Cyberspace Java Project

Cyberspace java project is the software aimed at providing a wide range of access to the administrator in managing and monitoring the complaints registered by the customers regarding the problems they face in accessing the connections extended by the Cyberspace.


The administrator can even maintain the record of the employees working in the organization in allocating the tasks of attending to the complaints raised by the customers.

This intranet-based application provides the user of the system a centralized view of the things maintained in the software depending on the privileges assigned by the administrator accordingly. Customers also see their data and they can send complaints to service provider if they have any problems regarding internet.

In this, there are different types employees are there to solve problems which have posted by the customers. Administrator has to assign the work to employees. Whenever employee logging in site he can see the latest work.

Employee has to solve the problem send the answer to customer directly.


The result of the CYBERSPACE is that it supports many solved complaints from admin and the individual users or the end-users with unique interface, through which the employee problems are solved within given time and it shows efficiency in the internal messaging system and results in accurate task scheduling system and this can be run with the minimalĀ administration.

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  1. Hello sir/madam,
    I request you please ans. how to execute this project(cyber space in java) in net beans

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