Re-Ordering Of Packets Using Retransmission Timer project

Re-Ordering Of Packets Using Retransmission Timer projects main idea is to implement TCP PR protocol for improving performance of TCP packets when  reordering is performed. In Present system TCP performance is poor when packets are reordered. So in order to solve this problem in this paper explains about new version of TCP which will provide high through output when reordering is performed. This advanced TCP protocol will work as friendly version to existing TCP version when there is no reordering it works as general TCP version.

 In Existing system packet loss or packet delay is known by using acknowledgement method. In this method there are chances of error because of duplicate ack messages. In order to overcome this problem we use timer technique where timer is set to on when packet is transmitted and waits for ack message until set timer time is reached else it will retransmit the message. Since this system doesn’t work on ack messages there is no chance of poor performance at the time of reordering.

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