Typing Patterns a Java Project

Typing-Patterns-A-Java-Project.Typing pattern java project explains about a new idea for developed a secured, cheap and efficient security system for user’s authentication using a biometrics named typing patterns. This paper covers topics like information on proposed system and existing system, Literature survey, feasibility survey; sample coding, hardware and software requirements and system design.

At present authentication for any web sites or online applications are carried out through a username and password mechanism which is not a accurate and secure way of authentication. There are many drawbacks in this system until the strength of the password is strong there are many chances of losing password. As many of new users use regular name and birthdays as passwords which can be easily hacked so this proposed system will explain about new method which is secure and accurate with cost efficient. 


This new method will work on artificial intelligence neural networks for finding out the person details based on typing patterns and bio metrics. This application is cost effective and scalable.

This application is developed in java and oracle platform. This application is developed in five modules Registration module, password verification module, Identification module, Verification module and decision making module. Features of each module are explained in project report.

download Typing Patterns A Java Project Report.

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  1. can you please send a simple project using core java bcoz after raksha bandhan i have to submit in my institute NIIT.

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