Java Struts Tutorial

This Java Struts Tutorial provides details about Struts, Servlet and JSP, Spring, Hibernate 3.2/43.4 (pre-requisites: JDBC), RMI-EJB, RMI, JNDI, EJB, JMS, And other j2ee module topics, xml-webservices

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Procedure to work with StrutsDemoApp1 application with programmiticDynamicFormBean

Procedure to work with StrutsDemoApp1 application with programmiticDynamicFormBean: Step1:- Develop FormBean class as shown below manually Package app; Important org.apache.Struts.action.*; Important org.apache.Struts.validator.*; Important java.servlet.http.*; Public class RegisterForm extends dynaValidatorForm […]

Configuring User-Defined Error Messages for Required, Maxlength Validator Rules

Configuring user-defined error messages for required, maxlength validator rules:- In validation, xml:-     <field property = “username” depends = “reauired”>        <msg name = “required” key = “my.un.msg”/>      </field>  […]