Beauty Parlour Management System PHP SQLite Project

The aim of the project is to permit customers to service their desired cosmetics. Beauty provides an online way of reservation cosmetic services and also provides a window for customers for their selected services. The Beauty parlour management System processes manage the various task related to the system.

This system is used to parlour details like service detail, orders detail, customer information, etc. This system helps to make the customer easy for online services system. 

The Beauty parlor provides an interactive display to the customers with all the facilities. This website will be useful to all those customers who is wishing to make an appointment best online.


There are two types of interface found in the Beauty parlor management  System as follows.

User Interface

The users are able to view the home page of the Beauty parlor management system, add any number of services, save information, look for information about any services, increase or decrease the quantity of any services,  user can see all the order details.

Admin Interface

The Administrator is able to view the customer information, can complete the customer services orders of the users, and can update the services information, price, etc.

Hardware Requirements:

The Beauty parlour management system shall provide minimum hardware requirements. The following hardware configurations are required for the PC for use in the Beauty parlor management system.

  • Hard Disk: 2GB or more of free space.
  • RAM:2 GB / 4 GB / 8 GB RAM.
  • Processor: Any mobile and computer processor.

 Software Requirements

  • This section lists the requirements that are needed to run the system efficiently. The operating system needed for the system to run effectively, the interface to run the application, the integrated development environment to develop the environment and the other tools used for editing purposes are as follows:
  • Operating System: Windows 10, MAC OS, or Linux
  • Database: SQLite.
  • Platform Used: Php
  • Editor Used: Notepad/Notped++.
  • Browser Supported: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge.

System Function

The Beauty parlor management system would have the following basic functions:

  • Display all the related information about the system’s main page.
  • Display all the categories on the services information page.
  • Allow the administrator to add new services to the existing list of available services.
  • Allow the administrator to modify the price of each service.
  • Users can add or remove services from the customer list.
  • Allow the administrator to remove services.
  • Allow the administrator to complete the customer orders of the users.

User Characteristics

  • The users of the Beauty parlor management system, based on their roles, are customers (users) and administrators (owners). 


  • The administrator is the owner of the Beauty parlor management system. One must have a basic understanding of computers and the internet as well as prior knowledge of operating eclipse and the PHP programming language. The administrator is responsible for all the training documents required for the system.
  • Assign or change the price of the services, update the services lists and delete the services.
  • Can add new services to the system.


  • The users of the Beauty parlor management system are all customers who would serve to test the system. These users are anyone with service experience and the know-how to browse through a   They must have a basic understanding of computers and how to parlor offline. The users should be able to perform the following functions using this system:
  • Can view or select the services from the home page.
  • Check out the services.
  • reservation by providing the required information.

Specific Requirement

  • This section contains the detail about the system that are required for the designer to create a system to satisfy the user’s requirements and for the testers to test the given requirements. This section contains the interface description for each GUI for the different system users. These sections also give a description of all the system inputs, and all the functions performed by the system output (responses).

Functional Requirements

  • This section contains the requirements for the Beauty parlor management system.
  • The functional requirements, as collected from users, have been categorized as follows to support the types of user interactions that the system shall have.
  • There are two types of modules:
    • User Module
    • Admin Module

User Module

The following are the functions that users are able to perform

  • Reservation user.
  • Able to view the services from a list of services page.
  • Can view the home page, services page, about page, contact page
  • Users are able to view the make an appointment on the tanks you page,
  • Users are able to checkout services when there are services in the make an appointment.
  • Users shall be able to continue services after the checkout process.
  • Users are able to view the customer order details.

Admin Module

The admin is able to perform the following functions:

  • The administration shall be able to view all the user information, and completes the user orders.
  • The administrator shall be able to add new services to the list of services page.
  • The administrator shall be able to modify or update the item’s price and description.
  • The administrator shall be able to delete the services from the services page of the Beauty parlor management system.
  • The administrator shall be able to view the entire history of checkout services.
  • The administrator shall be able to view the entire history of the users who successfully completed the checkout process.


  • With the rapid growth of beauty parlour Services and people will overtake in-parlor.  The main goal of “Beauty Parlour Management System” is to provide the best customer services and helps admin for day-to-day complementation of orders and transaction. Also, an admin can manage customers, keeps records of customer services, etc.


  • Well-educated people can visit or understand the content of this site. A non-educated person may not visit this site easily. So, this is the common limitation of this system.
  • As of now, this system does not have the facility of making payments for their services, which will be applied in the future.

Future Scope of system

  • This system will try and be able to add new more feature.
  • We will try to add a bill generate after parlour.
  • The main feature is an online payment which will be applicable and implemented in the future.
  • We will try to provide a more user-friendly interface in the future.
  • We will try to provide more beauty parlour Services so that user gets what they need.

Download the complete Beauty Parlour Management System source code, Project Report, and PPT.

Implementation of E-voting Machine Project using Python and Arduino


Our E-voting Machine project is very useful, This Project was implemented using Python and Arduino. The user is no longer required to check his register in search of records, after the voting procedure gets over, the admin will be able to calculate the total number of votes in just one click since the entire work is done using computers. The user just needs to enter his/her unique voter ID.

In today’s world, no one likes to manually analyze the result after the voting procedure gets over because the process is time-consuming and of which results get usually delayed. Everyone wants his/her work to be done by computer automatically and displaying the result for further manipulations. So this E-voting Machine project is about providing convenience regarding voting.


  • Our objective for the E-voting Machine project is to make a user-friendly Electronic Voting Machine that makes the current voting process faster, easier, and error-free.
  • We have used Arduino in our project for the implementation of push buttons and Python as a programming language.


The problem statement was to design a module:

  • Which is a user-friendly E-voting Machine
  • Which will restrict the user from accessing other users’ data.
  • Which will ease the calculations and storage of data.
  • Which will help the jury to declare the result without any biasing.


The E-voting Machine system will be user-friendly and completely secured so that the users shall have no problem using all options.

  • The system will be efficient and fast in response.
  • The system will be customized according to needs.


  • (Check
  • Store
  • )


  • Programming Language Used: Python, C
  • Hardware Used: Arduino UNO
  • Components Used: Push buttons, Connecting Wires, Resistances(100k ohm), Breadboard
  • Software Used: Anaconda 2.7.x, Python 2.7.x, Arduino IDE
  • Modules Used: Serial, SQLite, Tkinter, tkMessageBox


  • The user has to enter his/her ID in the system.
  • After verifying the user ID, the system will show a message that whether a user is eligible to vote or not after checking his/her details stored in the system.
  • A message will be displayed accordingly. The user will then have to press the button against which the name of the candidate is written and whom he/she wants to vote.
  • The votes hence are stored in the database and the results will be announced accordingly.


My project “e-VOTING SYSTEM” will be a great help in conducting voting at various organizations. So the modifications that can be done in our project is to add one major change which can be done in this project is to add the data of the voters. This will result in the total identification of the voter.


From this E-voting Machine project, we can conclude that this program is very useful in conducting the voting procedures smoothly. It provides easy methods to analyze the voting result. It helps in conducting faster, more secure, and more efficient voting. The program can be used per the norms of the voting requirements.

Download the complete project code, report, and PPT on E-voting Machine using Python and Arduino.

Vehicle Management System Project using Python and SQLite


The complete development of this Vehicle Management System project using Django as the backend and sqlite3 as the database. This Python project has main sections Login/Signup, Dashboard, Vehicle, Driver, Booking, Repair, and Report which are explained in the coming slides in detail.

Functions Below:


Users can signup/log in to the portal with this page. It takes in the necessary fields required for the user details


This is the dashboard in which you can view your details is shown and the user can edit the details.


Driver Section has two pages, one is to add a driver and the other is to view the list of drivers available. This section is only visible to the users which have admin access. The Driver list has the features to search and sort lists according to the fields.


In this section there are two pages one is to add vehicles and the other is to list the vehicles owned by the user. On the vehicle list page, the user can view individual details, edit the details and delete the vehicle.


The booking section has four pages one is the form to book a trip the second one is the success page where the booking details including the distance, cost, and duration are displayed using google maps API. On the success page, you have the option to pay which will take you to the payment page.

The payment page lets you enter the card details to pay. There is a page to display all the bookings made by the user wherein the user can search for the bookings. The admin will have another option which is to confirm the booking and a driver will be allotted and a mail will be sent to the user saying the mail is confirmed. The map option in the booking list page displays the route using google maps API. When the admin confirms the booking a confirmation mail will be sent to the user.


The repair section has two pages, one for reporting the issue and another page to show the issues made by the user. On the issues page, the admin has an option to solve the issue made by all the users.


Each user can have a report of the trips that he has made. There is an option to mail the user the report for further use. Demo Here is the live demo of our project. The quality of the gif is a bit low.

Database tables:

Vehicle Table

Cost per KM
Registration Plate
Vehicle Status
Insurance Status
Total KM traveled
Fuel Type
Vehicle Type

Report Table

Registered Date
Registered User
Vehicle Mileage

Driver Table

First Name
Last Name
National ID
Phone Number
License Category


Booking Date
Start Date
End Date
Security Deposit
Allotted User
Allotted Driver

Academic Mini Project Ideas using Python Django and SQL Lite

These are the python academic project ideas that can be developed with Python, Django, and SQL Lite and can be run on any computer with Windows Operating System. The Agile methodology is adopted for the development of the entire project. Several Sprints usually up to one to two weeks in duration are fixed where a part of the project is delivered in working conditions. During each sprint, the output is tested manually for the production of runnable and correct software. Finally, system testing is to be conducted on the final product before deployment.

Breast Cancer Prediction Using IBM Cloud


  • Collect the dataset (Histopathology Images)
  • Build the model by Training and Testing using CNN
  • Integrate the model built with the flask in the python file
  • Create the HTML and CSS for developing the webpage.
  • Display the output by selecting the Histopathology Image & predicting it.

Breast Cancer Prediction


Our Problem statement is to predict the risk of Breast Cancer using Deep Learning Techniques. First, we have collected histopathological images of breast cancer of types benign and malignant. Next, we trained and tested the images using a Convolutional Neural Network made to classify the type of Breast Cancer i.e., Malignant and Benign. Further by using Flask, the python model is deployed and the prediction of Cancer is further rendered with HTML pages to display the type of breast cancer on a webpage.

Online Plants Store

Online plants store is a new way of buying plants online. It presents an online display of all the items they want to sell. The Customer can view all details of the products. Nowadays, plants are very useful to mankind. So, this online store helps customers to buy plants easily. It Includes the Home page, the About page, and other details.

Front End: HTML, CSS, And Bootstrap

Back End: Django and SQLITE

You can add a plant, Delete a plant, Update a new plant, etc.

We Can Use CRUD Operations.

Crime Management

In the Current system under consideration, the basic problem is crime details are managed in registers with much more effort, huge memory loss, and time wastage. Online Crime Management System is helpful in the reduction of paperwork and also helps in less time management. It is an efficient and reliable system that provides a computerized system for maintaining records. It also reduces inconsistency, redundancy, manipulation, human errors, and efforts. The Project will provide a new experience to the crime branch through online Crime Management.


In the Current Education system under consideration, the basic problem is students are not aware of new technologies in this digitalized generation. They only mesh with book pages and the third party is also involved. The main objective of this project is to concern students about new and better technologies without third-party involvement. The summary of this project is about giving students practical working base knowledge that is used in real life and also beneficial for parents they can also know about their children’s knowledge and performance. Students can also learn as their wish and get a certificate with extra knowledge too. The Project will bring new experiences to students through online learning.

Employee Management

The purpose of the project that provides information regarding the employees in the company. The Project will provide a new experience to Employees, Managers as well as Hr through online Employee Management.

House Rent Management

The goal of the project is to create a better relationship between tenants and landlords.

Insurance Management

This system maintains information about branch managers who can deal with agents and customers. The application is developed in Python, Django, and SQL Lite and can be run on any computer with Windows Operating System. The Project will provide a new experience to the Insurance Company through online insurance management.

Inventory Management

In the Current system under consideration, the basic problem is inventory details are managed in registers with much more effort, huge memory loss, and time wastage. An online inventory Management System is helpful in the reduction of paperwork and also helps in less time management. We can easily add a new well and also manage the sale details, payments, etc. It is an efficient and reliable system that provides a computerized system for maintaining records. It also reduces inconsistency, redundancy, manipulation, human errors, and efforts.

Student Management

In the Current system under consideration, the basic problem is students’ details are managed in registers with much more effort, huge memory loss, and time wastage. Online Student Management System is helpful in the reduction of paperwork and also helps in less time management. It is an efficient and reliable system that provides a computerized system for maintaining records. It also reduces inconsistency, redundancy, manipulation, human errors, and efforts.

Vehicle Break-Down Assistance

The main theme of this project is to serve the users (Victims suffering from lack of petrol and any vehicle issues with their vehicles) with a mechanic nearby them and solve their problems.

Here we are having three modules. Namely

  • USER

Campus Management System

The main purpose of this Campus Management System project is to manage the details of the college, company, and students. It manages all the information about the college, placement, vacancy, etc. The project is built at the administrative end and only the admin can control the whole system. The objective of the Campus Management System project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the college, company, student, placement, job, interviews, etc. It tracks all the details about the job vacancies and placement offers. This software is fully integrated with college, student, and company relationship management and developed in an easily manageable manner, time and cost-relieving one from manual work.

Online Furniture Store

My Project name is an Online furniture store. It allows the customer to check the various types and designs of furniture. online furniture store application consists of a list of furniture lists and designs. The user can visit all the information about furniture including furniture model, type, price, and quality of the product. For every product, the user can check the feedback before they are ordering. the customer can view all the details of the product.

There are types of users in this project—i.e; owners, workers, and the customer.

Clinic Website

The Clinic website is a website that is used for maintaining the database of the patient that comes to the clinic. It contains the authentication that is used to increase the security of the site. The user login contains a form that is submitted to the required doctor at that clinic then this form is further used by the doctor to diagnose the patient and perform check-ups.

This website is responsive and can be opened in any browser. Since this website uses a framework for styling so some of the effects may vary according to the browser.

This project mainly focuses on data management so we can perform various operations like creating a patient list and deleting the data. The database can be managed through the admin page and has separate login which can be used to access the data.

Online Result Notification

The online Result Notification website basically uses for Educational Institutes.

This website is working to show results easily to students about to this website. Students easily get their results as well as internal exams. Faculty easily adds the marks of the students and easily sees the TOP 10 students. Admin adds Course, Class, Subject, Faculty, and Students. And see all the details or data or changes.
There are three modules on the website. And this website is used for all the modules and they use easily and make their work easy. This website is online working so now the generation easily understands it. This site get students the option to print their results copies and also download them. This website is based on the student’s result process to easily give to the students.

As a student in Computer Field, we are encouraged by the growth and rapid development in the software industries, keeping in mind the increasing demand for software and software engineers the university has arranged project work for the third year.

Thus it is our moral and obligatory duty to take this project as a part of our studies with great enthusiasm and seriousness. For this, we have gone through a development program of 3 months.

Download a simple Restaurant Food Billing System Project Using Python

College Student Results Analysis Android App Subject wise and Department wise


The College Student results app is an android application. It enables the students to check and get their each semester results within their mobiles by using their College Registration ID/Hall Ticket Number.

This College Student results in mobile app system is developed for students as well as their parents to check both the internal & external examination results.

Currently, the students are using the University website which is displaying only the individual subject marks and is lacking in some other advanced features which we will supplement through our mobile application.

Primarily, by using this result app project we can generate student individual results and analyze subject-wise and department-wise analysis (toppers list, Max marks, Min marks).

Android Project Features:

  • Latest user-friendly interface with a neat layout.
  • The total marks of the student with percentage will be displayed.
  • Push notifications whenever the results are out.
  • The list of toppers in the individual departments.
  • Sharing results on social networking sites.

Hardware Requirements:

Internal Memory: 512MB RAM
External Memory: 1GB
Speed: 1GHz Processor
Device: Mobile or Tablet

Software Requirements:

Operating system: Android
Programming languages: HTML5, XML, java
Database Used: Android SQLite Database
Others: Android Studio SDK

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Student Exams Backlog Management System Project using PHP & MySQL

Student Automated Registration Desk for Events & Activities Python Project


The Python GUI project entitled “Automated Registration Desk for Events & Activities“ is made to suit the needs of the registration process. The purpose of this desktop application is to allow the registration of students in a particular course. It is intended to have complete specifications of what the registration process has.

The Events & Activities Python Java Final Year project is developed using Python and Tkinter library inbuilt into it. Python is now widely used for various projects because it is easy to understand and use. Being a database project, we used SQLite, which concentrates on the use of database objects. This application is loaded to the raspberry pi which acts as the CPU for our monitor. It handles registrations for various courses.

Purpose, scope, and limitations

This Student College Event registration project aims at enrolling the students in various courses in college or university. It contains the registration form for entering the student’s data for enrolling. This data is stored for later times.

The section wants to computerize the existing system to increase the speed of processing as well as for simplifying the activities, without losing accuracy.

The system is expected to computerize the activities of the college in enrollment. This desktop application is for registering for a particular course. It is planned to implement retrieval of data in the future.

Scope of Study

The Automated Registration Desk for Events project is aimed at implementing basic concepts of python-Tkinter, SQLite database, and using Raspberry pi.

This will help the college in generating its daily reports by providing the necessary information. The system is expected to computerize the activities of the college in enrollment.


The present system is manual. The flow of activities is as follows:

The registration details are written on paper and are kept in one file.


The present Events & Activities Python Project system is too slow, since entering details in files and registers and generating reports from them is to be done manually.

If we need to change any details, it is quite difficult to search for a specified student.

Human-induced errors are more like to occur in this system.


The section wants to computerize the existing system to increase the speed of processing as well as for simplifying the activities, without losing accuracy.


The Events & Activities Python Project software can be developed using the existing technology. Python and SQLite databases can be downloaded for free. Raspberry pi is available at a reasonable cost.


We have built a GUI application where candidates register himself/herself through the self-registration desk.

Using this Events & Activities Python Project application provided basic entry columns for the candidate to enter their details.

The details are as follows:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Roll no
  • Branch
  • Section
  • Phone number
  • Parents phone number
  • Email-Id
  • Inter marks
  • 10th GPA
  • EAMCET Rank
  • JEE-mains Rank
  • Intermediate college
  • Permanent address
  • Date and Time of form filling
  • Should agree to the Terms and Conditions

After this, we linked our Automated Registration Desk for Events project to the SQLite database to store the entered details of the candidate.

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Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System Project


The purpose of developing a Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System Android Mobile App is to digitalize the traditional way of taking attendance. Another purpose for developing this application is to generate the report automatically at the end of the session or in the between-session for a particular student on a regular check basis.


The following Android Mobile App project has much scope both in present as well as future. In the present situation, the system can be accessed on android mobile devices. Any android device which has the access to the server on which the project has been deployed can use the application i.e. the Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System project will work for a particular institution. But later on, the project can be modified to operate for many institutions.


  • Front-end: XML
  • Back-end: Java
  • DATABASE: MySQL, Firebase
  • SERVER: SQLite Server
  • Tool- Android Studio


This android based mobile app project is a classroom attendance management system and the objectives are:

1. Manual work for information retrieval on attendance becomes less like the work.
2. Easy access for students because they can view their attendance and make up for the shortage of attendance accordingly.
3. It is also time-saving as manual work is less.
4. There is less chance of error.
5. It eliminates duplicate data entry in time and attendance entries.
6. Weekly or Monthly attendance reports can be generated for a particular student.
7. Easy maintenance of students and faculty data by admin.
8. Data redundancy can be decreased as data is now stored in one place.
9. Data is now much more secure.
10. Easy access for teachers as they can now view their student’s attendance reports easily.



Admin and Faculty will login in into the system with username and password, if username and password are correct admin/faculty will be prompt to proceed option otherwise an error will be shown

INPUT: username and password
OUTPUT: student detail information


Admin can insert, update, and delete course details.

INPUT: Course name
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Admin can insert, update, delete student info, and enroll students in particular courses.

INPUT: name, Roll No., DOB, Course
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Admin can insert, update, delete teacher’s info and assign a course to each teacher.

INPUT: Name, Address, Email, image, course, DOJ
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Faculty can take attendance on a particular day over a student’s name by marking him present or absent.

INPUT: Absent/Present
OUTPUT: A confirmation message


Admin/Faculty can create a student attendance report/chart between any 2 dates

INPUT: starting date, ending date
OUTPUT: attendance report/chart

College Sports Resource Booking Android and Web Application

The main aim of this College Sports Resource Booking Android cum Web Application project is for students in the college to book sports material on the college premises. This Project is a combination of both an Android app and a Web application, where the android app is developed by Java and XML, and the web application is developed using Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Django, and SQLite technologies.



The College Sports Resource Booking Application has been developed in order to enable the ​students to book sports resources. The administrator can keep a tab on the availability of the resources along with streamlining the fine process. This application overcomes the problems prevailing in the existing manual system. It also makes it extremely simple for the students to book a resource or to check the availability of the resources, view dues if any, as well as history of bookings, and for the administrator to issue resources, impose fines and view the history of bookings.

The API developed for this application is deployed on Heroku and is ready to respond to the requests made by the application with expected outputs by accessing the database.

Scope of the project

This College Sports Resource Booking application can be used to reduce the problems faced by the manual system. The administrator can issue and reject a booking in one click and it even helps the admin to keep a tab on the Booking History and also the Blocked list of users. The administrator can also add or delete the resources. It makes it easy for the administrator to keep track of all the resources and bookings. The mobile application makes it so simple for users to book a resource and check the history of their previous bookings.

System Analysis


Sports Resources Management System is a web and android app. The admin can add and delete resources on the web and manage the users in accepting and rejecting resources. The users can book the resources from the android app and collect them from the office within 20 min and even cancel the request.

Existing System

In the existing system, the users have to visit the sports office manually and collect the resources. And also the users cannot reserve a resource from wherever he/she is. Even though the user is blocked, he can go to the office and make a request for the resource. The admin has to manually check the user if he/she is in the blocked list and issue the resource.

Proposed System

In the proposed system, the users can reserve and book the resource from wherever they are and collect it within 20min. In this system, if a user is blocked he cannot book the new resource until he clears the fine. The user can check the fine amount to be paid by him in the android app.

Software Requirement Specification

User Requirement

There is an admin and the user i.e., a student. The minimum requirement of the user is that he/she must understand basic English and must know how to book a resource, check the fine and collect from the sports office. The admin must know how to accept the user’s request, block the user, issue resources manually and collect fines from users and unblock users.

Module Description

There are two modules in this College Sports Resource Booking project. They are users and admins.

Features of User

The user is a student who is going to use the Android Application “SportEasy”. The app has the following features:

  • Can view all the resources available in the sports block with its count in the app. This reduces the inquiry time at the issue counter.
  • He can send a booking request with just one click so that he can collect it in 20mins from his booking time.
  • The user also has the option to cancel the booking request within 20 minutes of the booking time.
  • User can view all their past booking requests with their status so that they can know what requests he made.
  • The user has the option to set his password to a new one when he forgets his password or wants to change it.

Features of Administrator

The administrator is the one who accepts and approves booking requests. They handle the Web application. The functionalities of the admin module include:

  • Adding and deleting the resource when required.
  • Accepting or rejecting the resource requested by the user based on the timetable.
  • Updating the booking depending on whether the resources were returned or not and imposing fines accordingly.
  • Blocking the user if the resource is damaged.
  • Collecting fine manually and unblocking the user.

Software Requirement

  • ​Any Web Browser
  • ​Python 3 with Django Module
  • 64-bit operating system.
  • Emulator
  • Android Studio
  • pip
  • virtualenv
  • Virtualenvwrapper
  • Flask module

Web Requirements

  • Html, CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • Django

Android Requirements

  • Java
  • XML


  • Flask

This is the Django code for displaying all the resources present in the web app


This College Sports Resource Booking project is for computerizing the workers employed in order to borrow a sports resource. It is a great improvement over the manual system. The computerization of the system has sped up the process. In the current system, the front office management is very slow. This application was thoroughly checked with dummy data and thus is found to be very reliable. The software takes care of all the requirements and is capable of providing easy and effective storage of information related to students who book sports resources. Responsive web design and mobile apps make work easier and safe for any field. With the provision of an easily accessible user interface, the entire process of booking and approval of resources, along with other features, has become extremely facile while also significantly averting the numerous errors that would otherwise be caused in a manual system. With this platform we developed, we are hoping to achieve the following:

● ​Reduced time wastage
● Providing comfortable facilities to students
● ​Provide easy data flow
● ​Less employee investment


The College Sports Resource Booking mobile application which has been developed for the students for booking sports resources is only compatible with android versions 5.0+, it requires a minimum android runtime version of 5.0
The Admin has to check the timetable while issuing a resource.
There is no deadline for the user to clear the due and no notification system to intimate the user to clear the due.

Future Scope

This application can be enhanced by including numerous new features. One such feature is adding a notification system through which the admin can send notifications to a user regarding his bookings. In the current system, the user should manually go into the app and check whether the resource is accepted or not. Instead, an improvement to this would be sending a confirmation to the user when his booking request is approved by the admin. In case of unavailability of a resource, a “notify when available” button could be included too.

As of now, when a student wants to book a resource, the admin manually checks whether the student has a free hour at that particular time and issues the resource accordingly. But in the future, an app can be made which itself detects whether the student is having a free hour or not, thereby eliminating the involvement of the admin.

Subsequently, a separate page linked to the admin webpage could also be developed, where the admin can add updates about upcoming sports events or competitions in such a way that these updates will also be visible in the mobile app for students, therefore allowing them to be aware of all the ongoing or upcoming sports events through their mobile.

Download the complete College Sports Resource Booking Android App and Web Application Source code, Project Report, PPT, and How to run Video file.

Download the Complete College Sports Management System .Net Project Source Code.

Online Healthcare System Python & SQLite Django Framework Web Application Project


This Online Healthcare System project is a web application that was developed using Python & SQLite database with Django Framework 2.1.5. This Project provides students/patients quick online access to Health Care Centres and Medical Pharmacy shops. The students can get online prescriptions from various doctors, request an ambulance in emergency times, and get information about the medicines available in the Medical Pharmacy Shop.


  • Need for assistance and monitoring of Healthcare in Hostel life as the number of students in the college area will rapidly increase in coming years so management will become difficult to handle.
  • Making the Healthcare process fully automated and online can increase the efficiency of the Health Centre as well as reduce the need for paperwork


  • Online Healthcare System for College Health Centre connecting Students and Residents with Doctors.
  • Online prescriptions availability information.
  • Notifying users of suggestions from time to time.

Project Features

  • User Profile and Information Website Page
  • Login and Registration Website Page
  • Prescription History And Website Page
  • Health Centre Contact Information
  • Prescription and Doctor Specifications
  • Emergency Website Page
  • (Small Scale Medicine Pharmacy Shop)

The technology :

➢ Django Framework 2.1.5 – Python 3.6.8
➢ SQLite
➢ HTML | CSS | Bootstrap
➢ Javascript

Why healthcare?

● Healthcare cannot be neglected and should be given utmost importance by students.
● This Health Care System Python project might be helpful in case of emergency as well as the daily medical needs of the patient.

System Design Document:

Online Healthcare System Activity Diagram

Online Healthcare System Class Diagram

Online Healthcare System Development View Diagram

Online Healthcare System Physical View Diagram

Online Healthcare System Use Case Diagram

The output Screens:

Here students can easily access the complete Online Healthcare System project code, report & Output Video of the project.

For more information regarding the project development please visit the developer’s Online Healthcare System page on GitHub.

Teachers Tracking system using Android APP

Nowadays there are many cases of teachers leaving school by signing in registers. Faking attendance is becoming common practice for teachers all over the country. Officials are not provided with a proper solution to solve this problem. This project explains an android application that is used to track the teachers working in schools and colleges. This application works on android mobile. The android application is based on GPS and SMS services in Android mobile.

The GPS service is used for tracking the exact location of the teacher. The GPS-based systems are used to track the location of teachers where GPS services are taken from google maps API. This application is divided into two modules admin and teacher, each module will have an android app with different features.

Admin can set location details for each teacher which are the location of school boundaries longitude and latitude values. When the teacher reaches that location admin will receive a notification on the android app. In this method, the admin can track each teacher’s position and improve efficiency in managing teachers in the govt education system. 

Project objective:

  • Developing an android application that can help govt education department to manage teachers in colleges and schools more effectively by tracking and getting notifications of each teacher when they leave school or college and improve education standards. 

Existing system:

  • Colleges and schools use attendance books as proof knowing if teachers are attending schools or colleges regularly based on this data employee’s salaries and other factors are calculated. But most of the teachers are manipulating attendance by signing records and leaving schools and colleges. 


  • Attendance books with signature data are only considered as proof for teachers which can be manipulated in various ways.
  • Employee tracking data is not managed in a database for further reference.
  • There is no proof for teachers tracking information.
  • Existing applications are developed for tracking family members or tracking children and finding the destination of the user based on longitude and latitude values. 

Proposed System:

  • In the proposed system, two applications are designed one for admin and one for teachers. Both of these modules will use Google GPS services from Google Maps. Live locations are always tracked in the teacher’s module where a notification system is available for admin. Admin sets locations for each teacher (school or college boundary locations) based on these values every time teachers’ longitude and latitude values are tracked and compared with existing values in the database. If longitude values are matched then the notification is sent to admin. 


  • Easy to track with proof of each teacher who is leaving school or college.
  • Teachers’ attendance can be increased.


  • Operating system:           Windows 7.
  • Coding Language:           JAVA
  • Tool:           Android Studio
  • Database:           SQLite