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Alumni Management Portal for Educational Institutions PHP Project

This Alumni Management Portal project aims to develop a platform for the Educational Institutions to maintain communication between faculty, alumni, and students. The main objective of this PHP & MySQL […]

Blood Donating System Web Application Project Software Requirement Specification

This is the Software Requirement Specification for Blood Donating System Project and it explains the project overview, project scope, project problem statement, Hardware and Software Requirements, Project Phase wise, review […]

Farm Assist – An Android Application for Farmers Assistance Project

Introduction: Farm Assist (The farmers assistant project) is an android mobile application that is used to get the details about the crop price, and crop insurance details as insisted by […]

Patient Medicine and Appointment Tracking System Java Project

Patient Medicine and Appointment Tracking System is a web application that provides an interface through which Admin, Patient, Doctor, Receptionist can register to the portal. The Java, HTML, Bootstrap. Angular, SpringBoot, and MySQL application will be used as Medicine and appointment tracking system.

Student Database Management System Bootstrap Project

The Student Database Management System project DBMS uses technologies like MySQL, WAMP, and PHP for storing and accessing the database also HTML, CSS/and BOOTSTRAP to maintain the GUI of the project. The Student project DBMS mapped the various real-life entities of the institution like departments, teachers, and students and gave us a model through which we can efficiently store, manipulate and retrieve our data.

Online Restaurant Food Ordering & Management System Python Project

Online Restaurant Food Ordering & Management System works as a restaurant hub where people can browse and order food online easily. This project developed with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Angular JS, JQuery, Google Maps API, Backend using Django Web Framework, Database using Postgresql

Design & Development of Tender Management System Project

The Tender Management System was developed to enable the vendors to get all the tender details online and provide a facility to submit the tender. This Tender Management System project was developed & designed with Java & MySQL Database.

Human Resource Management System PHP & MySQL Web Application Project

The HR Management System is a simple academic web-based mini-project created with PHP & MySQL databases. The primary goal of this Human Resource Management System PHP project is to build a web application that helps the organization manages its human resources.

College Sports Resource Booking Android and Web Application

The main aim of this College Sports Resource Booking Android cum Web Application project is to book sports material on the college premises. This Project is a combination of both an Android app and a Web application, where the android app is developed by Java and XML, the web application is developed by using Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Django technologies.