Telecom billing management system mainframe Project

Project Name: Telecom Billing Management System.

  1. Environment & Tools: COBOL, CICS, JCL, DB2 (Database).

Project summary :

                  A Telecom billing management system mainframe Project to take care of basic operations like account & order management ,usage ratings, invoicing & discounting ,formatting &billing and service desk.

  • The system provides bills for different like retails & commercial, Toll free bolls in different formats and with detailed summaries.

 Developer Responsibilities :

  • Contribution for all the phases of the software development i.e.
  • Documentation, Coding & testing for my module.
  • Conversion of part of code & testing.
  • Debugging the issues and finding their permanent solution.

Insurance management System Mainframe Project

Project Name: Insurance management System Mainframe Application

Environment &Languages: COBOL, JCL, PL/I

Software Tools:   Databases – IMSDB, DB2 & VSAM

Development Tools:- Easytrieve, File-Aid, Endeavour, CA7, Expediter

Project SummaryTo introduce a project Insurance management System Mainframe Project in the existing system by changing the part of the system to accept the new product from the database and differentiate from the existing products, and making all the modules like billing, reports, accounting, and commissions etc changes to make the new product into effective. 

Developer Responsibilities

  •  Analyzing the requirements for the project
  • Preparing the HLD(High-level design), DTLD(Detail design) & estimates
  • Preparing the UTP’S
  • Developing the code, changes in the jcl’s & proc’s
  • Test run the code by preparing test run jcl’s
  • Preparing the unit test cases

Project Name: Auto Insurance System

Tools: ISPF, TSO, File-Aid, Changeman.

Software:     Cobol,JCL, DB2,VSAM,CICS           

Description: Auto Insurance is a type of General (Non-life) Insurance scheme, which covers the theft, peril, damage, etc to motor vehicles. This insurance is a mandatory one, which comes under Motor Vehicles Act and using the vehicle in public places without a valid insurance policy affected on it, tantamount to the legal offense and the owner may be fined for the same. All Auto Insurance policies are for 1 year only. The major types of policies covered under this insurance.

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Multiple Screens are designed using BMS OF CICS.
  • Design and Development.
  • Querying on DB2 tables.
  • Preparing Unit Test Cases.

Sample Mainframe Project Abstract


Tools                       :     ENDEAVOR 

This is the Sample Mainframe Project Abstract submitted to users. The major functionality is to develop screens in cics for online transactions by analyzing the coolgen code. These screens are part of application security menu, usually they will perform different operations Checking user authorization, secured area authorization etc.


  • Studying the FS to understand the requirement and analyze the impact analysis within and outside the system
  • Creating the TS according to the assigned FS
  • Create the code according to the TS
  • Self review and peer review of the TS and codes
  • Creating the UTP and test scripts for the corresponding codes
  • Involved in Regression testing, volume testing, and system testing when required
  • Monitoring the performance of the existing system and enhanced systems and also took actions for improvement in performance.
  • Identifying the root cause for all the production problems and post implementation problems and correcting them.

Educational Loan Processing System Mainframe Project



Project Title: Educational Loan Processing System Mainframe Project

Educational Loan Processing System Mainframe Project provides loans for educational purpose. The ELPS IT systems have various applications which will serve end to end loan process. The various loan process applications include Diploma, Appworks, CLASS, BI, and web based applications. Diploma is a highly customized version of the advanced customer lending system (ACLS) developed by American management systems, which provides loan accounting and maintance capabilities. This Is an IBM mainframe-based system that allows for the following operations.

  • Online real-time updates
  • Batch processing


  • Required to coordinate all the team activities like, checking the work assignments to the team members, scheduling meeting with the onsite and offshore team members.
  • Working out to meet all the access requirements of the team members at different locations to be done in time without deviating from the schedules.
  • Interacting with the onsite team/ clients.
  • Checking and studying the feasibility of the given user requirement.
  • Impact analysis within and outside the system.
  • Distributing the objects to the team members, depending on the expertise levels of each employee and Making sure that, all the objects are done with the best efforts and with the best results.
  • Creating the design documents (high/low) and getting it approved from the client.
  • Development of the objects, following all the coding standards.
  • Involved in Regression testing, unit testing, integration testing, and system testing of the developed objects.
  • Delivering the source code to the production box.
  • Supporting the implementation of software in to production environment.
  • Monitoring the performance of the existing system and enhanced systems and also taking actions for improvement in performance will be taken.
  • Identifying the root cause for all the production problems and post implementation problems.
  • Taking care of quality assurance activities for all deliverables as per iqms procedure of TCS, So that developed software meets the standards & guidelines as well as meets the requirements Specified by users. 

Banking Production Support Mainframe Sample Project

Project Name:  Banking Production Support Mainframe Sample Project

Software Technology: COBOL, Easytrieve, Teradata


The Production support project encompasses all activities related to production support, maintenance and Performance enhancement carried out by the Developer team along with their end to end functionality.

Various day to day activities like solving production problems, handling helpdesk tickets, maintaining and improving the performance of existing production jobs, helping other teams sharing the Teradata and Mainframe platform to prioritize their jobs up on an approved request during end of month processing are the major activities handled. The various Business areas involved are Channels, Deposits, House holding, Loans, E-commerce, Production hierarchy, Business Demographics.


  • Resolving the Abends encountered during batch processing and making the application to meet SLA.
  • Handling Production support basis.
  • SLA Tracking & Generating status reports of all the applications.
  • Making Permanent fixes for repeated Abends.
  • Monitoring Production box.
  • Making corrective action enhancements to improve the Performance of production system.
  • Generating various reports, viz. system performance reports, EOM logs etc.

Bajaj Allianz Personalized Automated Life & Liability Management System Mainframe Project

Software Environment: COBOL, JCL, VSAM (Database), CICS, Z/os

Tools Used:  Easytrieve, SAS, File Aid, Endeavour, CA&, Z/OS

Project Scope: 

  • System is a comprehensive software package designed to meet the Needs of life and health insurance companies that manages the Working of Bajaj Allianz Personalized Automated Life & Liability Management System.
  • PALLM    consists of a number of programs with the facility to store, Manipulate, retrieve and assimilate information for the major components in Life & Insurance sector being;  Actuarial, Marketing, New Business, Fulfilment, Billing, Accounting & Commissions, Claims, Strategic Alliance, Agent Licensing, Sprinter.

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Fixing system defects
  • Conversion of parts of coding &testing
  • Working on minor enhancement and major enhancement which will be treated as  developments placed by the clients.
  • Response to inquiry, Monitor the batch,. Support production run, fix or solve application bugs and develop fixes for run times issues due to data errors.
  • Meeting the SLAs for PALLM like span, first time right & bug fixes to time resolution

Reliance Health Insurance Company Claim Processing System Mainframe Project for Fresher’s

Software Technology: IBM OS/300, COBOL, JCL, VSAM, DB2, IMS DB, Clist, ENDEVOR, Expeditor.

Project Scope: Reliance is one of the leading Health Insurance Companies in India. It has its presence across India. The Reliance consolidated east systems is integration of Health Care business system, which constitutes of various subsystem like enrolment and billing, claims, provider, benefits, etc…

The claim system at Reliance east perform claims intake, validations, filtering, adjudication and output reporting from CT/ME/NH.

• Designed detail design and prepared program specification document.
• Created necessary status reports templates and other status tracking matrices.
• Involved in technical reviews. Involved in change control meetings.
• Involved in preparation of COBOL standards Document, which will explain all necessary code changes, JCL changes and PROC changes.
• Involved in preparation of JCL documentations to set up in System test Environment.
• Preparation of Unit Test Plan specification and preparation of Unit test data according to changes.
• Involved in Unit Testing and System testing, Moment of Code from Development to Model office region in Endeavor.
• Worked with System Operations team to take care of different compiler versions available to compile different types of programs (Batch, On-Line, IMS, DB2) in endeavor in Test & production stages.
• Maintaining and Updating project related folders, documents ( high level documents, test cases, test plans, UAT plans, Issue log, technical issue log, approved business requirements etc).
• Involved in preparation of investigation and impact analysis report.

Vehicle Manufacturing Mainframe Project for Fresher’s


Project Scope: Vehicle Manufacturing Corporation is a leading global supplier of automotive system, modules and components to global vehicle manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket, and provider of architectural glass. One of the largest automotive supplier’s in the world and Studied and understood different functions in the systems.

  • Involved in resolving the tickets raised by the user based on the priority.
  • Prepared the system test plans and setting up the test data and testing and bug fixing.
  • Created the Executed JOBS, PROCS and Control cards in test Environment
  • Includes development and enhancement of the system and also providing 24X7 technical support for the critical applications and ensure smooth business functioning.
  • Involved in preparation of JCL documentation to set up in system test environment.
  • Created and executed JOBS, PROCS and Control Cards in test Environment.
  • Modified and run the BATCH jobs for generating user specific reports.

F&E Sample IBM Mainframe Project for Fresher’s

Software Environment:           IBM mainframe , MVS, CA DATACOPM/ IDEAL, PANVALET, COBOL , VSAM, CICS, JCL, FTP, SYNCSORT , EZTRIEVE, MQ, ISYNC,DB2, SAS,NDM, etc.,

F&E Sample IBM Mainframe Project scope:

F&E is a mainframe application designed to support the provisioning of customer circuits, order entry and tracking of customer circuit service orders. This application takes care of customer billing and various reporting functions also.

In this project I was responsible for GARM, for making F&E application in compliance with Indian government access regulation which restricts users from accessing govt circuits. As part of this project, around 300 IDEAL panels / Modules where modifies to mask sensitive customer data.

Also feeds where designed to keep the access levels and customer sensitivity updated on the daily basis.

Provide QA testing for mainframe applications programs (billing) work with designated project manager to perform assigned tasks that are related to the Quality Assurance testing of version Business mainframe application programs. The programs are being upgraded to new software release levels for systems components such as database, CICS, COBOL versions and others.

  • Responsible for Analyzing of  various IDEAL panels and feed files.
  •  Indenting the sensitive data on various panels and feeds.
  • Designing FTP feeds using Batch JCL to process
  • Designing the solution.
  • Development, coding testing and review.
  • Modified and run the BATCH jobs for generating user specific reports.
  • Involving in fixing up production issues.
  • Creating and Executing JOBS, PROCS and Control Cards in Test environment.
  • Prepared the system test plans and setting up the test data and testing and bug fixing.
  •  Achieved successfully the targeted projects delivery dates to management and business satisfaction.
  • Attending all Quality meets, status reviews and updating the daily , weekly and Quality reports.
  • Extensively used Quality Centre 9.0 to track the business requirement and development test cases, test scripts.
  •  Testing the online terminal Emulator 3270 (Green screen).
  • Automating the common functionalities of F&E using QTP
  • Co-ordinate with business users, QA and project Manager.
  • Weekly status reporting issue tracking, escalation

Medicare Information and Billing System (MIBS) Mainframe Project

Project Title: Medicare Information and Billing System (MIBS) Mainframe Project


Project Abstract & Scope:

The Medicare Information and Billing System (MIBS) bills Medicare Part A claims through UB92s and provides information for the Medicare RISK program. RISK, which is known to Kaiser Members as Senior Advantage, is a Medicare form of compensating HMOs based on a flat rate per month per HMO Medicare member. MIBS is a homegrown application used by KP since 1985. It creates and processes, NCAL SNF< SCAL Home Health and Hospice claims.  Claims are sent to a fiscal intermediary GBA Centre for Medicare Services (CMS) . SNF claims are sent to GBA (Palmetto) for reimbursement. Home Wealth and Hospice claims are sent to NGS (National Governmental Services) for reimbursement.

  • Analyzing the Business Requirements and System specifications to understand the application.
  • Communicating with Business users.
  • Provide 24 x 7 on call support and Technical support on Mainframe Applications as well as third party applications.
  • Provide the RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and for the Abends and provide permanent solutions.
  • Support delivery of batch and online programs, customized reports, application/ date conversion and process improvements.
  • Designing FTP feeds using Batch JCL.
  • Modified and run the BATCH jobs for generating user specific reports.
  • Involving in fixing up production issues.
  • Creating and Executing JOBS, PROCS and Control Cards in Test environment.
  • Update the PROSE members.
  • Delete, Define and Restore the VSAM files.
  • Co-ordinate and communicate with Offshore.