Data Accessibility for Engineering Distributed Systems

Data accessibility for engineering distributed systems project explains about accessing information from different nodes and providing data accessibility for large scale distributed system. This paper explains covers introduction to problem and provide solution for existing problem and proposed system features with hardware and software requirements. In present scenario there are many engineering applications which used data from different sources. So there is need to provide data intensive applications by accessing information from different nodes with computational capabilities. This paper will introduce to notion of accessibility for gather both availability and performance. There is needed to look at both node capability and method to allocate jobs to different applications. There are certain scenarios where faster node should face load handling problem when neighbor node is slow. This proposed system uses accessibility aware techniques though which we can choose nodes which can accurately access remote data resource. This method can even work in less observation conditions. This system is less expensive and gives high performance compared to existing system.

download Data Accessibility for Engineering distributed systems project Report.

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