Customizable and Divisible Card Payments for Online Purchases Java Project Report

Customizable and Divisible Card Payments for Online Purchases java project provides the design a new infrastructure that supports the divisible card payment where a combination of multiple cards can be used for a single purchase. Divisible-Card-Payments-for-Online-Purchases-java-project 

Strength of the virtual card payment infrastructure: 

The main strength of this virtual card payment infrastructure is that it requires only two minor modifications to the existing infrastructure.  

First, the V-Card Manager (VCM) is added to the merchant side to handle the divisible card approval process from respective credit-card issuers. 

Second, the customer is equipped with the V-card Agent (VA) that generates a customized divisible card based on her preferences. 

As a developer of the project, our responsibility was to develop the Virtual Agent and a bank simulation. 

The mission of the project is to provide the customers with a better way of managing their credit cards while minimally modifying the existing infrastructure.  As the customers are better off if they can use a combination of cards for a single purchase, the new infrastructure allows the customers to use a combination of different credit cards for a purchase, i.e. divisible card payment. 

Modifications that may involved: 

To support the divisible card payments, two modifications are made to the existing infrastructure.  The V-card number is generated using the first two card numbers with the current time stamp.  As each card number is unique to each individual, this simple method is sufficient to guarantee the unique V-card number. 


When determining the optimal combination of cards to use, the VA may consider the customer’s preferences over various factors such as interest rates, annual fees, mileage bonus, cash-back bonus, ongoing promotions, etc. Since we don’t have access to the real bank servers during the implementation of the project, bank simulation server has to be implemented. 

For simplicity, a back-end database is created for each bank. For the card issuing banks, when the banks receive the transaction requests, their simulated servers will check in their databases to validate the transactions. After validations, each of the issuing banks will return either a denial message or an approval code back to VCM. For the merchant’s Acquiring Bank, it behaves similar to the card issuing banks, except for sending the request to the issuing banks and then collecting the funds from each of them and updating its own database. 

Hence, payments are done through online and purchases are made happily.

download Project Report  of  CSE Customizable and Divisible Card Payments for Online Purchases java project.

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