Term paper of Biometrics

Introduction to Term paper of Biometrics:

It is a technology of science which identifies the person on the basis of physical and behavioral characteristic. This physical characteristic cannot be stolen and cannot be forgotten. Now a day’s various types of methods are used for identification in biometrics. In biometrics, most popular techniques are face recognition and fingerprint scanning and other famous techniques are Iris scanning, Retina scan, and voice recognition. Firstly this technology was used in China in which stamp on the children hand was made to distinguish one child from another. Later it was used in Paris by policemen to identify criminals.

Physical biometrics: – It involved many methods they are hand geometry, fingerprint, vein pattern, DNA matching and fingerprint matching. Behavioral biometrics involves voice recognition, keystroke and signature matching.

Practical use: – This technology is used in various fields such as government for passports and voter card identification. In transportation for security and checking license. In healthcare for checking patients identity cards. In public safety and justice. For education and in drivers licenses. In employees identity cards for checking daily attendance.

This technology act as a gatekeeper between the confidential data and the hacker without verifying the password on one can see the personal data of the person. This technology is very reliable as it secures the data of the person very safely. It is very user-friendly since it is easy to operate. It is very cheap.

Through this technique, we can stop cybercrime, frauds, scamp and many more threats in this world. It offers various solutions for a problem to the schools and government agencies. This technique generally creates a template of the password for the comparison. This type of technology provides a high level of security.

Biometrics Security Seminar Report

Introduction to Biometrics Security Seminar Topic:

This is a security system that used pattern matching technique for identification. There are several techniques in biometric systems like a fingerprint, face identification, hand geometry. They are a very useful device in terms of security. 

Biometric identification system:-It is used to identified person physical characteristics and it can be identified by fingerprint identification, in this we match the fingerprint of the person because it remains same even the person becomes older. Other is Hand geometry, next is Palm Vein Authentication in which we measure the vein of the person. It uses the infrared rays. Another is Retina scan, in this we analysis the capillary blood vessel in the back of the eye as the pattern remain the same throughout the life.

Iris scans; it provides the scan of rings, furrows, and freckles in the colored of the eye that surrounds the pupil. This uses more than 200 points to be analyzed. Next is Face Recognition, in this facial characteristic i.e. the shape and size of the face of the person are recognized. Signature matching is the way of identification. Voice matching is also used to identify the person by analyzing the pitchstone, cadence, and frequency of the person.

These all methods discussed above are a single method, but single method systems are not able to meet the requirement, so we used the multi-model technique. In this model, several recognition is required like they are used for recognition, fingerprint matching, with speaker verification.

Biometric systems are used for a commercial purpose such as ATM, medical records. They are used by government systems such as national ID card, border control, passport control.

Limitations: they are very noisy or create too much distortion. It might not work if someone fingers print are not properly visible and it also possible to create duplicate fingerprints.

Seminar Report Biometric Authentication

Introduction to Biometric Authentication Seminar Topic:

These are the technique of the user authentication which is very difficult to forge, they cannot theft or something to forget, they are always with us, like eyes, hand, fingerprint.  It used the technique of pattern matching like fingerprint matching which is very unique and they vary from user to user or hand matching pattern like the shape of a hand. If in case someone fingerprint might not work then his face recognition or his voice can be used.

First, the user image is taken and converted into a template which is then stored in the database. When the next time user comes his new image is compared with previous image and the numeric value is created that determines the correctness of image.  Then three possibilities occur:

Fingerprint Biometric System: every user has its unique pattern on her hands. These patterns are successfully used in many applications. This is a very old method but very used. These techniques are based on two categories, minutiae-based and correlation based.

Face retrieval systems: this technique is based on the face identification. The computer records the still image of the face and keeps in the database and next time it identifies the face. They are used in surveillance computers or human interface computers.

Hand geometry: this technique uses the shape of the body part like a hand. This is not unique. They are generally used for frequent identification.

Retina and iris recognition:  this is very rare in fact of that truth that retina is unique but also it is less used. It requires proper light at the black spot. They are generally used by the military.

Whereas In few places they use multi- scanning systems like fingerprinting with eye scanning together. They are used in heavy systems like supercomputers for security purpose and by the defense.

Latest Seminar Topics on Biometrics Systems

Introduction to Biometric Systems Seminar Topic:

It is the method of authentication based on the biological science. It generally uses pattern matching technique. It utilizes pattern verification like finger print matching, iris blood vessel pattern, facial geometry.

It is very secure and reliable. They are now mostly used in the e-commerce, net-banking that has enhanced the confidence of people.

Advantages of Biometric Systems: its features are unique and the level of security is very high. Now are free from remembering password, PINs etc. it has reduced the tension of IT companies, now they have more secure workstations.

Disadvantages of Biometric System: these systems are very costly because of their hardware and software, and their integration to the network is also costly. Few populations don’t trust these systems as they think biometrics copies their finger print, but it is not true. It only copies the mathematical statics behind the finger print. It consume more space as it image related to any ID or PASSWORD.

Biometric Finger print system: It uses the pattern that we have on our fingers. This is unique to every person. It is not much used as people don’t have trust on it, they think they might exploit their finger print for illegal use.

Hand scan: they use the design of hand. This is not unique as required.

Voice authentication: it has very high acceptability rate than others. It is based on the voice of the user. But it also fails if the person is real and he has cold then the system might not be able to detect his voice.

Retina and iris scan: it includes the scanning of our eye and retina. They take the pattern image of our blood vessel. It has very high accuracy. It has negligible drawbacks.

Facial recognition: it scans the geometry of human face. This also has the same problem with the privacy. User doesn’t want to leak their authenticity. 

Seminar Report on Biometric Technology

Biometric Technology for Security

It is a pattern recognition system that identifies person according to their characteristics and behavior. As today everyone uses computers and mobiles and there are used for illegal; purpose as well, so it must that they must be protected from fraud. Like ATMs, cellular phones, desktops, workstations.

The first device was used in back 30 years ago called as identical. They take the image of the user and then match it with images they have in their databases. They also work physiological characteristics like a fingerprint, eyes pattern, facial pattern.

Hand: they take 3 dimensional of hands and can produce the result in 1.2 seconds. It works as it hand have many combinations like the shape of fingers, size of index fingers, forefingers, thumbs etc. and they all have a correlation between them.

Fingerprint: this is the most widely used technique for everyone has a unique fingerprint. We have a special pattern on our hands, and they are different to all people. This technique is used in the security systems. They are widely used by military and law enforcement.

Eye: it involves the identification of iris and scanning the blood vessels on the retina.  This technique is less used as people avoid eyes scanning.

Speech: it is attractive technology as it works over our voice verification. Now they are being used in the AT & T smart cards used in the ATMs,

Face: this technique is based on the face pattern matching. They take the image of the whole face for automatic identification.  The face may change due to hairs, pimples and head position, so they take several images at different angles, and mostly they use neural networks for classifying the image.