Inventory Management System Project in Java

The Inventory Management System Project is developed in Java as used only by the manager. But we are not providing the User interface design for point of sales, so the further enhancement is to design the User interface design for POS device.

The system can be effectively utilized by the customer, but the information should be updated in the database via SQL command set, so it might be a back drop, which can further be enhanced.

  The modules into which the Inventory Management System Project is divided are as follows:

Inventory Management System

Automatic data calculation.
Authentication module.

 Manager module:

 The manager, after got authenticated can interact with the system so that the inventory information at all the stores can be gathered.

 The manager can also view the information that is provided by the point of sale devices to him from the HELP module.

Automatic data calculation:

The automatic data calculation module is used for calculating the inventory information at all stores, where the inventory is stored. The information about the inventory is calculated automatically.

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Inventory Management System Project

Authentication module:

The authentication module is used to authenticate the manager, until and unless the manager is authenticated, he can’t use the system.

Help module:

The help module is used for helping the manager to show when and where the inventory information is updated.

Download Inventory Management System Project in Java.

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  1. solution the IMS


    total amount =490
    cash amount = 500
    due amount = 0
    return amount =10
    in java what process can i solve the problem

    please help me any one

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