Web Data Mart Informatica Project Abstract

Project Title: Web Data Mart Informatica (Power Center, IDE, IDQ) Project Abstract 

Project Description: The main aim and ultimate goal of this Web data mart Data Warehousing project is to make the anonymous web traffic information into meaningful analytical information. This allows measurement of what people say, how they feel, and most importantly, how they actually respond. This information is the foundation of personalized one-to-one marketing techniques, allowing the business to target specific audiences with customized products and services that directly solve their problems. 

Developer Responsibilities/ Contributions:

The Developer has done mapping using informatica and generated reports using business object.

Online banking support and Mobile Banking Java Project

Project Title:  Online banking support and Mobile Banking Java Project.

Software requirements:  Java, J2EE, Java Server Pages, MQ, SSL, Verisign.

Project Overview:

Online banking support and Mobile Banking is a java based banking application. The bank provides consumer and commercial banking services: deposit accounts management, credit cards management system, insurance management, investments and wealth management services, private banking system, mortgage, and home equity credit management, construction lending system, telephone banking system, and Internet banking channels.

This Online banking project had developed with warehouse techniques like Teradata, Datastage management, and Business objects.

Developer Responsibilities:      

  • Understanding client requirements and Projects Functionality.
  • Prepare the individual module report and send it to the Lead and Client.
  • Involved in Test case design and test case preparation.
  • Execute the Test cases manually.
  • Execute the test cases using black-box testing techniques.
  • Tested the online banking and mobile banking modules.
  • Knowledge of credit and debit card testing.
  • Involved In Preparation of Bug Report.
  • Preparing and Sending Daily/Weekly reports and module-level reports to the Manager/client.
  • Log project-related issues in the defect tracking tool identified by the project.

Bank Store Informatica Project

  • Project Title                          : Bank Store Informatica Project
  • Tools              : Informatica
  • Back End Server              : Oracle10G.

Project Description:

The main objective of this Bank Store Informatica Project is all about a customer information store. Solution is required to provide a suitable enterprise-wide information environment capable of meeting our future platform for information collation from various source systems, performing complex calculations. This Final year engineering project provides different reports and support & adhoc queries for making intelligent banking decision based on data available in various branches across the location connected over a period.

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Involved in Database Programming
  • Analyzed, designed and developed packages, procedures and functions using PL/SQL.
  • Optimization of the different SQL queries to ensure faster response time.
  • Create Tables, Indexes, and Views etc.
  • Modifying & Creating PL/SQL Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers,  And SQL Queries for Reports.

Project Environment:      

         PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Unix, Informatica

Transactional Process Data Mart Informatica Project

  •  Project Title: Transactional Process Data Mart Informatica Project  
  • Database: Oracle 9i/10g

Description of Transactional Process Data Mart Informatica Project:

      WNFS has set up the centers in India to perform back office work.Thouseds of customer’s applications scanned and sending to India process daily.WNFS has also call center and capturing information like number of calls, contacts, idle time, time taken to call etc.WNFS is supporting many processes like WNFS life and annuity, WNFS Medical Systems,WNFS Finance. Transactional Processing Data Mart has been developed to integrate data from multiple Processes for generating analytical report.


  • Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) of data by using Informatica Power Center.
  • Extracted source data from flat files, Oracle and loaded to an Oracle.
  • Created mappings using the transformations such as the Source qualifier, Aggregator, Expression, Router, Filter, Sequence Generator, and Update Strategy.
  • Involved in Creating Sessions, Workflows Using Workflow Manager