total Flats per Building
    ii. Total Vacant Flats per Building
    iii. Total Occupied Flats per Building
    iv. Total Revenue Generated by Each Tenant per Building per Flat.

5. Users of the System

System will be used by 2 types of user.

  • Management or owner
    i. Management or owner will add buildings and units.
    ii. There will be only one Admin in the System.
    iii. Owner will approve the Contracts.
  • Coordinator
    i. Coordinator will add Tenants information.
    ii. Coordinator will search for vacant units.
    iii. Coordinator will create Contracts and Submit it for approval.

Mileage Application Salesforce project


This is an attempt to create a project “Mileage application ” through which will show all the working of mileage calculation will be automated. This project can make the date of mileage report easier and faster.

Scope :

Without calculation of the mileage we do not know how much we have traveled and the date of traveling, everything can be stored in this application.


The main aim of this project is to design the application using Cloud computing applications branch out well beyond CRM. customers are building more apps, and building better apps.

Features of our Project:

1)Our Mileage application Salesforce project is more user friendly and can be used easily for maintains the stock details.
2)Our project keeps track of all the elements of a particular mileage details, date of traveling, contacts and so on.

Existing System:

In the existing systems we need to maintain the data base for that we need to buy the space offered by the companies.

Proposed Systems:

In the proposed system design the application using Cloud computing applications branch out well beyond CRM.

Overall Description:

• By using our tool you can develop the apps without any software installation in your pc’s. You can develop the applications with less price .
• By using this tool one person can do the work of 5 persons. Easy to use, automated update policy, pay per use, flexible scaling of resources.
• Any time any where access to IT resources.

Modules Description:


Admin will take care of the data and back up of the data and maintains the data.

Vendor :

Vendor can use the application through Internet and he can maintain the merchandise item, such as its name, description, price, and so on.


 By using this application you can reduce the paper work. You can maintain mileage record, contacts, daily mileage .


The following websites were referred during the analysis and execution phase of the project.

Salesforce Test Project

Project Title: Salesforce Test Project

Project Description:  This SalesForce project folder contains instructions folder for how to run, reference documents, document translation, Some example CV’s and resumes for translation, Some of the translated files, source code folder, analyze the document, and more. 

The main objective of this project is to provide sample salesforce project to salesforce freshers.

Salesforce Test Project Source code, Documentation, Abstract, Paper Presentation ppt, Database File, Screen Shots.