Project Planning Application

Project planning application main idea is to educate engineering final year students about basics and provide practical experience on how project planning works in software companies and its importance in present situation for starting a company. 

For every software company, project planning is an important task where entire project analysis is done at this state.

In project planning each and every step is important and it should be done with care and efficiency by considering future usage in advance. 

In the present scenario, students are playing important role in establishing new companies so there is need to provide project planning course at the education stage that too when doing a final year project will be helpful and interesting.

So students are provided with project planning project included with the original project design which can help them to gain knowledge on how it works with this knowledge they can handle tough situations in real time in the job environment.

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This Project Planning Application developed by using the Software & Hardware technologies.

This Project Planning Application comes under CSE Mini Projects, CSE Projects, Java Based Projects Categories.