Online Course Management System Java Project


The main aim of the developing this project is to provide live interactive virtual classroom site for online course importing affordable learning. This web application gives an opportunity to the students to get advantages of personalized learning. It offers course modules, assignment & performance tests to master the subject.

The main objective of delivering one of the most technologically advanced qualities online tutoring platforms.


Offline education has been a part of our education system for as long we can remember.

In the existing system, we can store all the record manually that require large manpower & place to store all the records
this system was carried out through a manual process.


It leads to following disadvantages.

  • Manual process.
  • Maintenance of records is difficult.
  • Chance of occurrence of errors.
  • Involves large amount of paperwork.
  • Slow updating & renewal of data 


Automated To overcome the disadvantages of the existing system we proposed the online system.

The best technology learning tools such as video lectures, group chats, multimedia presentation & interactive software are used by us to provide online education.

This application introduce all types of question papers and solutions regarding the course

It also provides an audio lecture for each subject.


  • The automated system is time-saving and better performance than the manual based system.
  • Students are encouraged to think critically & support their opinions.
    It supports the learning style of both audio and visual learners
    class time is not wasted.
  • Students who excel in online class develop a system for keeping track of upcoming online exams and assignments due dates.
  • There are no traffic jams, parking hassles are adverse weather conditions
    it enables the students to access course materials & contributed to discussion boards.
  • Home comfort.
  • Cost savings.
  • Schedule flexibility.

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