V3 Mail Server a Java Project

A project’s feasibility depends when it is provided with unlimited resources and given infinite time for completion. However it is imperative that a project’s feasibility is obtained as soon as possible. A study is conducted to determine whether a specific user is satisfied with the software and hardware provisions that have been allocated for the project.V3-Mail-Server-a-Java-Project

In this project “V3 mail server a Java Project”, study has been done on the mail mechanism by considering if the proposed system is a cost-viable solution and can be further developed within the budget allocated and the response it will get. Feasibility of the project is studied by considering operational and technical parameters.


In the project V3 mail server java project, it is depicted how the V3 mail server is an easy way for transferring mails. The project’s working is explained in detail in the project. The user has to log in by clicking on the login link. This link leads to the home page which has many other links like Settings, inbox, compose, trash, my folder, etc. By clicking on any of the links, the user is directed to that page.

If the user has already finished the registration for the website then he has to only enter his username and password and click on the submit button. If you are not a registered user, then you have to fill the registration process and then login. After sign in, the user can check his mails and send mails. A logout link will enable the user to logout from the  site.


The project described here is flexible and changes can be incorporated. The system can be maintained easily without much rework. In the future an option for attaching files could be built. Furthermore, options such as chatting and mobile alerts could be provided for the benefit of the user. 

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  1. So for projects i have seen is good what is need is i could nt understand many technical informations.. so plse it will be easy if you provide meterial note including project zip. apartfrom that all are brovo!!..

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