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List of latest seminar topics electronics and telecommunication: 

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  1. Mobile Based LAN Monitoring Project
  2. Modeling a Grid Based Problem Solving Environment for mobile devices Project
  3. Mobile Phone Power Management System Project
  4. Location Management in Mobile Computing Systems
  6. Mobile banking GPRS Telecom Project
  7. SMS Gateway a GSM Telecom Project
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Final Year Projects For Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering

List of final year projects for electronics and telecommunication engineering: 

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  1. Electronic Circuit Breaker Electronics Project ideas
  2. Final Projects Economic load dispatch (ELD) ECE
  3. Engineering Electronic Projects on Echo Cancellation System
  4. Electronics Project on ACTIVE KIOSK WITH SPEECH
  5. Microcontroller Based Turbidity Meter Final Year Elctronics project report
  7. AT89C51 Development Kit ECE Final Year Project Download
  8. Area Efficient Cryptography Processors for Smart Cards Engineering Final Project
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Mobile Based LAN Monitoring Project

Mobile Based LAN Monitoring projects main aim is to implement a wireless application through which entire LAN network can be monitored with a simple wireless handheld network which works from anywhere irrespective of distance. Say, you have a LAN setup at your office. 

Sitting at home you want to learn the LAN status.

Administrator can send the Control Commands like Start process, Kill process from his/her Cell Phone to Control the entire LAN and receive all the notifications from LAN.

Features Controlled From Cell Phone:-

  •  Process List: Get the list of all the processes running on the remote machine.
  • Activate Process: Activate different processes in either the server machine or any of the client’s.
  • Kill Process: Kill the desired processes on either the server or clients.
  • Read: You can read the drives, folders, files of any of the client machines/ the server machine from the cell.
  • Open-File: A small text file residing in any of the client or the server machine can be opened on your cell phone.
  • Shut Down the client machines from mobile
  • Role Performed:- Analyst, Programmer, Tester

Modeling a Grid Based Problem Solving Environment for Mobile Devices Project

Modeling a Grid-Based Problem Solving Environment for mobile devices projects the main idea is to provide a solution for improving performance in mobile devices. 

Grid computing is one of the fatly growing technologies for improving the performance of servers by interconnecting using the wired network for sharing of distributed resources.

Sharing include process speed, power distribution between different connected resources.

By placing all the devices in the grid the performance, frequency and signal strength of each device can be calculated. 

The main system acts as the server and the next system acts as the second server, all the other mobile devices are the subordinate system.

At present grid computing is most important for wireless devices where there is scope of improving performance of the system. 

One of the two major issues in mobile devices are network instability and nature of transmission medium.

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Mobile Phone Power Management System Project

The fastest development of the cell phone company has outcome under millions of costumers of battery powered and handheld cell phones. Several costumers of these mobile phones would result telephones to be switch off since they should create an outgoing call and hence protecting the energy of the battery for weeks or days.

 Modern trends reduced in size considerably during the incorporation of many qualities and operations which need much battery energy. The outcome of this technological progress is the internal battery of the phone of net total physical volume of the phone and result for the great of net weight of the unit. The wish for lengthy functional time periods among battery recharge has enhanced.

When the gadgets find the incoming call then the gadget sends the signals to turn on the power of the battery to the microprocessor of the cell phone. It even sends the saved registration data to the microprocessor and hence permitting the phone to quickly make the dormant to active and to reply incoming call. This concept permits the phone to contend productively for weeks without the requirement of recharging of battery.

 Elements of mode of subsystem of power function to manage the less power and dormant functional mode of the cell phone. They are radio frequency (RF) to get RF signals. The mobile identification number (MIN) detector linked to result of RF receiver and the idle power is functional to switch. The memory saves registration data of telephone. The baseband converter changing from MIN detector of analog RF signals to digital signals. The battery power circuit functions the switch of the mobile telephone. The basic control circuit sends the signal to battery circuit.


The power organization of mobile telephone of concept and methods is revealed which positions the phone within the idle, dormant, or mode. Under this dormant, the power of the battery is merely supplied to the gadget including mobile phone which functions incoming signals of radio frequency (RF).

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