Automating the Irrigation Process by Analyzing the Soil & Weather Conditions

This is Automating the Irrigation Process by Analyzing the Soil & Weather Conditions Project.

The main aim of developing this Smart Irrigation System IoT project to provide easy irrigation methods to the farmers as per the Soil & Weather Conditions.

In this project, we are using GSM Module (SIM300 Module), this is used to receive text messages from the Android app and it gives the message to the Arduino UNO board.

The Job of the Arduino board is to read messages from the GSM and it will process the output for the motors and it will also tell us the status of the soil moisture, temperature, and humidity in the agriculture field.

Smart Irrigation System IoT project

This project 2 Modes

In Auto mode, it detects the soil and if it is dry The motor will be on and If it is wet then the motor will be off.

and can swich on/off the pestiside motor also.

In Manual Mode, the farmer can switch on the motor manually with the help of the Android app.

Whatever the messages We send via an Android app, The GSM receives and it sends to the Arduino UNO board over serial communication.

from this Arduino we have 2 Relays, Relays are nothing but electromechanical switch. This Arduino giving a signal to the relay board.

The below is the working procedure of the Smart Irrigation System project.

Ghat Road Alerting System IoT Project

This is Ghat Road alerting System Project, The main aim of developing this Aurdino based IoT project is to provide safe & secure journey while travelling to the Ghat roads, Hill Stations, etc.

In this IoT project We are using 2 IR sensors, Aurdino board and blue tooth, status indications LEDs Red & Green.

In a Ghat route When the vehicle is coming from one direction, these 2 IR sensors senses that there is a vehicle is coming and the alert signal is sent to the opposite side vehicle and the same thing can be updated in the Android app also.

When the signal is green it indicates that it is safe to take turn which means there is no vehicle is coming in opposite direction.

These 2 sensors can give input to the aurdino and aurdino will send data to bluetooth and bluetooth send data to android app.

The below is the working procedure of the Ghat road alert system project.

Auto Irrigation System over IoT Project

This is the smart Irrigation system project. With the help of this project, any farmer can able to operate and control devices in the farming land.

We are going to provide auto and manual way of on/off the water pump, Fertiliser pump based on the soil wet/dry conditions.

Android App Operations below:

The farmer can switch on the Water Pump
Can Switch off the water Pump
Switch on the Fertiliser Pump
Switch off the Fertiliser Pump
Automatic Mode

In the Auto mode, it works automatically when soil is dry the motor will be on and once the soil is wet it will off automatically.

In this IoT project, we have soil Moisture Sensor, Comparator Circuit, 2 relay Modules are used for switching on the water pumps, basically relay module is has a small transistor, WIfi Module sends a signal to the transistor to switch on the relay,

The relay will trigger the motor power supply

This wifi module will receive the signal from the android app over the IP address.

The below is the working procedure of the Auto Irrigation system project.

Color Detection and Sorting using IOT

In this Color Detection and Sorting using IOT based project we are using Raspberry Pi, pi 3 camera and arduino.

When we keep red color in front of the camera, It can detect red color and displays on the monitor and moves the object one side . Just like that If you keep Blue color in front of the camera it detects and moves to another side.

The main theme behind the project is in industries if we need to separate items/objects based on the color we can use this algorithm to separate blue items in one box and red items in another box

Diet System Using Raspberry Pi


  • The main aim of this project is to implement a diet system using Raspberry Pi.
  • A number keypad is also interfaced with the module in order to add details of either family members or friends.
  • This project ensures that each individual has a healthy balanced diet.


  • The ultimate goal of this project is to create a computerized system that will assist patients to make up a personalized diet plan that allows them to enjoy a broader range of meals, and also to quickly and accurately make up shopping lists for the meals.
  • The system is implemented with a weight sensor to measure the weight of the fruit or vegetable.
  • The camera captures the food item.
  • The weight details along with pictures are sent to the Raspberry Pi module and calculated with the inbuilt diet chart.
  • The LCD displays the calorie intake details of the particular food item.
  • Along with each individual person, family members or friends details can also be interfaced and maintain the track of calorie intake.