Food Recipe Cross-Platform Android and IOS Application Project

Surely there are many Food Recipe Cross-Platform apps that offer a wide variety of options to choose from, but most of them are online only, and those that are offline lack either that multitude of options or are devoid of proper UX and structure.

Modules and Description:

1. Smart search filters:

Users can search or filter recipes by name-based ingredients and diet. When a user searches for an ingredient, all the related recipes to that ingredient will be shown to the user, and a search based on a diet is also displayed. For example, some people are allergic to some ingredients and wish not to include them in their meals. The user will be able to search the recipe based on diet or other requirement factors. The search filter will return the appropriate recipes depending on the type of search.

Search by name, base-ingredients, diets,.

2. Categorized view:

In our application, all recipes are categorized into various cuisine, food types, diets, and varieties. We collected the exclusive authentic recipes of various countries and their cuisines are categorized on the type of food and the specific diet that the user is seeking varieties.

Recipies are categorized into cuisine, food types, diets, vegan, etc,

3. Curated Collections:

We’ve gathered recipes from famous chefs around the world and listed their signature recipes and collected various information and data about these recipes from popular websites and articles.

Curated recipe collections from famous chefs, web articles, etc.

4. Pantry Manager:

Every user can manage their own personal pantry with the help of a pantry manager, which we have included in our application.

5. Meal Planner:

Manage your pantry using our pantry manager and Plan your meals for family dinners, parties, and other social gatherings.

6. Shopping list:

Add recipes to your shopping list and browse the required ingredients with a quick glance.

We have also given a feature where the user can add ingredients to the shopping list. So that the user can track all the missing ingredients and purchase them all at once later when he/she visits for grocery shopping. These shopping list features take out all the work for you, whether you want to share a virtual list with your family and friends, or check out the nutrition facts for whatever you’re buying. It can be used and created by more than just a cell phone, as some apps can integrate with smartwatches.

 7. Skill Guide and Glossary:

Under the skill guide and glossary section, we’ll provide the user with various information on cooking techniques. Like knife skills, etc., and including a ‘Dictionary’ to understand common culinary terminology. This section is basically dedicated to starters who do not have experience and match knowledge in cooking.

Offline wiki on knife skills, cooking techniques, and various other culinary skills including dictionary to better understand common culinary terms

Activity Diagram:

  • View Recipe

The user shall be able to see the recipes in the application. In other words, the user shall be able to access the Recipe Forum, where all the user’s recipes are posted and ordered by the date of creation. Our application allows users to view recipe lists with images and titles. Single recipes can be viewed with images, recipe titles, and details of cooking directions. 

  • Search for a Recipe

 The search functionality will provide the users with a shortcut to find their targeted recipes if posted before by the users.

  • View Ingredients

The user of the app shall be able to view the ingredients of a certain recipe.

  • Add Recipe as Favourite

Once the user accesses the recipe information, he/she shall be able to mark a recipe as a favorite. Our application allows users to save recipes as favorites. When a user performs a search operation, the result is a list of recipes. Each recipe in the list has a favorite button on it. Users can add recipes by clicking on the favorite button.

The user shall be able to access the recipes that he/she marked as favorites.

 Result Screen Shorts

  • Recipes are categorized in the form of cuisines (based on countries and origin).
  • Fast food items are categorized into Burgers, Pizza, Noodles, and Sausages.
  • We have also collected the signature dishes of some of the world-famous chefs under the Chefs Curated category.
  • We have a category named ‘Meals’, were further divided into 6 categories:

– Lunch

– Breakfast

– Dessert

– Dinner

– Salad

– Soups

  • We also have a special Category. Here, the user-specific recipes are collected. For instance collection of vegan recipes is included.

External Interface Requirements:

  • Hardware

The Food Recipe Cross-Platform mobile app will be operating on Android and iOS.

  • Software

The mobile app will be compatible with the mobile and tablet(Android app) last versions.

Developer Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

  • OS: macOS-64bit and Windows 7 (64bit) or later
  • HDD:1.23GB if windows or 2.8GB if MacOS for Flutter SDK
  • RAM:4GB (minimum)
  • Processor: Intel i3 3rdgen or AMD equivalent

Software Requirements:

  • OS: macOS-64bit and Windows 7 (64bit) or later
  • Tools: Flutter SDK
  • Android Studio/Visual Studio Code or any other IDE supporting dart
  • Git
  • Windows Powershell 5.0(only for windows users) 

User Requirements: 

  • OS: Android Jellybean or newer and iOS 8 or newer
  • Hardware: iOS devices (iPhone 4s or newer) and ARM Android devices
  • Storage Space: ~200MB
  • RAM: 2GB


  • So by using this application users can cook different recipes at their homes.
  • They can also manage their diet.
  • They can manage their time.

The Food Recipe Cross-Platform application meets with the enterprise-class application principles. It is designed to be performing, scalable, extensible, and highly available.

Future Scope:

In future work, I am planning to persist in developing more mobile apps and entering deeply the world of Android development. Food Recipe Cross-Platform has helped me to gain a lot of development skills and enrich my background, as I spent the previous 4 months searching for every tiny detail that concerns the development of android applications. Thankfully, I have built a good knowledge.

Therefore, any upcoming Food Recipe project of mobile application development will undoubtedly be within my reach. In addition, as to the future of Recipe Organizer, I will deploy it in Google PlayStore and update the app from time to time if necessary. I will export my database soon and then buy an account in Google PlayStore to publish the app. Also, I will monetize my application using Admob.

Download the complete Food Recipe Android and iOS App Project Code, Report, and PPT.

Students and Teachers based College Notice board System Java Project

In the Students and Teachers-based College Notice board System, we are providing role-based access rights to different users, that are students, teachers, and administrators in a college.

In our College Notice board System Java project, the students and teachers can view all the Notices such as examination notices, marks notices, announcement notices, training and placement notice, schedule notices, etc. which are published by the respective departments. Improving my feedback is very important. Keeping this in mind, we have a section in our system dedicated to feedback. With the help of this, students can give feedback to their respective teachers which will help in increasing the quality of education in a university.

In the College Notice board System, students and teacher can access their class timetable, anywhere and on the go without the hassle to go to a particular place to see the timetable. Students can access all their academic details with the help of an interactive graph. The system is very user-friendly, it is made in such a way that users will have a hassle-free and interactive user experience.

Future work to be done

  • Teacher – Student feedback system, which will enable students to give their respective feedback to their teachers directly in real-time.
  • Timetable portal, which will enable students to view the timetable of their respective classes. If further implemented using B.P.A (business process automation) or R.P.A (robotics process automation), then the timetable for the whole department could be easily generated without any human interference with the help of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  • Students can also use the College Notice board System on their mobile phones and tablets through an Android and iOS application.
  • Students can also chat with the faculties to clear doubts and ask questions using the real-time chat system.
  • Students can get counseling with the help of A.I. Chatbots and also can chat with the counselors present at the university.
  • It will also show the graph of Cumulative Grade Point Average (C.G.P.A.) and Semester Grade Point Average (S.G.P.A.) concerning the semester. And also use the College Notice board System to view the marks and answer sheets.

illit wear – Made easy for Illiterate Android App


The main theme of the project “illit wear – Made easy for Illiterate” is to help illiteracy people, nowadays every individual is using a smartphone then what about illiteracy people who don’t know even how to make a call on a smartphone, how to save and select contacts, only this category of people are unable to use a smartphone efficiently, so we thought to help them by providing an android application which makes calling operation very easy for the illiteracy people by clicking on the image of the person it directs to calling operation. Like this they easily recognize the person’s image, for this education is not required while saving contact we can save with an image with this operation we would like to add some other operations like sharing images, and files.

With this illit wear android application, the smartphone will reach every individual in spite of literate or illiterate and we would like to develop this application by using android studio why because in the world 90% of people are using the android phone when compared to ios, the cost of android mobile is less when compared to ios mobile.


To design an android application that helps illiterate people


illiterate people should not face problems while operating basic features in smartphones.


To build an application that makes users recognize the images for calling, sharing data on a smartphone

Existing System

The application will only deal with the name of the contact person. In this case, illiterate people will face a problem with calling a person.

Proposed System

Our application helps people to recognize a contact person with an image and also helps to share images via the internet without any difficulty.




System Requirements

  • Android Studio
  • Minimum java (JDK 1.7)

Output Results:


With this application, the smartphone will reach every individual spite of literate or illiterate.

Here Students can download the illit wear – Made easy for the Illiterate android app complete project documentation.

Medical Advisor Android App by using Java & SQLite

This project is an android based application, especially for the medical sector. This application will be used by users to get medical information about different physical health conditions. This is a standalone application.

The primary aim of this project is to facilitate the user with medical help online providing drug and medical information to the person. Medical Advisor apps are changing the way users handle their personal health care.

Existing System:

The existing system is the online app that facilitates the user with the drug information and the specified clinical prescription to the user. It functions with the user entering the search information regarding the desired disease he wants to know about and the app returns the specified results about the input given by the user the existing system also contains the details about the specialized doctors around them. Basically, it’s an information app for the diseases to be known to the user.

Proposed System:

 In the proposed system, the app facilitates certain features for the user. It basically helps the individual with the clinical assistance online by giving medication and also medical information to the individual about the particular medicine. This app allows you to track any kind of blood donation program around you. the user just has to enter the details as asked in the program and you have to hit the search button and the results are returned.

This project provides you with an insight into the design and development of the health advisor app. For instance, a recent study found that the risk of hospitalization for patients with no or poor knowledge of prescribed therapies is more than double in cases of certain diseases.


 Number of Modules As this is a standalone application, so this application will be available for users.

Users can perform the below operations:

  • Users can search about different diseases.
  • The user gets nearby hospitals based on their location and also specialized doctors working in it.
  • Users can also get details about wellness problems.
  • Users can get blood contribution programs near them.
  • Users can get medical details about physical health.
  • Users can also get medicine descriptions, chemical composition, effects, and side effects.
  • Users also can search for medicines based on their specified illness.

Software requirements:

  • Front end: java
  • Back end : XML
  • Software: android studio
  • Database: SQLlite

Here you can download the entire Medical Advisor Android APP by using Java coding & SQLite Database Source Code, Complete Project documentation, and Paper Presentation.