Online Exam Project in Java

The Online Exam Project is developed in Java, it is divided into two main parts.They are

  • Users
  • Administration


This module is mainly concentrated on handling the examination activities. The module begins by offering entry to already registered users or even fresh users can also register the moment they desire to attempt the Examination. This is achieved by the Login form and Sign Up.These are designed in a very interactive form.

After registering, a candidate will be supervised by the rules and regulations of the examination. i.e. the instructions to be followed for facing the examination be given, namely duration of exam, Number of questions, marks for each Question, Maximum marks,etc.,

The next moment, the candidate be allowed to select the choice of subject of examination. The candidate is given the question paper of the selected Subject. The paper should be answered by checking the check boxes or Radio Buttons depending upon the question.

The evaluation of the paper will be carried for the question that is answered in the meantime. The total marks obtained will be displayed and the percentage will be calculated for the total number of questions.


The administration module consists of maintaining components of the examination. The components namely

  • Subject of Examination
  • Questions of Subject.

The Subject of examination can be accessed for alteration. i.e. Addition of a Subject, Updation of a subject, Deletion of a Subject and Listing of the Subject of Examination.

The Questions of examination can also be accessed and altered by performing the following operations.i.e

  • Addition of Questions
  • Updation of Questions
  • Deletion of Questions

In the Administration, the system is efficiently maintained by deleting the users who already completed the examination. This is carried out for a period to period.

The system is mainly coded by viewing the user from all angles so that no problems are arisenĀ  in using the system

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