Multiplayer Snakes and Ladders Game a Java Project

The project “Multi player snakes and ladders game a Java Project” is a game which has been designed in this project and can be played over LAN. The game has been built using Java platform which is platform independent and applet. It is also light weight.

A snakes and ladders game is a simple board game which can be played between two to four players. The four players race their token from start to finish by throwing their dice rolls. The board is played on numbered grid squares which are filled with ladders and snakes on selected boxes. The game is a game of chance and depends on the person’s luck. The size of the grid is 8×8, 10×10 and varies from board to board which will affect the duration  play.  


In this project Multi player snakes and ladders game, a minimum of two players and maximum four players can play this game. In the beginning of the game, the player’s pieces are placed in the start area. Every player will be given a chance and they have to go about it turn wise. If six appears on the dice then the player can proceed with the game. If the player does not get a six on the dice then the game cannot be played.

The buttons are moved according to the number that rolls onto the device. Once the player’s position is at the bottom of the ladder then he can climb it and reach to the top of the ladder. If the player encounters a snake he has to retrace his steps back by coming to the square where the tail of the snake is there. The game s won when the button of the player reaches the finish point first.        


The project described above supports various resolution schemes. The save and exit feature in the game give it an extra flexibility. A provision for storing the high scores of the players is provided.

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