Tripplea Measure A Client Server Based Java Project

Trip plea measure is a client server based Java project chat application which is used to speed up the process of administration and office work. The idea behind this project is a chat application we use in daily life. Tripplea-Measure-A-Client-Server-Based-Java-Project

The main features for this chat server application project are it can run under very low configuration systems. This project is developed in windows and user with basic computer knowledge can also use this application. Using this application can reduce the cost of labor and reduce the usage of paper. 

This project has lot of scope for future development. 

Technical specifications for Trip plea Java Project.

This application is developed under windows platform which is one of the best options for easily implementing this project .Windows operating system will provide flexibility for the project.

This application is implemented using client –server architecture where client will interact with server through socket for data transfer. Client to client interaction is done through server which will act communicator between clients.

  This application is developed using java multithreading and multicasting features which are one of the best way for client server architecture applications.

When the user runs the messenger he/she see the two buttons on top of messenger screen. When he/she click on connect button the input name dialog appear. By entering his/her name user can connect to the server for chat.

User is provided with a graphical user interface for easy usage of the application which is one of the best designs provided for easy access.

 Technical feasibility for Tripplea Java Project.

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor                :       INTEL PENTIUM-IV   
  • RAM                        :       At least   128 MB
  • HDD                        :       At least 100 MB

Software Requirements

  • Platform                  :         Windows XP
  • Language                :         Java
  • RDBMS                    :         MS-Access

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